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FPS Friday! Conduit 2 has been played how much? Official U.S. Nintendo Channel data report.

Coffee Beans
I never did play Conduit 2. If you missed my wall-of-text April Brewed post earlier today, you can see what games I played during April, HERE. If you already read the list, you may have noticed that I didn't play a FPS during the month. It was the first month this year that I had not played a FPS, but I did get a good bit of gaming done.

Conduit 2 released as an exclusive Wii FPS just over 2 years ago now, on April 19, 2011. The game received an ESRB rating of "TEEN" with "Animated Blood, Language, Mild Suggestive Themes, Violence" listed as content for parents and gamers to be aware of. It was the sequel to the other exclusive Wii FPS The Conduit, which released in 2009.

While there really hasn't been a hint of the Wii U getting Conduit 3 yet, did U.S. Wii owners enjoy Conduit 2? How many hours have U.S. Wii owners reported playing Conduit 2, since it released just over 2 years ago, and how do its averaged hours "Per person" compare to some other Wii FPS games? Brew yourself some coffee, and let's take a look!

How many hours have you played?
The Brew
Conduit 2 now has approximately 13,736 U.S. Wii owners with data reported through the Nintendo Channel, which is more than double the number that had data reported about 5 months after it released. The 431,734 Total Hours of game-play now reported (seen in the image above), is an increase of just over 380,000 Total Hours from the game's initial data that was reported almost 2 years ago.

Its reported average play time of 31 Hours 25 Minutes "Per person", averages out to just over 2 hours for every time the game has been reported played. This simply means that U.S. Wii owners have played the game about 2 Hours 4 Minutes each time they sit down to play it, at least according to the reported data.

Now, has Conduit 2 been played more than GoldenEye 007 and Metroid Prime 3, as the image asks? As for the "Total Hours" reported, Conduit 2 is below both of those games, but in the average hours "Per person" section it's a different story.

Conduit 2 is now "neck and neck" with GoldenEye 007's average "Per person", being lower than it by just 3 minutes. Compared to Metroid Prime 3's average "Per person" though, Conduit 2 is almost 10 hours higher. This means that U.S. Wii owners that bought and played Conduit 2, apparently had more play time from the game than U.S. Wii owners of Metroid Prime 3. The hours "Per person" would be a reflection of the all important "replay value", that is often talked about for games. So, we can say Conduit 2 offered more replay value for its average player than Metroid Prime 3, but about the same replay value as GoldenEye 007, at least according to the official Nintendo Channel data.

What about review scores? The game currently has a "professional" review score average of 66.34%, based on 41 reviews for the game on What about customers that purchased the game though? Conduit 2 has a customer review score average of 89.41%, based on 17 "Amazon Verified Purchase" customer reviews.

If you're interested in reading an actual review, I suggest you read a review by Jeremy, of, that he wrote for the game, HERE. He provided the number of hours he had spent in the game's single player and multiplayer before writing his review, which I appreciate seeing in reviews. Soon after Conduit 2 released, a controversy surrounding the game arose after one "professional" review of the game was published. If you missed what happened with the issue, you can read about it, HERE.

Caffeinated Thoughts
If you never saw any footage from Conduit 2, the trailer below will give you an idea of what weapons you can expect to be battling with in the game:

I think Conduit 2 having a higher average "Per person" than Metroid Prime 3, is a good example of why many companies focus on multiplayer aspects in games. Am I more likely to recommend a friend go out and buy a great single-player (only) focused game for $50 or $60, or am I more likely to recommend a game with online multiplayer and a single-player campaign (even if short), that I find myself playing on a more regular basis? Probably the latter.

Knowing how High Voltage tried to step up and support the Wii with a game genre that was/is popular, but not published very often on the Wii (compared to the other consoles at the time), I'm wondering if HVS will perhaps try to continue that for the Wii U? I wonder if they might release Conduit 3 for the Wii U, or perhaps even find a publisher to get behind The Grinder for the Wii U?

After the original The Conduit game, it really seemed like High Voltage Software was going to be able to try new things on the Wii, such as their once "Mature" themed Gladiator A.D. game, but something happened with their publisher relations. They made drastic changes to what they had originally shown for Gladiator A.D., instead releasing the more colorful "TEEN" rated Tournament of Legends, and another High Voltage FPS game in development, The Grinder, vanished from the Wii radar altogether. I know some seem to be thinking Nintendo is having third party struggles (still) with the Wii U, so I hope that Nintendo of America might be more open to publishing games such as what Gladiator A.D. once was, and even The Grinder.

If you own a copy of Conduit 2, do you know if the online community is still decent enough to hop online and get into a match quickly? If you played both games from the series, which one did you enjoy more?

If you were a fan of The Conduit and Conduit 2, do you hope that High Voltage Software perhaps makes a Conduit 3 sequel for the Wii U? Or, would you prefer them to instead release their once shown Wii FPS game that disappeared, The Grinder, for the Wii U first?

If you're interested in Conduit 2, it can now be found used for under $20 at GameStop and on (even new on Amazon from some sellers). You can also see both games from the series on Amazon below:


  1. I remember playing the original Conduit, and it was technical showcase, but the gameplay was pretty substandard. I never got around to playing the sequel. I really should look into getting it.

    I believe HVG just released Animals de Los Muertes (or something like that) on iOS, a former WiiWare project. It's supposedly good, too.

  2. Same here. Played the original, but not the sequel.

    As for HVG, they did just release that former WiiWare project. Full title?

    Zoombies: Animales de la Muerte! I guess the Zoombies is supposed to catch some people's attention thinking it's Zombies?

    It just released yesterday:!/id584482482?mt=8

    Thanks for the comment and feedback!

  3. hardcore games are basically dead. big team grab bag is still alive and kicking. I had more fun with the first, but if the 2nd wasn't so unfinished it would have been a lot better.
    I'd be happy with a third game if someone was supervising them.

  4. I loved Conduit 2! :-D Second most played game on my Wii.

    Big Team Grab Bag playlist is still populated well enough to find a
    game, but the rest are dead. The FFA Hardcore playlist was essentially

    Conduit 2 has far superior on-line multiplayer to The
    Conduit, but its campaign is easy and kind of boring, except for the
    boss fights. It's pretty, though!

    Conduit 3 would sell me a Wii
    U, in all honesty. However, I think High Voltage should finish The
    Grinder first. I bet that it'd be far more successful than the Conduit
    games ever could be.

  5. Conduit 2 was technically the better game, but I liked the first one better, likely due to the story/voice acting. To be fair, I remember getting another game around the time I got Conduit 2, so maybe I didn't play it enough. I tried out the online a few times but people were cheating, there were long waits to connect, and issues like falling through floors. Tournament of Legends had a couple of neat ideas, but was a disappointing reminder of what it could have been. If you can get it cheap it's not a bad way to kill a few hours.

  6. I hope Nintendo will add a "Channel Data" or something similar from the Wii version onto the Nintendo Wii U because I AM WORRIED that the mysterious man behind the No.1 HBO series/show "Coffee with Games" will be no more :(

    I love the "Coffe with Games" series so much that I prefer the mysterious man behind "Coffee with Games" more than the "Games of Thrones" series. Don't get me wrong, the Games of Thrones series is still a good show but it is not as CLOSE as suspenseful and amazing as the "Coffee with Games" series/episodes.

    If Nintendo does not sign on the "Coffee with Games" series/shows for another 5-10 seasons, then I am going to rally and start a petition. I really don't want to see the season finale of "Coffee with Games" end on a very unsatisfying note. Will the fans ever find out if the mysterious coffee man will EVER actually drink coffee while playing games? Will the audience ever find out if he adds milk into his coffee? How will the mysterious Coffee Man end? Will his son or daughter take over the "Coffee with Games" empire and focus on PS4/Xbox720?


    Oh well, I can always re-watch the older episodes of "Coffee with Games" and live off of those like the Simpsons or FireFly or Seinfeld. Either way if the "Coffee with Games" series come to an end, I hope the mysterious coffee man has plans to release the "Coffee with Games" blu ray special/collector's edition to own, I hope it comes with a coffee with games coffee mug and commentary from the mysterious coffee with games man.

    I also wonder if there will be a Golden "Coffee with Games" ticket inside one of the Coffee with Games collection dvd/blu ray because if the rumors are true, whomever gets that lucky golden ticket gets to go on a Coffee Date with the Mysterious Coffee with Games person!

  7. That's pretty interesting about the playtime as compared to 007 and Metroid. I never got either of these, but was always interested as Wii FPS's seem like a rare breed. Might look into both at some point if the price is right.

    BTW, you ever hop online in 007 anymore? I haven't played the single player mission in forever much less online. Thought I also heard there was some cheating online as usual.

  8. Rumors behind-the-scenes are that the staff working on the "Coffee with Games" series has close to 500GB of data from over the years, sealed away not yet released to the public. Just a rumor, but interesting if true. Supposedly, they have been preparing for a catastrophic end, for a little while now...

    Thanks for the comment! I hope the right contacts see this and keep the channel going on the Wii U (or, at least update the eShop to show the averages as well).

  9. There was cheating online, I actually had a video recorded of one match where it happened. Unfortunately, I don't think the developer ever patched it.

    I haven't played a single player mission in a while, but I do have a totally random post/video I have had for about 2 years now sitting in draft form, based off one of the missions in the game............

  10. I more or less enjoyed the original at a friend's house, but never owned it, never played the 2nd. It looks okay, but not something I've ever felt compelled to pick up myself.

  11. Hey Phil - I though the gameplay of original Conduit was substandard as well. Thankfully Conduit 2, while not perfect, was SO much better. The sequel really improved upon most every flaw that the original game had. You can read my review if you'd like (same for you Coffee!) -

  12. The story/dialogue was much more tongue-in-cheek this time around, but I enjoyed it. The main character, Michael Ford, is voiced by none other than, Duke Nukem (Jon St. John!)

  13. Apparently, somebody is a SKIMMER. Because that link has been in the post since it went up last week (seriously, it has been!).

    Kind of hilarious, I was going to tweet you about it just now and am...

  14. lol, damn. Yep, I've been caught skimming =D. I'd say I'm happy to join the club, but I've been doing this since I was a little kid, so I'm old pro.

  15. Yeah, I wasn't sold on the story when I heard it was more tongue-in-cheek, probably because I enjoyed the first one's story/setting. Perhaps if I play the second one it'll surprise me though. I did remember hearing about Jon St. John doing the voice acting for Mr. Ford when the game was releasing, and thought it was interesting.

  16. Alright, now I actually read the whole skimming this time. Thanks for linking to my review Coffee!

  17. I think you'd enjoy the second one. It was much better than the first...much better. I really enjoyed multiplayer too, always a lot of fun.


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