Wednesday, June 30, 2010

PS3 vs. Xbox 360: Backbreaker's Sale Ranks

Quick Brew Info:
Backbreaker was released on June 1, 2010, for both the PS3 and Xbox 360.  The game released with a MSRP of $49.99 and features 60 football teams, a season and "Road to Backbreaker" mode; as well as an online exhibition mode.
One big selling point for Backbreaker, is its use of the Euphoria game engine, which was also used in games like Star Wars: The Force Unleashed and Red Dead Redemption.

Chart Info:
The chart above shows the sales ranks for Backbreaker on the PS3 and Xbox 360, with data captured between  May 31, 2010 and June 30, 2010.

Highs & Lows:
The highest recorded sale rank for Backbreaker on the PS3 was #332, on June 2, around 10:40AM.
The lowest recorded sale rank for Backbreaker on the PS3 was #5,915, on June 29, around 12:05PM.

The highest recorded sale rank for Backbreaker on the Xbox 360 was #216, on June 1, around 8:05PM.
The lowest recorded sale rank for Backbreaker on the Xbox 360 was #4,829, on June 28, around 12:40AM.

Critical Reception:
Backbreaker on the PS3 currently has a review score average of 59.88%, based on 17 reviews.
Backbreaker on the Xbox 360 currently has a review score average of 56.67%, based on 20 reviews.

The chart shows, with the lightning bolt, that on June 2 posted their review for Backbreaker.
I believe their review was posted around 8:30PM(EST) on June 2, and they gave the game a 5 out of 10.
Many other sites started posting reviews for the game on/around June 1, but I just found it interesting that after June 2, the same day posted their review, the sale ranks for bother versions of Backbreaker steadily decreased.

I have not purchased a football game since ESPN NFL 2K5.
I read some of the comments on IGN's review for Backbreaker, and they were stating that the reviewer did not spend enough time with the game; before writing the review.

I don't think the sales data shows the game is selling very well, but perhaps it is doing better in retail stores than online?
I think if the game released with a price tag of $19.99, like ESPN NFL 2K5 did, then more people would have been willing to give it a try.

I did download the demo for Backbreaker on my PS3, and played a few matches.
The passing took a little while, but I was getting used to it.  I still am adjusting to the running, though it seems kind of loose to me.

Here's a trailer for the game, and also two plays at the end of it from some of my play-time with the demo:

Have you played Backbreaker on either the PS3 or Xbox 360?
If you purchased the game, what do you think of it?  Do you agree with the review score averages for the version you played, or do you agree with comments that the reviewers needed to spend more time with the game before "reviewing" it?

If you are interested in Backbreaker, you can see prices for it on below:


  1. I feel bad for those reviews. I also feel bad that reviews seemingly have such an effect on a game's success. But thats just me, review score hater. I wonder how they'd rate Madden without the NFL license.
    I never had 2K5, but I did have that year's Madden. What a year to be a gamer and a football fan. The genre has gone downhill since. I took what I thought was a sensible approach. I would buy every other year. I got '07 on the Wii. I then broke my pattern and got '08 because it was supposed to be so much better. I sold that at a yard sale before I moved last year for $1. I've had a bad taste in my mouth since and haven't played a football game since.
    Coffee, I'm with you, $20 a year. But here's how you do it. I would still be playing Madden '05, I would just be paying to download updated rosters and season schedules. I'd be fine with that.
    EA needs to take a page from the VALVe playbook (pun super intentional) and concetrate on keeping customers happy as opposed to milking the guarunteed sales of avid football fans, to whom it is not an XBOX or PS3, but Madden. Release Football Engine. Update it for free. Charge for the updated content. Profit.
    The NFL needs to give a crap about the product that's out there and open the license up to competition again.

  2. @Chuckpebble:
    When NFL 2K5 was released, and EA announced soon after they purchased the exclusive license, I said that I would never buy a Madden game because of it.

    So far, that hasn't happened.
    It seems like EA is leaving Madden the exact same almost year after year, while charging $50 or $60 for a "new" game.

    I'm thinking your comments are nothing but spam, if not, send me an email.


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