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Did You Board the Nintendo 3DS XL Hype Train?

Do you have any games you bring with you on the "hype train"?
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Nintendo just released their new 3DS XL model in the United States this past Sunday, August 19. If you don't know, the Nintendo 3DS XL has 90 percent larger screens than the original Nintendo 3DS system (which released last year), as well as longer battery life.

The new 3DS XL model has a retail price of $199.99, and is available in Red or Blue, and comes bundled with a 4GB SD card. Not only did Nintendo release the new 3DS XL on Sunday to entice gamers to stores, but they also released a new Mario game, New Super Mario Bros. 2, on Sunday for the 3DS system as well.

Last year after the 3DS released I did a poll that asked, "Did you board the 3DS hype train?" and you can see that poll and post HERE. Last week, I posted up a new poll that simply asked, "Are you buying a Nintendo 3DS XL?". The poll has ended, but what were the results (and can you guess which one I voted for)? Take a look!

The Brew

Are you buying a Nintendo 3DS XL?

Day one!                                                                                         3 (17%)
Trading my current 3DS, for the 3DS XL model.                                 1 (5%)
Keeping my original 3DS, AND buying the new 3DS XL day one.         1 (5%)
Maybe, not sure.                                                                             3 (17%)
Sticking with the original.                                                             7 (41%)
No, and I don't own any 3DS yet.                                                      1 (5%)
Does it have two Circle Pads?                                                          1 (5%)
Did somebody say iPad?                                                                 0 (0%)
PS Vita!                                                                                         0 (0%)

Caffeinated Thoughts/Questions
First, feel free to share how you voted in the comments below. I found the results interesting for the poll being up only a week, and considering that I rarely post polls I was glad to see it get a decent number of votes. The largest vote total is in bold above, "Sticking with the original.", with 7 votes, or 41% of the total votes.

Which one did I vote for? See the first comment below in the comment section to find out! If you were one of the three that voted "Day one!", or perhaps you missed the poll and didn't vote but have purchased the 3DS XL, do you think the new system is worth the asking price of $199.99? If you didn't get the 3DS XL yet, and own the original, have you taken a look at any of the current trade-in promotions for the new system and thought about taking advantage of those?

Also, if any of you purchased New Super Mario Bros. 2 and have had a chance to play it, what do you think of the game from what you have played? Good, or bad?


  1. If you guessed, "Does it have two Circle Pads?", as my vote, you would have guessed right!
    I didn't get the 3DS XL, and it's not on my list right now, though I will be watching the 3DS prices in the next few months to see what happens with both versions (I saw an oddity at a Wal-Mart over the weekend, and will check back again on it this week hopefully).

    So why did I choose that as my vote? Well, if I do end up with a 3DS system, the Circle Pad Pro is the first accessory on my list that I want. As I have noted before around here (and other sites), I was hoping the "new" design would have included a second circle pad.

  2. I tagged it as not bothering to upgrade because I already had a standard. Sure, if this had been out originally, I'd have probably gotten the slightly larger one, but I'm content with the one I have.

    Interestingly enough, my son has never had an interest in the XL line from DS - he says he had a friend with one that just didn't fit in the pocket as well, and my son drags his DS around everywhere.

  3. I got it and I love it. The big screen really makes a difference. I was also able to transfer my games and still get $100 at GameStop which I can put towards the Wii U!

  4. By the way, I can't sign in with Twitter or google to comment on your site anymore.

  5. "
    Sure, if this had been out originally, I'd have probably gotten the slightly larger one..."
    That would have been like the Vita I guess. Two models. One for $249.99 and the XL for $299.99.

    Yea, the portability is an issue for me with the size of the XL. I used to use an iPod Touch all the time, as I could fit it in my pockets easily.
    The original 3DS appears that would be possible if necessary, but considering I would probably throw a 3DS Circle Pad Pro on either one, the portability of both become a bigger issue of whether I want to attach/remove the attachment all the time.

    Thanks for the feedback!

  6. Did you purchase NSMB2 with it also, or just the system?

    As for the $100 credit, that is a great start on the Wii U (assuming Nintendo doesn't pull a Sony PS3 at $600 :) ).

    I'll reply to your comment below, below...

    Thanks for the comment and stopping by!

  7. I'm not sure what is going on, but you should see the option to login/comment with both a Twitter and Google (Google+) account. The image attached below is what I see if I'm logged out of Disqus' system.

    I know earlier this morning, that the comment section seemed to not be showing up properly, not sure if it was just on my side or if perhaps they were doing some maintenance on it.

    Hope the image helps, and let me know if you have continued issues, and I'll double check (now) the settings to make sure they didn't auto-change anything.

  8. Was having issues earlier also, but it seems things have been straightened out.

  9. I was a bit "meh" over the 3DS XL when I found out it wouldn't get a 2nd circular pad, but my boyfriend wanted to buy one on day 1 - and I keep the normal 3DS, so we didn't have to share anymore. I was ok with that, even though I rather him buy a Vita which we do not have yet! I had a little looksie, and the 3DS XL was better than I thought. I was impressed at how well the screen handled DS games hah! But $199?! Gosh I hate living in Australia sometimes! It's $250 avg retail price over here.

  10. "I was a bit "meh" over the 3DS XL when I found out it wouldn't get a 2nd circular pad..."
    Ohhhh, but it is getting a 2nd circle pad! The 3DS XL Circle Pad Pro has been confirmed for the system, I believe releasing later this year. :)

    "Gosh I hate living in Australia sometimes! It's $250 avg retail price over here."
    The whole currency exchange/value is always odd. I mean, I think, right now the AUD is worth more than USD, which would make me think the 3DS would cost less in Australia than the US...but I can't ever figure it all out and how Nintendo determines what is what. I believe you all have a GST in Australia, which is included/reflected in the 3DS' overall price. Not sure how much that would change things...

  11. Was very close to cashing in on some of the UK trade in deals as I enjoyed the hands-on time I spent with it. Unfortunately I couldn't justify the expense. Don't get me started on the 'need' for a second analog stick ; ) There really isn't one.

  12. I don't remember if I voted, but if I did it would be for the popular "Sticking with the original". I'd like to see one in person, but the larger screen , battery life and 4GB sound good to me. I have also looked at trade-in options in addition to your $20 offer. :D $100 or $110 isn't bad really, but for another 90-100 I'd rather put that towards other games.

    I'm also interested in how some of the DS and VC games look on it as I hear it's better. Probably still not worth the upgrade cost yet.

    NSMB2: {{insert sarcastic comment about hitting 1million coins}}
    Have put a bit less than 2 hours into it where maybe 30 of it was my oldest at the helm. Surprisingly she got into more jumping today while moving then got distracted and wanted to poke at the screen.
    Overall the game is fun and very polished. Am not sure about all the 'spending coins' aspect yet.

  13. "Unfortunately I couldn't justify the expense."
    Yea, I wonder how it's going to do in the UK and America, and from what I saw it appears that at least one store might be clearing inventory of the original, to only carry the 3DS XL...not sure how the price increase will work out though in the long run.

    As for, "Don't get me started on the 'need' for a second analog stick ; ) There really isn't one."
    Depends who you ask. :) If there wasn't one, I don't think Nintendo would have spent time/money releasing the original 3DS Circle Pad Pro within the first year the system released in Japan, and elsewhere, unless there was a "need" or "want" by somebody enough to get it. The "need" (or want) depends on the game probably, and it seems that the Monster Hunter fans enjoy the comforts of the Circle Pad Pro being added to the system in Japan.

    Thanks for the comment/feedback!

  14. "I have also looked at trade-in options in addition to your $20 offer..."
    Offer still stands.

    "...but for another 90-100 I'd rather put that towards other games."
    Or, the Wii U? So then, you can start a completely new console backlog, making sure you keep the site name legit across multiple platforms, by covering incomplete games on it.

    "Am not sure about all the 'spending coins' aspect yet."
    Maybe because I try to avoid a good bit of "news" on games that I may end up playing, I don't think I remember hearing about the "spending coins" part. You buy stuff in the game with them?

    Thanks for the comment/feedback!

  15. Yep, Wii U, I plan to be incomplete on every platform. Probably more likely to look at it in 2013.

    I was surprised that I didn't see anything on the coins as I did some light article/video viewing. So far it seems to let you spend the large star coins to unlock other paths. For example one took me to a toad house where you got 3 power-ups. (for 5 coins)

    It's definitely different than Super Mario 3D Land where you need star coins to unlock levels, but you don't actually "spend" them.


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