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Coffee Bean Counting: Are you planning to buy a Wii U day one?

Coffee Beans
The latest Coffee Bean Counting Poll closed Thursday, one week after the Nintendo Wii U preview events around the world. I tried to keep the question and answers pretty simple, but I was curious how the poll would end up since I get traffic here from a variety of sources, and I haven't done polls very often on the site.

If you have read some of the comments here or on other sites since the Wii U preview event last week, you may know that I have pre-ordered (reserved) a Wii U console, but I haven't clarified which one I went with yet. Did I choose to go with the Wii U Basic Set, or the Wii U Deluxe Set? Also, what were the poll results? Brew yourself some coffee, and let's take a look at the poll results!

The Brew
First, if you find this post closer to the Wii U's launch (or after), the poll ran from Thursday, September 13, 2012 through Thursday, September 20, 2012. You can see the poll question underlined and in bold below, as well as the three answers to choose from I provided, with the answer that had the most votes in bold as well.

Are you planning to buy a Wii U day one?
Yes!     21 (67%)
No!        9  (29%)
Maybe.  1  (3%)

Caffeinated Thoughts
The largest vote total was "Yes!" with 21 votes, which was 67% of the total votes.

Now, I chose "Yes!" myself, and as I mentioned in the "Coffee Beans" section I did pre-order a Wii U console. As a matter of fact, I was on the phone with one GameStop store within minutes of the Wii U conference ending, but was informed they weren't taking Wii U reservations yet. About 15 minutes later I received a call from that GameStop store (was on a "call list" there), letting me know they had just opened up the pre-orders on Wii U systems.

I grabbed my car keys, hopped in my car, and sped up to the GameStop closest to our house; only 3 minutes away! If you saw a pillar of smoke rising from the East last Thursday, around 11:30AM EST, that was probably smoke my tires (or engine!) on my way to GameStop.

When I walked in the store I asked the employee, "Are you taking reservations on the Wii U?", and after the shocked look left his face he replied, "Yes. Did you call earlier?" He literally had just finished printing the Wii U information papers off the printer, and was looking over the information.

I made the choice of reserving the Black Wii U Deluxe Set, and being that I'm a member of the GameStop PowerUp Rewards program, I was able to reserve the system for just $25, instead of their standard $50.
The proof
As of now, I'm planning to buy the Black Wii U Deluxe Set day one, November 18, 2012 here in the US. The one thing that could significantly change my decision is if Nintendo fails to address their online service(s), before launch, because we really haven't heard anything about it. I don't want a repeat of the Wii with having initial launch games (see: Black Ops 2), not having online multiplayer options available, because Nintendo doesn't have the service/servers ready.

Alright now, which one did you vote for? 

If you voted "Yes!", which Wii U console bundle did you reserve? If you voted "Maybe.", or perhaps didn't vote in the poll, which Wii U console bundle are you most interested in?


  1. I voted "No". The system looks very good despite not knowing much about online. I'm also not taking reggie's word for it, but I hope they pull through with something decent.

    At this point I'd rather wait until 2013, see how the launch goes and use that money now on more Wii/VC/3DS/Steam games. (especially with the new* dedicated TV I now have for the office as of an hour ago!) Plus I'd also want to wait until more Deluxe models are in stock as I want more than 8gb internally without immediately hanging usb drives along side of it. (despite the debate over at GoNintendo where are own JHardin was talking about getting the 8gb. )

  2. " I voted No'."
    You're lying. SOOOooo lying, we all know you are already in your tent, sitting outside in New York City (ahead of TriForce probably), waiting to be the FIRST in the world...why? Because new system, new games, means more incomplete gaming!

    As for taking "Reggie's word", HAHA! I don't trust anything out of NoA or NoJ when it comes to talking consoles. Especially NoA, since they have handlers sitting in the room during interviews with these guys, making sure you ask/don't ask certain questions.

    REALLY? They need a "protector" to make sure they aren't asked certain questions? LOL.

    I'll probably be going with SD cards myself for extra memory, but am going with the 32GB now...even though I have been tempted a few times to pick up the basic model and use the extra $50 on another game instead of Nintendo Land.

    especially with the new* dedicated TV I now have for the office as of an hour ago!
    IRONY of IRONIES! We went to Best Buy this afternoon to "start" looking at tvs. Spent a good 45 minutes with a sales guy (told him we weren't buying today, he didn't care though).

    What model/size did you end up with if you don't mind me asking, because I may have a question that you could help with...INPUT LAG on Virtual Console games?

    Also, "despite the debate over at GoNintendo where are own JHardin was talking about getting the 8gb."
    Was that on the forums?

  3. I am currently running a similar poll on Nintendo Nation, and most of the votes are going towards "Yes, from day one".

    Personally I would likely wait a bit, but not too long after the Wii U's release, to purchase the console. I really want Super Smash Bros. over any other game at the moment!

  4. I saw and did participate in your poll. :)
    Depending on how things go the next 2 months (work better not cut hours!), and the remaining details we do/don't learn, will determine day one or not. BUT, as of now, I'm ready to go November 18, 2012.

  5. haha, you know Triforce and I have been doing some multiplayer mario kart 7 for hours now...

    That's a good point on the SD card, it would be easier to pop in a 32 or 64gb SDHC before going with an external drive. Still a bit disappointing to only have 8 and 32.

    TV: Now that is some irony! I'll have to let you know when I try some VC on that TV, but overall I don't remember running into any input lag on any device yet. (fwiw, it's a 32" Samsung that's about 2 years old)

    Here was my old setup:

    Now maybe there was some lag, but I just didn't notice it. (and that dell FP2001 is a bit slow at 16ms) My Wii is currently attached to a 46" Samsung LCD that's about 3 or 4 years old and seems to work fine as well. With something like A Link to the Past I think lag would be very noticeable.

    Either way I'll go searching for some model numbers and let you know if that would help.

    About the Wii U debate with Jeremy, yeah that was on the forums. here:

  6. Robert, I am interested in your mention of Steam. With Steams New Big Picture, and a comfortable wireless controller, I could see myself partaking a lot more of their very very promising digital library. Plenty of meaty rpgs and action hasn't gotten a ton of attention in relation to the disruptive Trojan-horsity I think this poses for traditional living room gaming paradigms.
    Especially for those who can Steam on a decently capable laptop.
    Do you see this siphoning even more of your gametime from the dedicated boxes?

  7. My chance may have slipped away. I was thinking of pre-ordering from Best Buy but held off because the site didn't offer pickup at the local store, so I'd have to wait maybe 1 week of shipping for free or pay $14 more to get it shipped faster.

    But they've sold out now.

    I think I'll walk in on day 1 and pick up a deluxe set. :P

  8. I voted 'yes' - but only because I need to have one for the Website. To be honest I couldn't be less enthusiastic about this console. I usually look forward to new hardware to the point where I can't sleep the night before I get it, but the Wii U is really offering nothing that I haven't already got access too.

    If I didn't have a website that reviews new release games etc, I would have voted 'no,' I think.

  9. Hi Andrew,

    My steam use comes and goes despite being a big PC gamer from the 90's. Overall I like the simplicity of consoles and knowing a game will basically work without having to think about my PC specs.
    Though I am interested to see Steam's Big picture and am excited to hook my laptop up to a 32" or 27" LCD TV as my main external monitor. Steam's great selection and games like Portal/Portal2 that I can't get elsewhere keep me coming back. (I don't own nor plan to buy a PS3 or 360)
    So you're basically just hooking your PC to a TV and big picture is a new interface that makes things easier to use, right? (mostly without a keyboard)

  10. That is the gist Big Picture, yes...having access to all your quality PC gaming content but on your "main screen" with a UI that supports mouse/keyboard but is optimized for controllers right down to a custom web browser.
    I just watched their cute lil video on their site...Id paste the link but iPad Touch keyboard is being grouchy :/

  11. Matt I am curious what a new console would need to excite you in this modern era of games? I just visited your site (quite nice I might add) and I see that we are of similar mind regarding the expanding range and importance of mobile gaming. Combined with your stated game interests I would not be surprised if you said a good chunk of your "core" gaming already goes to iOS.
    The rapid improvement of mobile games combined with ever greater accessibility of PC games (now enhanced with Big Picture as Robert and I discussed above) honestly makes me wonder: what console experience can Sony and Microsoft truly offer by 2014 that will genuinely excite a userbase with an ever improving set of intriguing alternatives? Any hardware they put in their boxes will be topped by PC the next year...their set top aspirations will be under attack by Apple, Google and even Nintendo?
    I dont know if exclusive content and brand rec will be enough to carry any of these guys!

  12. Make sure to check with GameStop (is it EB Games?), in Canada, and see if they are doing a "wait list" for the Wii U system. I saw somewhere recently mentioning GameStop in the US might be doing a "wait list" for the system, so that might be a good option to go with.

    Also, not sure about Amazon, I know in the US they aren't doing pre-orders/reservations yet, but I think is a different branch, so they might be carrying the Wii U for pre-orders? I checked it just now myself, but didn't see it listed on, like the US site.

    Hopefully, the day one hunters won't have a big issue with finding a console, and the supply will be decent enough. Just be prepared to show up early, I know I didn't reserve the Wii and it took us a week to hunt one down, and only because I had an "inside source" letting me know a store was getting them the next week.

  13. "
    I voted 'yes' - but only because I need to have one for the Website."

    Haha! Contact NoA and tell them you need one for the site...
    I mean, if they're going to send one to sites that have given them basically no coverage for weeks at a time, why wouldn't they at least won't to give it to a site that is focusing on the "digital" side...which would benefit them and third parties using the digital option.

    I won't ask, because I can't even get simple questions answered on Wii U games, I guess because they have me blacklisted because my Metroid Prime Trilogy story...

    "I usually look forward to new hardware to the point where I can't sleep the night before I get it, but the Wii U is really offering nothing that I haven't already got access too."

    What about asymmetric gameplay? Does that feature not really interest you?

    The asymmetric gameplay is one reason I'm excited for/interested in the Wii U. I really think Rabbids Land will probably be a game to make great use of the GamePad, based on Ubisoft's Rabbids' Wii games...for me right now, the major issues I want to know about are online/eShop/DATA STORIES!

    I will say the Unity announcement this last week was great, and I'm glad to see it happening; I just hope Nintendo sets up a good system to attract developers, and KEEP developers.

    Thanks for the comment and feedback! Hopefully, once Nintendo unveils the online services, we will know if we might just be playing some online games together!

  14. NoA won't be giving me a console because I'm not in America :P NoAu won't because I don't think in their history they've given away hardware for anything longer than a short loan.

    It doesn't matter too much, I don't mind buying hardware, but in this case the only reason I am is "professional" reasons. Aside from Nintendo's games (well, some of them), and Bayonetta 2, and perhaps Tank Tank Tank, there's not much there for me right now.

    But I'm sure there will be, so that's why I will have the hardware ;)

    As for asymmetric gameplay, the iPad + AirPlay can already do that, and I've got to say, it's not that great. With the exception of local multiplayer (which I can't really do any more now I live away from home with a non-gaming wife), Asymmetric gameplay doesn't work well for single player experiences.

    Here's why - it's too difficult to give two different screens enough attention at the same time for the two screens to both offer a rich experience. Invariably one screen will be relegated to an inventory or map screen, while the actual gameplay will take place on the other screen. In other words all the Wii U gamepad is likely to do for single player gaming, from my experience with asymmetric gameplay, is replace the menu button press. It's hardly innovative.

    But hey perhaps I'll be proven wrong somehow. We shall see :D That's what I like most about hardware releases - finding out of the promise and the reality match!

  15. I missed the poll, but I pre-ordered the Deluxe. I think the price is fair (though of course I'd always enjoy paying less), it was the color I wanted, more for the black Game Pad really, it included a game I planned on picking up anyway, and some extras. Made a fair deal seem better.

  16. Ok, that answers my other question. You were referencing me. Which user are you Robert?

  17. I want the console, but I don't want it as much as I wanted the Wii. In fact, there are times where I feel like I'm growing out of it. While it would be nice to have it for myself, I also like to review games for our site and therefore, would need the console for it.

    For me, I suppose it's a matter of priorities. I have my wife, the 2 kids, my job and so many other odds and ends that gaming has taken quite a back seat. Heck, it's even difficult for me to review stuff anymore (takes me too long sometimes.)

    Anyways, Matt I was just trying to say that I can kind of agree with you. Oh and I'd like to see/hear more about the system before the Nov 18th though.

  18. Shoot, I wish they would send us a console! You know what, they send us games both digital and physical from time to time, so I can't complain.

  19. So that is you on GN? I wasn't sure, but made some assumptions and a leap of faith. I usually only lurk, but I think my name is 'HateTheDrake' on there.

    Anyway, I thought the Deluxe vs Basic conversation was interesting and would like to see them a bit less expensive at some point.

  20. Yeah, I watched that last night and it seemed interesting. I wonder how the resolution will be on something larger than say 40"? My laptop has a VGA out or DVI if I dock it (would have to move the dock), but am not sure about the clarity vs component/etc.. My GPU supports 1920x1080 which I guess helps. (nvidia nvs 5400m)

    At the same time I haven't had access to my Wii in almost a year so there's a bit of "catching up" to do. Plus there's tons of content I haven't gotten around to which should keep me busy for awhile.

  21. Yep, that's me. The conversation was interesting. I just saw something on Twitter about Nintendo having no plans to drop the price for quite some time.

  22. "As for asymmetric gameplay, the iPad + AirPlay can already do that, and I've got to say, it's not that great."
    I figured it was something with the iPad stuff, but wasn't positive; I even looked for YouTube videos of it to see what games they had...but I didn't find any.

    Is it something they're still testing, or just something that they initially showed but didn't really implement?

    I just hope that none of the promises so far with the Wii U, match up with how great WiiConnect24 turned out...

  23. Oh, AirPlay is supported by a number of games: Modern Combat 3 and Real Racing 2 are perhaps the most well-known games that support it.

    The support for it hasn't been overwhelming - most likely because it doesn't add that much to the experience and it's not a particularly sexy feature to market, making it rather pointless to invest development resources into. What's there works, but yeah, I do suspect more than a few Wii U early adopters are going to find out that a glorified inventory menu isn't in the same calibre of gameplay innovation that the Wii's motion controls bought the industry.

  24. I'm fairly easy to excite - the new iPad, the Vita and the 3DS were all gaming platforms that I lost sleep over in anticipation.

    For the next generation of home consoles, I want to see things that offer me genuinely new ways to play games - not repackaged versions of existing technology. I am really, really, looking forward to what Microsoft and Sony do with the Cloud. Both companies are investing big time in that, and the potential is there for Cloud to be the 'hook' that makes the next-gen consoles worthwhile for me.

    For instance - let me download a PSN app on to my iPad or Vita that I can use with my PS4. Let me look at my game statistics on it. Let me interact with my PSN friends on it when I'm not at home.

    Or imagine Final Fantasy XV with an iPad/ Vita companion app that let me earn loot or influence the events in the "main game," while I'm on the go?

    Sony and Microsoft are taking a holistic approach to gaming, where the idea of dedicating time at home to play a console game and then leaving it when you're out and about is an outdated way to play. The idea that I could be involved in my favourite games, regardless of where I am at any point in time... that is exciting.

  25. The Final Fantasy idea reminds me a bit of Dreamcast/GC's Skies of Arcadia...where you could d/l a mini-app to the vmu and play a minigame for bonus loot in the game.
    Speaking of VMU and the screen it put on the controller conjures up more Dreamcast->WiiU comparisons haha. (I kid.)
    Cloud integration will indeed play a major role. I can see saves, shared game states across platforms...but iOS might beat them to the punch since their "take anywhere" UX is so much better thanks to tight iOS integration. Game Center has a lot of catching up to do though!
    BTW, connected in-out-of-house experiences seems to be one thing Nintendo is selling about Miiverse (where is the damn Nintendo Direct that fully details their network approach and UX!?)...even teasing a mobile app that allows you to interact with their console's social features. Like eShop with 3DS however I have to shake my head when I hear the familiar "not ready for launch"...

  26. " was the color I wanted, more for the black Game Pad really..."
    Same here for the color. My reason is that if the GamePad will stream video services, like Netflix and/or Hulu, then having a Black GamePad and using it in low light settings, will help it blend in better with the dark. Also, if you're using the GamePad with the Nintendo TVii features in low lighting, same'll blend in better, whereas I think the White GamePad will contrast more. Something minor, and perhaps wrong, but I thought it might be an issue. I guess we'll find out.

    As for Nintendo Land, I was excited after seeing it in the conference demoed with Metroid Blast, but since then I have become concerned with it. Metroid Blast's ship controls have been reported as awkward, and Nintendo failing to mention that WM+ is needed to fully play the game with others (maybe even by yourself)?! Really? I mean, I'm glad they're trying to make WM+ a standard, but they're doing so while telling people "We sold XYZ # of Wii Remotes and Nunchuks, no need to include one." Well, yeah, there is a very legitimate reason to include a WM+ one, for the millions of Wii owners that still don't own one.

    Thanks for the comment and feedback!

  27. "For me, I suppose it's a matter of priorities. I have my wife, the 2 kids, my job and so many other odds and ends that gaming has taken quite a back seat."

    LOL! *looks at games played for the month...
    YUP. Fortunately, Mrs. Coffee and Bean 1 game, and Bean 1 has made some impressive improvements, so gaming on the Wii U in New Super Mario Bros. U is something that I would look forward to doing.

    Thanks for the comments/feedback!

  28. I'm not surprised on the pricing. The Wii held onto it's price for quite awhile, though naturally did drop 8 or 10 months after I bought in 2008. :)

  29. "
    For me, I suppose it's a matter of priorities."

    THIS. We could buy it along with all the consoles, but the combination of limited gaming time and other expenses motivates me to hold off for awhile.

  30. For awhile I've been thinking how awesome cloud saves would be between Wii/Wii U and 3DS especially for VC games. Just sync and take your game on the go then sync back for play on a big console without loosing progress.

    It's a pity that we've seen no traction from Nintendo and that very few NES and no SNES/TG16 games have made it to 3DS.

  31. I would be more interested in the larger bundle/deluxe, but I didn't order and probably won't adopt until at least 6 months to a year into the cycle, if at all.

  32. BTW, just downloaded the Beta Steam client and tried out the Big Picture. I have to say that it's pretty darn cool and can see how this may help Steaming-on-the-couch. For many games you don't need a PC beast and a simple dedicated gfx card on a laptop will be fine.

    I didn't have a chance to attach my 360 controller, though it's very apparent that it's geared towards that kind of interface. At the moment I'm just using a VGA cable and the resolution is limited to 1360x768 so I'm looking at mDP-to-HDMI options. Even if the resolution remains the same at least sound will be pushed to the TV too.

  33. Robert - exactly! This really should happen. The technology is there - even if Nintendo doesn't want to use Cloud, wireless transfer back and forth of save files would be a brilliant little feature.

    What would happen then, though, is Nintendo would need to institute a policy of "buy a game once, download it on both platforms," like Sony has with the Vita. The problem with that is content would need to be linked to a user account, and not the hardware. Unfortunately, content is locked to the 3DS and Wii hardware right now.

  34. Yes, that "not ready at launch" line saddens me greatly. The eShop was off to such a slow start because in no small part it should have been there out of the box.

    I strongly suspect that the Wii U is going to launch without a bevy of critical online functions. Nintendo is being too cagey with details for anything else to be the case... disappointing, really.

    As for Game Center - it's actually a really nice, albeit simple, social network. It makes for seamless match-making in multiplayer and game save sharing between iPhone and iPad, it allows achievements and leaderboards. The only thing it's really lacking is a messaging capability, but... well, it's the iPhone and the iPad. There's about a million other ways to message friends over those devices :P

  35. "That's a good point on the SD card, it would be easier to pop in a 32 or 64gb SDHC before going with an external drive. Still a bit disappointing to only have 8 and 32."

    8gb does seem small, and a "Cloud" service could help out with their eShop as you mentioned below just for save files. They have some good examples to base it off of, I can only imagine if they announced it (not holding my breath) that it would be a big positive for the system.

    As for, "With something like A Link to the Past I think lag would be very noticeable."
    I'm not sure if A Link to the Past is one that I have seen mentioned, but I do know the Mario games have been.

    I actually did see the GoNintendo conversation, and have had something "in the works" trying to address the issue, but all the information I need is not currently available.

    Thanks for all the comments/feedback!

  36. "quite some time"
    Means, within the first month probably. GameCube was dropped within about 6 months, DS was dropped within a year I think. 3DS...well, we know about that. Wii was the only one to remain high, and that's because the demand was outpacing the supply for 2+ years.

    With the way the industry currently is, I'm expecting a price drop probably next April-May, if they can make it through the holidays okay.

    I think A BIG thing we will soon see, is if the 3DS XL will be getting a price cut maybe before the holidays...depending on how sales have been in September. If sales are abysmal, and NSMB2 didn't kick the 3DS sales off like they were expecting, I'm thinking another 3DS price cut is happening soon on both models.

  37. I commented above about the price on the Wii. Demand on it was crazy for 2+ years.

  38. "...I didn't order and probably won't adopt until at least 6 months to a year into the cycle, if at all."

    Uh huh, not keeping up with an "Incomplete Gaming" mindset I see. :(


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