Thursday, October 11, 2012

My very "coffee with games" birthday...

Coffee Beans
Last week, as has happened every year for my entire life on the same day, I turned another year older. Crazy, I know.

Last week, on my "September Brewed - Coffees Consumed, Games Played!" post, SOMEBODY attempted to spill the beans about my birthday in the comments. FYI, I know who you are, and where you sleep!

So, what items did I get for my birthday last week? Brew yourself some coffee (if you haven't already), and take a look below (picture included for skimmers)!

The Brew
I had a very "coffee with games" birthday last week. I received one game (which is really six), two new coffee blends, two new coffee mugs, about a ton of homemade cupcakes, some "100% All Natural, Hand Packed" Goodberry's frozen custard, some candies, and some cash.

You can see most of the items in the image below:

Caffeinated Thoughts
So, there ya have them, most of the items that made for my very "coffee with games" birthday last week. I think a more proper name for the game Mrs. Coffee got me though, with my current backlog, might be BIT.TRIP INCOMPLETE. I really am looking forward to playing the full version of BIT.TRIP RUNNER on it though, and Bean 1 and I actually were just playing the demo (again) for it yesterday after he selected to play it.

As for the coffees, I have only tried the Gevalia Espresso Roast blend so far, and I'm really enjoying it (that was from Mrs. Coffee as well). The custard in the picture was a coffee flavored custard, that being Jamocha; and I enjoyed it while it lasted. I have used the Mr. Coffee mug pictured above (weird story there), and Mrs. Coffee and I, along with the help of Bean 1, Bean 2, and our dog, have finished the ton of cupcakes. The candies pictures, if you don't know them by sight, are the Werther's candies. One of them is the Werther's Original Caramel Coffee hard candies, and the other in the image is the Werther's Original Caramel Apple Filled hard candies; both are awesome! (Note: Big Werther's fan here, take it as you will.)

I'll report on the Kona coffee, as well as the other coffee mug not picture, probably in a later post.

As for the cash, it's probably all going to the Wii U pre-order at this point, though it was just enough for a certain handheld system...


  1. Very fun - I like the acquisitions and also : Happy Birthday! When I saw the 'birthday' title at first, I kept thinking: didn't the site just have its birthday? I didn't realize that it was fairly close to your own. :)

  2. Happy birthday dude :D Drink lots of coffee so you don't sleep for a second of it ;)

  3. Happy 30 !! Man those chocolates look awesome.

    Good pickup on the game side too!

  4. 30? Time flies, eh?

    Happy birthday, and enjoy the coffee plus the Wii U/certain handheld money :P

  5. Thanks! I actually had started the post with a line about the site's "bday" so close to didn't survive the editing floor though!

  6. Thanks! Sleep? What's that? Is that like an extended blink?

  7. Thanks! As for the chocolates, if you're referring to the Werther's, they are/were awesome...not many left.

  8. If you're asking, I will deny it. I have been moving back in years, not forward...for about the last 5 bdays.
    Time does fly though, fast. A good friend and I exchanged several texts about it, and how crazy it is that it's like just YESTERDAY we were running around playing as kids.

    As for the money, I'm pretty positive it's all going to the Wii U at this point, unless I find a secret stash of cash somewhere.

    Thanks for the comment!

  9. Happy Birthday! Out of all the coffee and gaming websites out there you rank in my top 10! Just Kidding you are awesome.

  10. Happy birthday old man! So, 3DS time? :)

    As you know I'm feeling a bit older myself recently and am hanging onto some amazon credit for some undetermined purchases.

  11. How close to the "Top" of the 10? #1? #2? What can I do to improve that ranking?!

    Thanks for the thought!

  12. "So, 3DS time?"
    Yet to be determined. It has been floated already, even before my bday, for a potential Christmas item for Bean 1...not sure though.

    SPEAKING of undetermined purchases, I'm THINKING that The Walking Dead might be going on sale around Halloween again. Nothing positive, or even "inside news", just seems like it would be a good fit.

    Thanks for the comment!

  13. Am thinking insta-buy if the Walking Dead hit that 40% ($14.99) discount that it did over the summer. Now that we're up to episode 4 there's a good bit of content to get through while waiting for #5.

    Though I'll probably hit a larger discount at Christmas or Summer 2013.

  14. So, you're thinking the game(s) will be like $12.99, or maybe $9.99 on sale!? That would be pretty crazy, and definitely an incentive to buy....


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