Thursday, July 1, 2010

June Finished, July Beginning

June is over?  Seems like just yesterday I was typing about what games I had played in May, but here we are on July 1!

Coffees Consumed in May:
Community Coffee Medium Roast Ground Coffee:  We had purchased this coffee in May, and we finished it within the first week of June.  As I said last month, I think the Community Coffee Medium Roast is more of a "light" roast.

Folgers Black Silk Ground Coffee:  My favorite Folgers coffee returned in June, and I still enjoy it a lot.  This coffee was consumed, until we finished the container of it, as some was left over from May.

Trader Joe's Fair Trade Organic French Roast:  This is the coffee that showed up in my mailbox.  If you missed my blog post on it, you can read it HERE.  Reader Nicodemus at Nite mailed me the coffee, as that is his favorite new blend.  I think Trader Joe's Organic French Roast has a good, solid flavor.
I enjoyed the cups I brewed, and Mrs. CwG enjoyed this coffee as well.
I actually saved about 20% of the beans so I could brew some more this month, and I have a pot of it brewing as I'm typing this!

Folgers Gourmet Supreme:  Being that we(or I) consume a lot of coffee, when Mrs. CwG went to the grocery store, she saw the Folgers Gourmet Supreme 240 cup coffee containers on sale.  It was a blend we had not tried, so she purchased it.
I think Folgers does a good job with their coffee blends.  I don't think they are bitter, but are good, solid flavors.

Games Played in June:
Monster Hunter Tri/3:  This monster game starts the list for June.  I ended May with a Hunter Rank of 9, and I ended June now at HR13.  The game is still a lot of fun, and I was able to play some more with Den and Butcher, as well as fellow reader Chuckpebble for the first time!

Ultimate Fighting Championship:  I played this game last month, on the Sega Dreamcast makes the list again.  All I have learned about fighting in this game is to stay standing!  If I get tackled/knocked down in the game; the matches usually end quickly with me getting put in a headlock or arm/leg lock that causes my guy to tap-out.

WCW vs. NWO Revenge:  When I put WCW vs. NWO Revenge back in my N64 and turned it on, the first thought was, "WHOA!  Look at those graphics!"
The wrestlers are blocky/chunky, but as soon as I started playing the game; I could see why this is regarded as one of the best wrestling games ever released.
The number of wrestlers, the number of moves per wrestler, the special moves; all make the game a lot of fun to play!

Rage of the Gladiator:  I am still playing the game using the Wii Remote and Nunchuk controls, but haven't obtained a "Rank: S" in each fight yet; like I did using just the Wii Remote controls.  I posted up a video of a fight against Ixthid in Challenge Mode, back on June 10.  In the fight I used the Wii Remote and Nunchuk controls and achieved a "Rank: S" in the fight.  If you missed the video/post you can see it HERE.

Max and the Magic Marker:  If you missed my blog post back on June 7, I did a speedrun in a Max and the Magic Marker level, as a response to a challenge from the guys at  So far though, I haven't seen them respond to my speedrun time.  You can watch the video of my speedrun HERE.

ModNation Racers: I played the demo again, and tried the track editor.  I didn't play it long though, and I'm not sure if I'll play it anymore considering it's just the demo.

Battlefield 1943:  This was a new game on the list for June, and I have enjoyed it a lot.  I played the game a few times with Keith, from, and I even made a video from the second night I played it with him.  I never posted the video up, so I'm including it here:

Goldeneye 007:  June consisted of me playing my N64 more than I thought I would.  After watching the trailer for the new James Bond Wii game multiple times, the nostalgia hit late one night, and I put Goldeneye 007 back in my N64 after a 5-6 year absence.
I still see why the game was/is good.  Sure, the graphics look like they are from the 90s, as that's when the game was released; but the game-play and number of weapons in the game I think are incredible.

Backbreaker:  I downloaded the Backbreaker demo on my PS3, when I accidentally discovered it looking for a trailer for the game.  I was already tracking Backbreaker's sales ranks on, and wanted to get a trailer to put up with the data story.
I haven't played the demo enough, to say whether I think the game is worth $50, but I do think it would have been a better decision to release it at $20 or $30 for its first year out.
If you missed the data story, and the Backbreaker trailer, you can see them HERE.

Groovin' Blocks:  Groovin' Blocks literally showed up on my Wii last night, about 30 minutes before midnight!  The guys at Empty Clip Studios had a give-away of Groovin' Blocks, and I was one of the winners of the game.  I played it for about an hour last night, and my initial impressions would describe it as a Tetris type puzzle game, set to music.  It's a very interesting concept, and I enjoyed what I played of it last night.

(What's in your coffee?!)

Being that I enjoy my coffee drinks black, the fact that the Trader Joe's blend was organic I consider a plus.
Since I don't use cream/sugar in my coffee, and if Trader Joe's blend was fertilizer/pesticide free, I guess that would make it the blackest brew I had without additives?
Being that I enjoyed the flavor of Trader Joe's blend, and Mrs. CwG also enjoyed it; it is the coffee drink of choice for June.

The games that I played the most in June would be Monster Hunter Tri, Battlefield 1943, and probably WCW vs. NWO Revenge.
If you have a PS3 and own Battlefield 1943, my PSN name Hoj_Latte.
If you add me, either leave a comment letting me know, or send me an email to, letting me know your PSN name as well.

In June, I drank four different coffee blends, and I played nine games/demos.

What games did you play during the month of June?
Also, did you have a drink of choice during the month of June?

Also, I would like feedback on the new blog layout.  Do you like it?  Do you hate it?  I am open for suggestions.


  1. 1: WWF No Mercy is regarded as one of the best wrasslin' games on the N64 and ever.

    2: Mo'fo, you better link my blog in that section, I need teh backlinkzzzzz!

    3: You are slowly getting me onto black coffee.

  2. Thanks for the reminder about the speedrun vid, bud. I'll get on that ASAP. :)

  3. I like the new layout - easy to read, easy to find things. As for the games mentioned above - my kids have been needling me a bit about the modnation racers game after we grabbed the demo. I'm still holding out until I can find it a bit cheaper though I think.

    Your comments on Backbreaker mirror some of the others I've seen too - people questioning if it's worth the full price tag. The release time on it was smart though - there hasn't been anything new with football games in about a year, and it was before NCAA and Madden came out. I nearly considered picking up a copy just due to my football itch, but decided to hold off until NCAA comes out in a couple of weeks.

  4. BEANZ!!! That's probably only funny to me, but, yes, I like this layout as well.
    If you wanna rank up, I'll be on MH again tonight and tomorrow.
    I'll have to try Trader Joe's, been wondering what to get since my Yuban ran down. I only drink it black when forced for lack of supplies, or iced.

  5. @Keith:
    1. I never played WWF No Mercy, but wasn't it after the WCW vs. NWO?
    2. Linked
    3. Slowly but surely

    Let me know when you get it up!

    I see you're a football game fan. I have stated elsewhere, that the last football video game I purchased was ESPN NFL 2K5, and I'm hoping at some point that series will get a solid return.

    I saw Yuban at the store, and thought of you and Mr. it worth the $5 for the can?
    Also, did you get Yuban ground, or whole bean?

    Thank you all for commenting, and the thoughts on the new blog layout!


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