Wednesday, June 2, 2010

May finished, June beginning

Wow, so we are now already through May, and June is here!
Last month, I started something a little different on the blog.
On the side bar(on the right), I have the "Coffees Consumed in May!" and "Games Played in May" sections.
Now that May is over, I'll briefly recap the coffees I consumed and the games I played during the month.

Coffees Consumed in May:
The Community Coffee Medium Roast Ground Coffee was definitely a "medium roast", and I actually think it is a weak roast.  I do not prefer it, but my wife, Mrs. CwG, does like it.

The Folgers Black Silk Ground Coffee is a "dark roast" coffee, and it was my favorite of the month.  I enjoy my coffee black, and strong; but not super bitter strong like Starbucks'.  I think the Folgers Black Silk has a nice strong flavor, that isn't extremely bitter.  The container reads, "Bold, Yet Smooth".
Mrs. CwG, on the other hand, refers to it as "Black Soot"; she thinks its too strong, though she has started mixing it half/half with the Community Coffee Medium Roast sometimes.

The Folgers French Roast Ground Coffee is Mrs. CwG's coffee of choice, and I think it's a pretty good blend.  It's a "Med-Dark" blend, and described as having a "Bold, Robust Taste".

The Folgers Classic Roast Coffee Single pack that I had, as I mentioned before, is coffee in a tea bag.  I didn't get to drink it while it was still hot, so I really can't comment on how much I would have liked it; though, I will give it another try and drink it hot this time.

The only coffee shop purchased coffee drink, for the month of May, was a cup of Starbucks' Regular Blend.  I was out job searching last week and stopped by a Starbucks to inquire about employment, I had a giftcard from Christmas and used it to get a cup of coffee while I was there.

Games Played in May:
Max & the Magic Marker starts the list.  I played it, and reviewed it earlier in May.  You can read my review for the game, here.  As I said in the review, Max & the Magic Marker is fun puzzle-platforming game.  If you want a budget priced game platforming game, I think you will enjoy Max & the Magic Marker very much.

The ModNation Racers PS3 demo is next on the list.  I have not played it very much, but the few times I did race in the demo, I enjoyed it.  I plan on trying the track editor in the next week, and seeing how creative I can be with it.

Monster Hunter Tri/3 is my game of May with the most play-time.  I ended the month of May, with an online Hunter Rank 9;  we'll see what HR I am at the end of June.  I have really enjoyed Monster Hunter 3, both online and off.  I think the single-player game is a lot of fun, and still allows people to enjoy the game and the environments.  I have not completed the single-player campaign, perhaps I will before the end of June?

Rage of the Gladiator is still being played.  I completed the Challenge Mode using the Wii Remote and Nunchuk controls in May.  I had already completed Challenge Mode using just the NES Punch-Out style controls back in March.  I am currently trying to get "Rank: S" in each fight using the Wii Remote/Nunchuk controls.

Super Mario Galaxy was only played one day in May.  My wife started her own campaign, and I tagged along as the second player; helping collect items along the way.

Last on the list, is UFC Ultimate Fighting Championship on the Dreamcast.  I hooked up my Dreamcast again this past week, it was the first time in many years.  I had never really played UFC on it, though I have owned it for many, many years.   I saw a friend playing UFC Undisputed 2010 this week on his PS3, so I decided to try the game that started the series.  So far, it seems like a pretty solid fighter, and like it has a learning curve and not simply mashing buttons to win fights.

If you are looking for a good strong coffee, I recommend the Folgers Black Silk.
The Folgers Black Silk Ground Coffee was my coffee drink of choice for May.

The games that I played the most in May would be Max & the Magic Marker, Rage of the Gladiator, and Monster Hunter 3.
I recommend all of them for purchases, if people are looking for new games to buy.
Each one is a different type of game, that will have different appealing factors.
If you have any questions about the coffees drank or games I played in May, leave a comment; or send me an email to, and I will gladly try to answer any question you may have about the games.

In May, I had five different types of coffees, and I played six different games.

What games did you play during the month of May?
Were there any games that you were disappointed with, or any you were surprised by, in May?
Also, did you have a drink of choice during the month of May?


  1. As I'm reading your post and typing a reply, I'm sipping a nice hot cup of Trader Joe's organic french roast coffee. It's amazing that the coffee was brewed at 5:40 this morning and is still nice and hot @ 8:22am in my stainless steel 24 oz Star Bucks tumbler. I cannot stand cold or luke warm coffee.

    Games I played this month were Portal via PC on Steam. The game was a free download so I thought, "Why not?" I think it's only a 5 or 6 hour game anyways.
    I also played Left 4 Dead 2 for a couple hours a week, mostly on the weekend. They've added new game modes called "Mutations" which help keep the game fresh and very involved.

    My coffee of choice for the month of May would have to be Trader Joe's organic espresso bold. Better than the Dunkin' Donuts Hazelnut and French Vanilla we bought last month.

  2. I am actually wrapping up a smallish can of Yuban coffee ala your Pachter posts a while back. Good, smooth, highly recommended. I usually brew single cups, but with this stuff, on the weekends I found myself doubling up and placing the second cup full in the fridge for a refreshing iced coffee later in the afternoon. Tasty.

    Nicodemus, I too have been playing Portal. I actually bought the game back in October of '09. I had been playing it via Crossover Games on my Macbook. That free Portal giveaway actually coincided with the Mac release of Steam. It was nice to get back to that great game. I quickly played through again and am back where I left off, trying to get all of the challenges complete with gold medals.

    And then there's Monster Hunter. I brew a cup at 5am, have a bowl of cereal and play a quest before work every morning. I have no trouble finding a full party at quarter after 5 either, its insane. The thing about this game, it keeps me so engaged I barely have a lull to take a sip.

  3. I usually only drink coffee once a year made with sap from maple trees (used to make maple syrup) which gives it an irresistibly sweet taste. If I can't have that I'll simply put maple syrup in it. But that happened in march this year so my drink for the month, and the rest of the summer, is Sealtest Lemonade. Best lemonade ever.

    As for games, I mostly played Picross 3D and Pokemon soulsilver. I progressed a bit in Sonic and Sega All-Star Racing. Oh, and I also played quite a bit of Need for Speed Shift on PS3 at my friend's.

    I haven't gone back to Monster Hunter and it's killing me. I usually feel too tired to start but I'll make an effort in the next few days.

    I'll cheat and include that I played Galaxy last night. I had about 42 stars when I stopped playing two years ago. I made it to 60 and defeated Bowser, but it was a frustrating experience. Everything I hate about 3D Mario games seemed worse. Also I think they tuned the controls because after playing Galaxy 2 at Best Buy last week, it felt different and dare I say a little clunky.

  4. My son and I bought Super Mario Galaxy 2 on the day they released it. He won over 74 stars ... I have 4.

    As far as coffee goes, I'm a one brand wonder. I like Folgers Custom Blend mild. I set it up in my auto brew coffee maker so I don't fumble about in the morning. I brew it strong then dilute it with water. The water also cools it down so I can drink it right away to wake up without burning my mouth.

    Nearly everyday, I get a Star Bucks tall half caf. I like it plain and simple, black with no room for cream. There's some thing nice about having a little ritual like this. I guess it's something nice for myself.

    Mike Rocha

  5. I remember you downloaded MNR so we can play online, only to find out there is no online in the demo :/ .

    And I'm the opposite of everybody, Folger Med Roast.....LIGHT AND SWEET BABY!!!!!!!!! Woooo! Creamy and as tan in color as can be! But not so light that it is white...that's too much. I nice, dark-light tan color.

  6. Lol All Monster Hunter for me. Also I don't know why, but I'm a sucker for that Dunkin' Doughnuts Coffee :O!


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