Sunday, September 29, 2013

PCA: National Coffee Day! Free coffee notification.

Coffee Beans
This is a quick post, to remind my fellow coffee drinkers that TODAY, September 29, 2013 is National Coffee Day!

If you are out and about on this fine day, there are a few coffee chains celebrating National Coffee Day (that's every day in our house, so not sure why it's only celebrated one day a year at these other places...for SHAME!), and you can get some free or discounted coffee drinks at some of them.

Here are a few coffee chains that are giving away free coffee today:
Caribou Coffee - Get a free small cup of Amy's Blend coffee. You need to print the coupon or show it on your mobile phone to get it.
Dunkin' Donuts - Get a free small coffee using the Dunkin' Donuts mobile app coupon.
Krispy Kreme - Get a free small, 12 oz., coffee.
McDonald's - I believe there are certain McDonald's locations participating as well like last year, giving away free small cups of coffee, but it depends on the location.

I'm already on my second pot of Beaumont Classic Roast coffee for the day, with at least one more planned later this night. So, I won't be making any special trip out to get any at the local coffee shops that are participating in our area.

This Public Coffee Announcement was not paid for or endorsed by any coffee shop, coffee provider, or coffee distributor!

Have any of you already participated in 2013's National Coffee Day today? Did you find a local coffee shop that was doing a coffee promotion, and if so, which coffee shop was it?

Perhaps you're like me though and enjoy coffee every day, and instead have just brewed yourself some coffee at home on this fine Sunday?


  1. Forgot again this year, have to add it to my calendar for next..

    No coffee besides the usual this morning. Might have to brew a little more in honor of the day.

  2. I love coffee days! We don't have a "free coffee" day per se, but we do have a coffee festival which has plenty of samples and such in Sydney... which is quickly growing into one of the finest coffee drinking cities in the world.

    Possibly the only reason I still stay in this city, actually.

  3. Any reason to brew more, right? "Oh, the neighbors might stop by...time to brew some coffee!"

    "Oh, you meant the neighbors might stop by next year sometime? I'll keep on brewing it fresh every hour until they arrive!"

  4. I haven't really checked for any coffee festivals in our area, and haven't heard of any. I do know of a few roasters though, and one in particular gives tours and does coffee samples at the end of each tour.

    We haven't done it yet, but it is something on our "to do" list.

  5. Forget them, coffee is expensive! Bring their own!

  6. Missed it myself. Went the next day to Biggby - got a Vermont Maple that I rather liked.


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