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STAY CALM! Wii U's Miiverse details before launch, & all Wii U features and functionality ready at launch? Nintendo's Bill Trinen and Scott Moffitt

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Do you still have questions about the features and functionality of the Wii U?

There is now less than a month (21 days left, as of today!) before US shoppers can grab the Wii U from store shelves, and run home to play it. Nintendo of America just had another Nintendo Direct conference this week, on Thursday, that detailed games for the Nintendo 3DS system, but it provided no new information about the Wii U system or games for US consumers.

How does Miiverse work? What about the Wii U's eShop games and details? Does the Wii U video chat feature function like the Wii Speak Channel? How about Wii U online multiplayer details? Will every Wii U system feature and functionality we know about be ready when the system launches?

These may be some questions about the Wii U you're wondering about, as I am myself.

Brew yourself some coffee, and hit the jump to listen to Nintendo of America's Bill Trinen's statement about Miiverse being covered in "more detail", and Nintendo of America's EVP of Sales & Marketing Scott Moffitt's response about the Wii U having all features and functionality "right at launch"!

The Brew
Here's the video:

Nintendo's Bill Trinen said at the Wii U Preview event in September, "...we're gonna go into more detail on Miiverse in New Super Mario Bros. U and other games, as we get closer to launch.", and apparently I can't edit videos and type fast enough, because Mr. Iwata confirmed to investors over night that more details on Miiverse will be happening before the system launches, through a Nintendo Direct.

Time stamp on first video upload, hours before initial news was even known in US.
As for all of the Wii U's features and functionality, Nintendo's Scott Moffitt's quote I was concentrating on in the clip was, "Making sure the system has all of its features and functionality right at launch." The clip was taken from an interview he did with GamerLive.TV. (I believe GamerLive.TV has now shut down either temporarily, or maybe permanently; but make sure to check out their site and the rest of their Scott Moffitt video interviews on their YouTube Channel.)

Caffeinated Thoughts
For me, hearing Scott Moffitt say Nintendo learned from the 3DS' launch that having all system features and functionality ready at launch is important, or to quote him directly again, "right at launch" with the Wii U, gives me hope that the Wii U will be 100% up and running on November 18th when it releases.

With the Wii, it took about 7 months in the US before the system had its first online multiplayer game, and the 3DS didn't get the Netflix or the Nintendo Video services added to the system until a few months after it originally launched. I really do hope that Scott Moffitt is correct that Nintendo now understands how important it is to have everything ready when the system launches, and not weeks or months later; or, even years, like voice chat on the Wii took.

Nintendo has not started running Wii U advertisements in the US that I'm aware of, though they have in Europe. I'm thinking that perhaps they will detail all of the Wii U system's features and functionality before they start TV advertising here in the US, which I imagine will start by the beginning of November at the latest. So, perhaps this Thursday, November 1st, we get another Nintendo Direct detailing Miiverse, online multiplayer, eShop, and other features and functionality that will be ready when the Wii U launches?

Perhaps this is when we learn that New Super Mario Bros. U will have online multiplayer? I know, I know, maybe that's a little wishful thinking on my part?

Are there any questions that Nintendo hasn't answered about the Wii U yet, that if answered would help you make a decision on trying to hunt one down on November 18th?

Are any of you perhaps on the fence, with the system already pre-ordered, but nervous that the details won't come before the system launches, or that all the features won't be ready at launch?

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