Sunday, September 8, 2013

The CoffeeWithGames birthday gift goes to...

Coffee Beans
Last week, I posted up the "What's a birthday without a gift? CoffeeWithGames turns 4!" post where I talked about what I had done on the site over the last 4 years, and what I plan to do moving forward with it. I was also giving away a CoffeeWithGames birthday gift of sorts, if you left some feedback on the post.

Well, the winner of the gift was..........................Robert!!!!!

(His name is there, you just click and drag your mouse around it.)

What did he win, you might be wondering? The Humble Bundle Weekly Sale: Paradox Games bundle, which included Europa Universalis III: Complete, War of the Roses: Kingmaker, Warlock: Master of the Arcane, Leviathan: Warships, Dungeonland, and The Showdown Effect.

Hopefully the games can help him remain incomplete to an even greater extent, and thanks to everybody that provided feedback on the post!


  1. That's a hell of a prize - some of the best strategy games ever made in that pack. Lucky Robert! :-)

  2. Sorry, comment got filtered by my mass of "
    Restricted Words" on Disqus! *Off-topic, but that list they provide is pretty huge, and you can even update it yourself with other lists from around the net, which I have found very helpful.

    But yeah, on the games I haven't played any of them myself, but the War of the Roses: Kingmaker looks interesting, and I have heard of the Europa series from your site and reviews on them. Not very familiar with the others, but did see a brief clip of The Showdown Effect, and it looked like a 2d-ish platformer type game, not really sure though.

  3. Congrats to 4 years Coffee! That's a heck of a milestone!

  4. Thanks! Didn't imagine it would turn out how it has so far, but I have enjoyed definitely enjoyed and learned stuff along the way.

  5. Good deal, Robert! Also? Liking the current layout quite a bit here, Coffee. :)

  6. Happy Birthday again coffee, here's to another 4 years? (how many times can we say that with politics? haha)

    Really appreciate it, I hadn't heard of most of these, but they look interesting. Have them registered to Steam and viewed some videos last night.

    I actually was looking to buy Dungeonland some time back, so that's a welcome addition. Leviathan Warships also looks good along with The Showdown Effect. (2d platforming deathmatch? sign me up)

    The others also look like quality experiences, though in all honesty look to be a bit more involved and time consuming than i can probably afford at the moment. Kudos on the ever increasing incompleteness.

  7. Agree on the design. I liked the coffee beans, but this just tones it down a bit and keeps it looking clean.

  8. Thanks for the feedback on the layout, just kind of included that in the birthday post, and didn't do it as a separate on. I'm still rearranging and stuff on the sidebar, and adjusting things with it.

  9. "...keeps it looking clean."
    Good to know. Kind of what I was going for, just a simpler and more clean look. Still unsure on the overall logo with the I enjoyed the older ones with the game stuff in the steam, and have experimented a bit with other ideas, but nothing has sold me yet.

  10. "Happy Birthday again coffee, here's to another 4 years? (how many times can we say that with politics? haha)"

    Ohhh, the politics. We could say that, if YouTube/Google hadn't killed that account, with no explanation and no customer service....but if it's politics in general, twice as President at most. Congress and Senators...forever and ever and ever and ever. Though, it's more like "Here's to another 2" or "Here's to another 6". ;)

    Yeah, perhaps on the other titles when you finally get around (if ever) to playing them, you will find a new genre or series that you enjoy.

    Thanks for the comment and feedback again, and congrats on the win!

  11. I find myself pretty much agreeing with Robert here. It just has a nicer, cleaner look - which sounds a bit silly from me probably since my blog pages are always very 'busy' - for better or worse. :)

  12. Nah, your site is pretty simple as well, with all the gamertag stuff on the sidebar. If every site looked the same, THAT would be boring. The one thing I have been trying to do, is having fun creating custom ad banners. Instead of seeing ads about banks, insurance, or other things, I figured I would try and use the spaces for upcoming games that readers may hear/know about, or even current games that are really discounted as I have done in the past with Black Ops II.


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