Saturday, September 21, 2013

CoffeeWithGames Game Night! Call of Duty: Black Ops II on the Wii U

Coffee Beans
Announcing the first official, official CoffeeWithGames Game Night! While I have randomly played online games with some of you in the past, it wasn't always scheduled. Hopefully, with this new feature (mentioned last month), it will become more of a regular event and allow us to have fun gaming together!

Tomorrow night, Sunday, September 22nd at 11:30 PM EST, I will be hopping into Call of Duty: Black Ops II's online multiplayer on the Wii U, to play some Team Deathmatch battles!

My NNID is Coffees, and if you own a Wii U feel free to add my NNID to your Wii U friend list. I have written a few times before, about how I enjoy Black Ops II and I will be recording my matches tomorrow night as I have in the past as well.

If you want to try and make this CoffeeWithGames Game Night, I'm planning on playing for at least an hour (until 12:30 AM EST), and feel free to leave a comment below with your NNID and I'll look for you tomorrow night and send you an invite! I probably won't be using voice-chat in the game, as my current headsets have been dismantled recently by the Beans (our sons), but that should be remedied in the next month or so, for voice-chat in future CoffeeWithGames Game Nights.

If you just purchased a Wii U this weekend, maybe because of the new system price drop and The Wind Waker HD bundle, right now is an excellent time to grab Black Ops II for the Wii U because it's currently on sale for under $20!

I believe the Black Ops II sale is currently in Best Buy stores and online, as well as on So, if you are one of the people that maybe grabbed a Wii U this weekend, planning on hiding it away until Christmas morning from your family, you could always grab Black Ops II at Best Buy today, and hide in a closet tomorrow night playing the game on just the Wii U's GamePad for the first CoffeeWithGames Game Night!


*Disclaimer: My copy of Call of Duty: Black Ops II for the Wii U was provided by Activision for coverage purposes.


  1. You really don't leave me much time to go get a Wii U and COD BlOps2, do you?

    I have to say that's a pretty sweet deal for only $20 and I'd grab it if I had or knew a Wii U was in my immediate future.

    Also just got an amazon gift card; might have to put that towards offsetting the U's price. :) (not that buying directly from amazon is an option, just the overall idea of 100 netted on the account to be used for general purposes)

  2. You have a little over 24 hours now, to get a Wii U and Black Ops 2. I tried to give a 36 hour notice on this one, but of course got distracted trying to design a banner....

    So, if you can get the Wii U and Black Ops 2 home by 8 tomorrow night, you should be okay. Why 8? I'm not sure how long it takes to do the initial update/install still, and I know Black Ops 2 has been patched up a few times, so that should allow you some time to get it home, update it, and then play a few rounds before joining!

    On the Amazon side, it's good having the gift problem is I often hoard them in my wallet if they're to a local retail store, and forget about them.

    In my semi-2 year cleaning out of my wallet events, is when I usually discover them, "Ohhhh, I remember getting this 2 years ago! I wonder if there is anything on it...."

    At least with Amazon, you can apply it to your account and you can decide at checkout what to use.

    Thanks for the comment and feedback! Maybe I should break out a GoldenEye Game Night next? :)

  3. That sounds like a fine plan, but don't wait for me tomorrow. :-)

    Interesting point about the initial setup time. Wonder if they are shipping newer firmware or if the big update required at launch still applies? Need chalgyr to check his soon..

    I really prefer Amazon cards over anything else. Like you said just apply to your account and use whenever. I hate getting cards from speciality brick/mortar stores anymore..

  4. And yeah, maybe 007 if there are enough players mext time. :-)

  5. I haven't seen anybody mention how long it takes now, but I would imagine with The Wind Waker HD bundle it SHOULD have the new firmware installed, with maybe a small update?

    I'm not sure on the regular Wii U Deluxe sets, only because some of those are probably still sitting on shelves from launch. I would definitely HOPE that since the last big update fixed the freezing up issue, by being able to hold the Power button to reset it, that they have updated it on all systems leaving their warehouse.

  6. I would hope so. 10 months later you don't want people still having 'the launch experience'.

    How is the performance after some of the recent updates?

  7. I haven't had any freezing issues like before the last update, and I did test it out right after the update by doing something to get Black Ops II online to freeze up in the menu selection, and the Power button worked as it should have from launch.

    They have been making small changes here and there, making improvements in different areas, especially like Miiverse. I hope they continue experimenting and updating though, and I'm kind of excited for the next update...

    I have a draft collecting dust on some things I would still like to see addressed still, and some of the things I mentioned in my piece (here: did actually address) before the last update they did address.

    Maybe I can burn the midnight oil one day this upcoming week and finish that post.

  8. Please make your plans to go into practice. I will participate enthusiastically. I totally agree with the direction of your thoughts. Come on. And make it quick facts


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