Wednesday, June 9, 2010

God of War III's May Sales Ranks on Chart Included

Quick Brew Info:
God of War III was released for the PS3 in North America, on March 16.  God of War III was developed by Sony Santa Monica, and published by Sony Computer Entertainment.

(click chart to enlarge)

Chart Info:
The chart above shows the sales ranks for the standard version of God of War III, with data captured between April 25 and May 31.
The lowest sales rank I recorded, for God of War III during May, was #22 on May 31 around 11:50PM.  It was also ranked #22 on April 28 around 12:45AM.
The highest sales rank I recorded for God of War III during May was #10 on May 22 around 12:05AM and 11:35AM, and on May 24 around 10:20PM.

Critical Reception & Price Drops:
God of War III currently has a review score average of 92.32% on, based on 69 reviews.
(Too high?  Too low?  Just right?)

God of War III was released with a MSRP of $59.99.  
As early as April, articles started popping up around the internet talking about different stores having price drops on God of War III.
On April 15, reported discounted God of War III to $49.54.
Around May 12, reported had discounted God of War III's price to $34.99, as a partial day sale only.
As the chart shows, it was on May 19 reported, discounted God of War III"s price down to $44.99.

While I do own a PS2 and a PS3, I have never played a God of War game from beginning to end.
I watched a friend play through almost the entire first God of War, on the PS2.  I have watched trailers for God of War III and watched some of the developer videos on the making of it.
God of War III is probably Sony's biggest game for the PS3 this year, other than perhaps Gran Turismo 5?
The thing that is surprising to me, is how quickly the price has dropped on God of War.  
It has not even been out a full 3 months, and it has been having significant price-cuts.
God of War III is currently discounted 37% from its MSRP on, selling for $37.73.

Have you played and beaten God of War III?  
If so, do you think the game is worth the MSRP of $59.99, or is the game's length a little too short for that asking price?  If you think $59.99 is too much for the game, what do you think is the right price for it?
Being that God of War III pretty much remained's "Top 20" for May, we will see in about a week's time, how's data compares to the NPD's when it is released.

If you are interested in God of War III, you can see new and used prices for it on below:


  1. If I remember correctly, NPD will only release its May data at the beginning of July unfortunately.

  2. My guess is that they're trying to get a jump on used game sales. Since its a single player only game, once you beat it a couple times, you'd be inclined to sell to GameStop or whoever. So, maybe, they're dropping the price sooner than they would games that have a multiplayer component and are kept for a longer period before people start selling them. If my guess is correct, then a game like Heavy Rain (another single player only game) would follow the same pattern as God of War.

  3. this game is perfect

  4. I've played the first God of War (GoW) and it was awesome. I never beat it but in 4 hours I was probably half way through it. Being that $59.99 is a consistent price with a newly released PS3 game, it doesn't surprise me that GoW3 has that price tag.

    Not sure if anybody here plays PC games but when I was reading an article on Blizzard's precious Diablo 3 coming out soon (probably Q4 of 2011), the Blizzard programmers and designers said that it'll play like the GoW series. Which I have no issues with. Probably the reason people are still playing Diablo 2 (released in 2000), which is 10 years, is because of the multiplayer and updating/patches adding more loot. I'm not sure GoW gets added content so that may be a reason why people sell the game and therefore the pricing is significantly getting lowered.

  5. this game is perfect in everyway, and so are 1and 2, .

  6. @Jonath:
    You are correct! I missed the news story on that one! First time I can remember it being delayed, though they are making some changes to the presentation of the numbers; so hopefully it will be worth the wait.

    @Anonymous from June 10, 2010 @ 3:52AM:
    Yea, it's interesting that GoWIII didn't have any sort of DLC like Heavy Rain, to keep people from trading the game off. I wonder if that's why Heavy Rain has maintained a higher price than GoWIII, that's interesting.

    @Anonymous from June 10, 2010 @ 3:52AM:
    Glad you enjoyed it, would you say it's the best game in the series?

    @Nicodemus at Nite:
    "...the Blizzard programmers and designers said that it'll play like the GoW series."
    I hadn't heard that, pretty interesting. I wonder if they'll stick with a Q4 of 2011 release though, how many times has it been delayed?

    " because of the multiplayer and updating/patches adding more loot." I don't think GoWIII has any DLC, somebody that's played it may correct me though.

    @Anonymous from June 10, 2010 @ 12:09PM:
    I may have to give them a try, before this year is up.

    Thanks to everybody for the comments and feedback!

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