Tuesday, October 9, 2012

The CoffeeWithGames feedback winner is...

Coffee Beans
Did you miss the "CoffeeWithGames Turns 3!" post at the end of August? Well, I ended up having to wait until we finished our Maxwell House Gourmet Roast coffee, so I could have a coffee container for the giveaway drawing.

To enter the contest I said in the post, "If you leave feedback to the questions below, I'll put your name in the coffee container...and draw it for a coffee and/or game related giveaway."

I dropped the names in the coffee container, gave it a good shaking, but I didn't draw out the winner. Mrs. Coffee did! Brew yourself some coffee, and see which lucky provider of feedback was picked from the container!

The Caffeinated Brew
After a few shakes, rattles, and rolls of the coffee container container, Mrs. Coffee drew out KnucklesSonic8!

The prize for simply leaving feedback on a post? Well, KnucklesSonic8 has a choice to make (again), World of Goo can be his on Steam, or the Humble Bundle for Android 3 can be his. The Humble Bundle for Android 3 includes Fieldrunners, BIT.TRIP BEAT, Uplink!, and SpaceChem, with Steam keys for each (I think also the soundtrack is included for each as well, not 100% positive on that).

I have only played the demo for World of Goo, and put just a little time into BIT.TRIP BEAT and none in the other games, so I can't really say which one I would suggest he choose.

Either way, congratulations to KnucklesSonic8 on winning, and thanks to everybody that provided feedback on that post! (Sorry it took longer for the drawing to happen, the other coffee container found its way to the trash that I was originally going to use!)

If you have perhaps played World of Goo, and some of the games in the Humble Bundle that he could select, which one prize selection would you suggest for him?

Also, if you missed the original feedback posts, feel free to leave feedback below if you have a feature you would like to see more of, or perhaps a new feature altogether on CoffeeWithGames more regularly.


  1. Whoh, I saw that twitter blast and was all "hey, did I win again?". Sadly enough, that wasn't the case. :)

    Congratulations KnucklesSonic8!

    It's all good though, I have WoG 5x over and the bundle as well. Personally I think Goo is best on WiiWare for the controls and comfort of a couch.

    I've only played BitTrip Beat a little bit (ha) and prefer BitTrip Runner. They're great games, but not for me. I'm not sure about the rest.

  2. Congrats! I actually can't remember this lol.

    I experienced the demo before, great game. Never did get the full title though.

  3. Haha! Well, you left the required feedback on the post.

  4. I don't want to spoil posts on other people's sites, being that I don't own a 360, so I haven't said anything for 24+ hours.... 0_0
    Do you know if anybody got it yet?!

  5. "Sadly enough, that wasn't the case."

    HA! There have been two more chances, not directly announced like this was. They were SAYOR posts, like the Batman one. Nobody grabbed either of those. (After a week, they were "fixed")

  6. Thanks, Coffee! Mrs. Coffee, too. ;)

    One game over a bundle (with bonuses!)? You're making this too easy! :P I'll accept the Humble Bundle package, and hopefully the World of Goo can be saved for a future giveaway. :)

    Thanks again.

  7. LOL, alright. Do you want the code via Twitter, or email?


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