Wednesday, June 16, 2010

James Bond 007: Goldeneye's Release Date?

Looks like Tuesday, November 2 of this year could be the release day for the Wii's exclusive James Bond 007: Goldeneye!
Both and have that as the "release date", and they also have the game listed for release on the Nintendo DS for the same day!
It is interesting though, that GameStop's price for the DS version is $29.99, while's is $39.99.

I'll be sharing my thoughts about E3 in the next day, but this game is just one of many that I am really excited about this year!

Here's a trailer I edited of just the game-play portions from the E3 trailer:

You can reserve the game now at both GameStop and, Amazon provided below:


  1. I really can't believe they're actually doing this game. I won't compalin if it turns out well, but competing with people's nostalgia over the N64 original will be a tough ask indeed.

  2. I kinda wish Treyarch was making the game. It would look much better with the Call of Duty engine.

  3. It's in my Amazon Cart as we speak. Can't wait for this and Donkey Kong Country Returns!

  4. @GamesandBiz:
    "...competing with people's nostalgia over the N64 original will be a tough ask indeed."

    I agree! Viewing this game's trailer multiple times, made the nostalgia come rushing back.
    I actually put Goldeneye back in my N64 after a near 8 year absence the other night!
    I can see why Goldeneye is still viewed as one of the best FPS game of all time.

    I hope Treyarch helps with the game's online play, as they seem to have the online down extremely well in Wii games now.
    I'm not sure how much the CoD engine would help the game though, I guess we'll find out in a few months.

    @Nicodemus at Nite:
    I will be stronger than you! I'm excited for Donkey Kong Country Returns and Kirby's Epic Yarn, as I think they both look like good 2D platforming games.

    *resists pre-ordering Goldeneye for now

    Thank you all for the comments and thoughts!


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