Friday, June 18, 2010

Cave Story's Debut

Quick Brew Info:
Cave Story released on Nintendo's WiiWare service on Monday, March 22, 2010.
Cave Story was designed by one game designer, Daisuke "Pixel" Amaya, over a 5 year period.
The WiiWare version is a port of the PC Cave Story game, that was released for free in 2004.
Cave Story can be downloaded off Nintendo's Shop Channel for 1200 Wii Points($12).

It took approximately 85 days for Cave Story's data to debut on the Wii's Nintendo Channel.

(Click chart to enlarge)

Number of Players Reporting Data:
Cave Story has approximately 6,256 players reporting their play-time data, for its data debut on the Nintendo Channel.

"Total" Game-Play & Average Play Hours Reported:
Cave Story has 50,900 Total Hours reported for its debut, with an average of 8 Hours 8 Minutes play-time per person.

Sale Rank & Advertised Price:
Cave Story's Nintendo Shop Channel sale rank is #20 out of 20 and the current selling price is 1200 Wii Points, which is the equivalent of $12.00. Review Score Average:
Cave Story's review score average is 90.30%, based on 15 reviews.

Have you played and beaten Cave Story if you downloaded the WiiWare version?  If so, is your average play-time around the 8 Hours 8 Minutes; like isGobu currently reported per person reporting data?
If you have played the PC and WiiWare versions of Cave Story, do you prefer one over the other?

I have not played the PC version, and I have not downloaded the WiiWare version of Cave Story.

If you don't know what Cave Story is, I have included the trailer below:

You can purchase the game directly from the Nintendo Shop Channel with a credit/debit, or by purchasing a Nintendo Points Card(seen below):


  1. Man. Games. I totally forgot about this one. I have this on my computer too, still want, I very much want it. Ah that wonderful music.

  2. I played the Wii version first with the updated graphics and music. I thought it was a fantastic game and prefer the new tweaks over the old PC style.

  3. You're missing out on one really great game. It's a perfect blend of action and platforming and you've got weapon upgrades that can change the nature of fights very quickly. I have played through the game and spent somewhere between 8 & 10 hours, but don't remember exactly how long it took. You can check out my review over at Nintendo Okie.

  4. I got the Wiiware version. I wish I knew about the PC version for free instead of spending the $12 on it. I've put about 3 hours into the game. Very simple. Haven't touched it in 2 months though. Maybe if I hook the wii up downstairs to my computer monitor, I'd remember I have one.

  5. I bought this game a little while back to support the one dev who made it ($12 is a little pricey, $10 would be better). Plus they reworked all the graphics for the Wiiware version. I think u can switch from old to new. Sadly I've only played for about 30 mins. I blame Monster Hunter.

    Here's a list of games I have not finished because of Monster Hunter.

    Lost Winds 2, Silent Hill SM, Marumasa, Red Dead Redemtion, Rage the Galditor, Super Mario Galaxy 2, Chrono Trigger DS. Thanks Monster Hunter.

  6. @Chuckpebble:
    Yea, I try to watch for new games debuting each week. I haven't downloaded this one, but I may try the PC version to see if I like it.

    So, you purchased the Wii version, then went and downloaded the PC version?
    If so, would you recommend people play the PC version as a demo of the game?

    @Tony Miller:
    I did read the review on Nintendo Okie. :)
    I even commented on it.
    If others want to see what you thought, they can read it:

    @Nicodemus at Nite:
    "Maybe if I hook the wii up downstairs to my computer monitor, I'd remember I have one."
    Or, if you turned off L4D2, that would help more.

    So, Monster Hunter is stealing game time from other games now...
    *looks at unfinished games: Tenchu, Medal of Honor, Metroid Prime Trilogy
    Yea, I think Monster Hunter could be a good reason why I haven't played some of my games in a while.

    Thank you all for your comments!
    Has anybody else played both versions of Cave Story, and prefer one more than the other?

  7. @Paxton:
    If you're a real person, and not a spammer, comment back without the hyperlink; but being that I haven't seen your comments before and you have spammed the same link multiple times, I'm deleting all of them.


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