Saturday, July 11, 2020

Animal Crossing: New Horizons the most turnips purchased, ever?

Coffee Beans:
It's bean a while, I know...
What do you get when you mix COVID quarantine + coffee + Animal Crossing? Too much time, weird family schedules, and craziness in Animal Crossing.

This past Sunday morning, July 5, 2020, I decided to try an experiment and see how many turnips I could buy before Mrs. Coffee was ready to play. I was up early and started buying turnips from Daisy Mae almost as soon as she started selling them.

I had coffee brewed up and ready to go, and started running around buying turnips and then placing them all over our island.

Is this the most amount of turnips ever purchased in Animal Crossing: New Horizons? I'm not sure what the record is, but this was the record for me. It will probably be my record for a good while, but with the whole COVID quarantine going on, crazy family schedules, and coffee, I figured why not try something like this.

What's the most amount of turnips ever purchased in an Animal Crossing game on a Sunday from good old Daisy Mae?

Here is the video:

After purchasing this many turnips and having them all over our island, we started experiencing a bit of lag in the character movements for the first time since we started playing Animal Crossing, sometimes almost like our characters were getting stuck running between the turnips.

Tom Nook didn't vote me off the island yet, so I think I'm still okay there. Mrs. Coffee may delete my file though if I continue the turnip antics. Timmy and Tommy of course never had great turnip prices for us on our island during the week, but I was able to get rid of all the turnips, I just sold the last 3 sets of 100 on our own island.
I hope everybody is doing well in these crazy times, and hopefully you all have been enjoying some decent video games and great coffees as well.

Are any of you playing Animal Crossing on the Switch, and if so, do you have a favorite activity in the game outside of buying turnips?
Does anybody know what the record is for the most turnips purchased in an Animal Crossing game?

P.S. If you're needing any bells, let me know in the comments.


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