Monday, June 7, 2010

Max and the Magic Marker Speedrun Contest

Last night, I was browsing, when I saw a YouTube video posted up.
The video was a speedrun through the first level in Max and the Magic Marker, "Welcome home!".
The description for the video read, "Think you can do better?  Prove it!  Give this challenge a try.  Not allowed to use the full marker!"
The video was posted up by the website, and you can see their speed run here:

After watching the video, and reading their challenge in the description, I decided to take them up on their challenge.  You can watch my speedrun through the first level, Welcome home!, here:

I did submit my video over to them, so they can watch it; but I have not heard anything back from them yet.

If you have Max and the Magic Marker, and would like to take part in the speedrun contest; see how fast you can complete the first level in the game, with no cheats activated.
If you do not have a video camera, perhaps you can simply take a picture with a digital camera or a cell phone camera, and upload it to show your fastest time.

There is no prize for doing it, other than just having fun.


  1. We've done stuff like this over at Nintendo Okie and I think we're going to try to do more. I'll see how well I can do and post a video early next week after I get back from my vacation.

  2. @KnucklesSonic8 and Tony Miller:
    Let me know when you improve the time.
    I enjoy challenges!
    *glares over at Call of Duty: World at War and thinks of the Veteran difficulty setting!


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