Friday, September 13, 2013

Coffee Shop! Humble Bundle & Wii U Game Deals - 20% off, or more...

Coffee Shop
Next Friday, September 20th, the Wii U is scheduled to receive a $50 price drop at retailers. This will be the Wii U's first official price drop on the Wii U Deluxe Set, bringing its new suggested MSRP to $299.99.

Along with taking a look at some Wii U retail and eShop game deals in this post, I'll also highlight the current Humble Indie Bundle 9 deal that is taking place. So, if you're planning on buying the Wii U Deluxe Set at its new MSRP of $299.99 next week (or, perhaps already have it reserved and paid-in-full), or enjoy indie type PC games this might be a Coffee Shop post for you.

Brew yourself some coffee and see if any of the following game deals stand out to you, and if you would recommend any of them to your fellow gamers!

The Brew
First up, the Humble Indie Bundle 9 deal. Right now you can get Trine 2: Complete Story, Mark of the Ninja, Eets Munchies Beta, and Brütal Legend along with the soundtracks for Trine 2 and Brütal Legend for any price you want. You read that right. ANY price.

Now, if you're not familiar with the Humble Indie Bundle deals, here's the tagline for most of its indie sales, "Pay what you want. Support charity. Get awesome cross-platform games."

The idea is to offer gamers great games, but let you choose the price you pay, even giving you the choice of how to split your payment. You can make your payment go 100% to the developers, you can make it go 100% for charity, or you can make your payment go 100% to Humble Bundle Inc. Or, you can do what many do and split your payment across the three options.

If you pay more than $1 for the games, you will not only receive the DRM-free direct downloads, but you will also receive a Steam key for the games as well. Humble Bundle also keeps track of what the "Average purchase" price currently is, and if you pay more than the average price, even by a penny, you usually unlock extra games. For Humble Indie Bundle 9, the extra games for paying more than the average are currently FTL: Faster Than Light and FEZ. What's the average price right now? $4.60 at the time of this post.

Current Humble Bundle 9 games.
So, right now, for less than $5.00 you CAN get Trine 2: Complete Story, Mark of the Ninja, Eets Munchies Beta, Brütal Legend, FTL: Faster Than Light, and FEZ! Six games, with soundtracks for four of them!

Like many of the last Humble Bundle sales, I will probably end up buying this one at least once, if not twice to give one copy away as a gift here on the site! Based on my time with Trine 2 on the Wii U, I would say that game alone makes this worth buying, and I'm looking forward to eventually trying Mark of the Ninja.

If you want to see what the Humble Bundle is about, you can check it out at, HERE.

For the Wii U deals, first up are five current game deals that are 20% off or more from their list prices:
Call of Duty: Black Ops II for $37.93*, with FREE Shipping, HERE. You save over 35%.
Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate for $46.00*, with FREE Shipping, HERE. You save over 20%.
Nintendo Land for $38.63, with FREE Shipping, HERE. You save over 35%.
New Super Mario Bros. U for $44.31, with free shipping, HERE. You save 26%.
Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor's Edge for $43.46*, with FREE Shipping, HERE. You save over 25%.

*Look under the "More Buying Choices" on the right side of the page, under the "Add to Cart" area if you don't see listed as the main seller. You can often-times now buy the games from a third-party vendor on for less, and if you have had good experiences doing that continue doing so, but I try to be cautious with higher priced games.

This week, there are currently two Wii U eShop games on sale I would like to highlight, both of them 30% off or more from their normal prices, and both titles that I already own!

Mutant Mudds Deluxe is currently on sale on the Wii U eShop for just $6.99, a 30% savings off its normal $9.99 price. Mutant Mudds Deluxe should be on sale until September 26th, according to its eShop page, which is good for those of you that might not be getting a Wii U until next week!

I can easily recommend the game at this price, especially for those gamers that enjoy the platformer genre. If you missed my post on the game a few months back, here's a video of Bean 1 playing through the first level of Mutant Mudds Deluxe:

Toki Tori 2+ is the other Wii U eShop game on sale, and if you purchased the game when it originally released a few months back, as Toki Tori 2, your game will update to the newest version (automatically if you have that feature enabled). The game is currently on sale for just $8.99 until next Thursday, September 19th. If you're wondering, that's a savings of 40% off its regular list price of $14.99!

If you're curious as to what is included in this new updated of the game, check out the Toki Tori 2+ Huge Update trailer below:

While I haven't spent much time with Toki Tori 2 (now 2+) yet, I have enjoyed my short time with the game. Some of the puzzles I have already encountered really made me think, and the natural elements visual style reminds me of my backyard when I don't mow the grass as often as I should! It has a very nice, clean, crisp graphical style, that has been easy on my eyes. I do like the fact that Two Tribes has continued working to improve the game, based on feedback from players now many months after it released, as the trailer above showed. Hopefully the new update and current sale price will help get the game onto many more Wii U consoles this next week!

Caffeinated Thought
If you have played any of the Wii U games listed, retail or eShop, feel free to leave feedback for them below. For those that might be picking up the new The Wind Waker HD Deluxe Set Bundle, I think that watching the price on Nintendo Land between now and Christmas might be smart, especially if you family and friends to try out the local multiplayer games in it.

Have any of you played perhaps every game being offered in the Humble Indie Bundle 9, and have feedback on them like my opinion of Trine 2 making it worth picking up?


  1. Trine 2 I have only played a little of, but I enjoyed it and really enjoyed the first too. I believe it's the only game in the set i actually have - which is a rarity with these bundles as I often have about half the titles. I suspect I'll be grabbing this one over the weekend.

    There are a few games in that list - Monster hunter, Nintendo Land and Mario Bros, that are of interest to me. But I have told my wife I will be holding off on buying more games for the upcoming Wii U, until closer to Black Friday, since I'm sure Amazon and Walmart will probably have some pretty good deals.

  2. Was eyeing HIB9 actually mostly for Fez as I already have Trine, Trine 2 and Mark of the Ninja. Not just sure yet - maybe I'll win another contest? :)

    I'd definitely recommend it for though. Regarding of mark of the Ninja, it's a pretty fun game. Runs and looks great on my slightly-better-than-average-non-gaming laptop, has controller support and is a fun stealth game.

    The Humble weekly deal isn't bad either with the retro shooters. Duke Nukem has always been a favorite (still have the atomic ed CD) and I've been looking at Hard Reset and System Shock2 as well. #MegaTonIncomplete

    Still tempted by the Wii U in general and the WW bundle. (yeah, that ZombiU bundle seems to be gone)

  3. Yeah, I think it will be interesting this year to see what deals are run for Black Friday, especially with SOOOO many consoles that will be on the market this holiday season.

    I always try to stick with at least 20% off of MSRP/List Prices when doing these, because well, saving 10% on a $60 title is like buying it USED at GameStop basically.

    Being that you are going to hook up the Wii U early, and make sure it's good to go, do you think there will ever be any eShop deals that might make you unpack it (again) to download before hand?

    Thanks for the comment and feedback! And maybe, just maybe we will go on some monster hunts at some point...

  4. "Not just sure yet - maybe I'll win another contest?"

    HA! You must have missed the fine print on the last one. You are banned from future contests until you complete 90% of your backlog. :)

    As for the Wii U stuff, I'm guessing the WW bundle will become hard to find, like what happened with Metroid Prime Trilogy, but I could be completely wrong. On the ZombiU bundle, I would check online retailers, but even on most of them it seems to be disappearing from listings. Right now Overstock has it listed, at $10 more than the original MSRP:

    Not sure if that price will change next week or not though.

  5. THAT is a good question I hadn't considered. Do they do many eShop deals? I know on the Wii it seemed like 'deals' almost never happened, but I have seen a handful on my 3DS.

    Also, rumor has it I may or may not have put down a preorder on an Xbox One as well over the weekend. Good. Grief. I'm not going to have time to sleep until March. :)

  6. They are running about two games on sale per week on the Wii U eShop, AND it's apparently just up to the developers of when and how long they run the sales.

    Speaking of your pre-order though, you might want to check out Nintendo Land USED right now. Apparently it can be grabbed for less than $10 if you have a 50% off coupon for in-store purchases at GameStop. I looked for the coupon, so I could update this, but didn't find it online and some said it apparently it is only in stores.

    BUT, being that you won't have time to sleep, sounds like you might want to add a new coffee pot to your Christmas list as well. :)

  7. I think instead of 'almost' you really meant 'NEVER'!

    It's refreshing to see regular sales on both the 3DS and WiiU shops. (controlled by the devs is even better) The sales are more like 20-30% off so it's nothing steam-worthy, but hopefully enough to stimulate some traffic post-launch.

  8. "The sales are more like 20-30% off so it's nothing steam-worthy..."

    Clearly a non-Wii U owner by now wouldn't have been able to take advantage of those VC sales on games, for ONLY 30 cents. I would say those were MORE than Steam-worthy, no? *PC lovers gonna HATE! Prepares permanent IP ban.

    But, I do think it will be interesting to see how it progresses. Because Nintendo is already doing "Buy 2, Get 1 discounted" type deals, and not just on Nintendo titles but they have allowed Capcom to do it already. So, I think they have a good infrastructure already setup, and they're just experimenting now.

    I was looking at the "most sold" stuff 2 nights ago on the eShop, and it's pretty interesting...might be worth a post of its own one of these years.

  9. LOL - I know my wife was looking at getting me a Keurig for Christmas seeing as they got one at work lately and I'm drinking from it constantly. I'll have to look for that coupon myself then too, because that would be pretty solid.

  10. I'd be curious to see what's selling well. the VC isn't something I spent a lot of money on during the Wii days, but that's because I already had so many titles on my old systems floating around the house.

  11. True, those 0.30 initial VC sales were very nice. I mean, Super Metroid and the other big hitters they put out there? Pretty sweet.

  12. That link didn't work for me Coffee, but I have been keeping the 'retron 5' in the back of my mind for awhile now.,news-17491.html

    VC was and still is a huge part of the Wii and Wii U appeal for me. I don't have my NES or TG16 consoles, didn't get much time with a real SNES not to mention a n64, so VC is a great resource. Nostalgia at times though for $5-10 there's a ton of gameplay out there and lots of new experiences.

    I have a pretty good retro store near me (had a retron 4 and many original consoles) so obtaining the real games is an option, though I'd really need to come up with a compelling list of non-VC games I'd want them for.

  13. Haha! The RetroN 5 is what I had linked to over on Amazon! Kind of weird, I can't even find it listed now......

    Wonder what happened to it there? I find their other consoles, but not the RetroN 5, which from the page had a release date of October 31st I think. Now, I just checked their site and it has a December 10th release date.

    But yeah, if you don't have games, justifying the purchase might be hard. For us though, we have a good collection of NES and SNES titles that could work right away. Even some NES controllers, not sure about the SNES though...

    On the 0.30 VC games, I bought them all at those prices. Kirby's Adventure I think was one, and it has been played the most so far. Super Metroid was there, and has gotten just a little bit of play-time not a lot though.


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