Friday, May 13, 2011

FPS Friday Video - GoldenEye 007 Multiplayer Match on Jungle

Coffee Beans:
     A few weeks back I saw GoldenEye 007's list price drop to $39.99 on, and I put up a post about it.
     One of the regular readers here, Robert, saw the price drop on the game and after debating a little while on it, decided to purchase it.  After he received the game, we hopped online one night and played a few matches of the game's "Team Conflict" mode.  Here's a video of one of our matches from GoldenEye's Team Conflict mode, on the game's Jungle map.

Filtered Thoughts:
     This was Robert's first match on the Jungle map, and you may have noticed his multi-player rank was only #2, so he did not have access to some of the equipment/perks that some of us higher levels did.(this should give you a clue to his game name)
     While our team did not win the match, it was pretty close and almost lasted the full 10 minutes.
     If any of you own GoldenEye 007 and are looking for people to play with online, feel free to add my friend code to your list: 2043-7355-3797.  If you are ever hopping online to play, sending a quick email to me is probably the best way to let me know your playing; and if I can, I will hop online as well to play some GoldenEye 007 multi-player with you.
     Also, feel free to leave your friend code for the game in the comments below and share it with other readers.
     I have not played GoldenEye 007's single-player campaign lately, but I have been enjoying some multi-player matches for the last several weeks.

     Have any of you been playing GoldenEye 007 recently?  If so, are you playing more of the multi-player or the game's single-player campaign?

     If you are interested in GoldenEye 007, you can see prices on linked below:


  1. Been strapped for time lately, but have mainly been on single player. I played a few minutes of SP today to try a few control tweaks I was thinking about. (no complaining this time) Started to feel more FPS'ish vs the lag-fest that it was.

    Those first 8 minutes of the map were kind of rough, but still good fun. It was nice to get in a few kills at the end. Oh yeah, thanks for carrying us along Coffee. :) Not having the weapon upgrades is certainly interesting and was unexpected.

    Cat's out of the bag:
    FC: 0879-2711-7544
    SN: HateTheDrake

    Do you have a sense of how many from here play 007 online? Might be cool to get a CWG frag-fest going one night.

  2. @Robert:
    Nothing to be ashamed of here, Robert. You fought valiantly. The Jungle is one of those maps that takes some getting-used-to. It's those wide-open maps that dwell under scope of sniper and have very few "safe" areas that make me the most nervous.

    I'll add you to my friend list if that's okay with you. I think it would be loads of fun to get more people on here together to duke it out some time. :)

    Well played, as usual. :) Way to track down those snipers. That Beastman is nothing of the sort.

    As of late, I've been playing more online than the campaign. Started a new one on 00 Agent setting, but I've only played as far as the Night Club in Barcelona.

    FC: 3816-7381-1830
    SN: Schottgunn

  3. Thanks Tim, I appreciate it. The jungle is certainly ideal for snipers with the bunkers and open views. I hadn't ventured into the rifles yet until I'm more at home with some of the other weapons.

    Sure, feel free to add. I think I added your code from the previous 007 post, but.forgot to say anything.

    You know, if there becomes enough of us notifying each other of when we're online, maybe a Google listserv/group would be a good way to go? We just email the group address when we're about to hop online, everyone that subscribed is notified and can jump in if they want.

    Not sure if it would be helpful for anything other than Wii games as the other systems may already provide ample notification. Just a thought.

  4. Got on for about 20 minutes last night and got some jungle snipe on. Also works much better with my adjusted controls.

    And btw, watch out I'm up to level 4, 975XP. :) (when comparing against others it makes me wonder how they got 975xp with only 6 minutes of gameplay)

  5. @Robert:
    "Been strapped for time lately..."
    I know what you mean!

    "Oh yeah, thanks for carrying us along Coffee. :)"
    Haha, you know the good thing about being the one with the video capture device? Well, the good thing is you're the one that can select which matches to upload, and which ones should be deleted forever!
    I always try to find even matches though, as every match can be different depending on the play-style and if I feel like experimenting with new weapons.

    "Do you have a sense of how many from here play 007 online? Might be cool to get a CWG frag-fest going one night."
    I do know that you, Tim, and Keith have GoldenEye, and I have played multiple matches with each of you, though separately each time.

    I think Tony(from Nintendo-Okie) still has GoldenEye, though I'm not positive(just sent him an email on it).

    "Started a new one on 00 Agent setting, but I've only played as far as the Night Club in Barcelona."
    I'm on the "middle" setting, not such if that is Agent or what it's called really...but we're about the same length into it, I'm just one level ahead right now.

    "You know, if there becomes enough of us notifying each other of when we're online, maybe a Google listserv/group would be a good way to go?"
    Email is the best way for me to know when people are hopping on, and I can usually hop on or respond quickly if I'm by the computer.

    I'll look into it.

    "And btw, watch out I'm up to level 4, 975XP."
    Oh snap! Now we're talking...just wait until you hit the 20s...

  6. Hey guys! My wife is out of town for the weekend, and I plan on being online for a good chunk of today and tomorrow. If you get online and see me there, drop me an invite and perhaps we can team up against the "Beastmen" of the world. A party of 3 or 4 could prove to be difficult, because then we could be pitted against some REALLY high level players. But, I think it could be fun.

    Robert, Coffee said it right, once you get to the level 20's is when you begin to get some semi-nice perks. Then you can really start to mix and match your loadouts. You'll get there before you know it. It's lvl 25 and up where gaining levels starts to plateau.

    One thing I learned: using silenced weapons against high level players produces a slight advantage for one to eliminate them, especially if they are accustomed to using their radars like I am. Reduced weapon damage may be worth buying a little extra time to lay down some fire.

  7. Hey Tim, let the party begin. :) I saw you on once, but didn't have time to jump into a game at the time.

    That's a good point about being matched against very skilled players. I'm not sure I've been in with anyone over 35, but there always seems to be 2 or more that are above 15. The exception was Friday when it was a game of players all less than 10 and I could certainly tell the difference. Was getting frags all over the place, but had to stop and attend to other things so I lost the XP.

    Thanks for the tips, will have to try sometime.

    LOL, yeah keep the good ones. I never did keep screenshots of the terrible Counterstrike, TFC and DoD matches years ago, but I sure do have dozens of good ones.

    ps: down to $19 on amazon now. That's pretty amazing.

  8. @Tim and Robert:
    I should be on later tonight(Saturday), probably around 11PM EST.

    I had work Friday, and hopped on Friday night to the game's single-player, to record some footage for another video I'm doing on the game's controls, so I didn't hop into the online last night.

    Also, if we do happen to see each other online, perhaps the lower ranked one of us should send the party "invite", so we can hopefully have more evenly placed matches...though I don't know how it really works.

  9. By the way, as a post-weekend follow-up it was cool to get on and play some despite various delays. I saw the upload of the 'archives' round to youtube and it was fun to see it from a different perspective. It didn't hurt that we had a good team and I played pretty well. :)

    There were also some people in there ranked over 50 and while it wasn't terrible, at times they really tore me up with some advanced weapons. (some guy Ryan 008 and Ryan 001 were 50 and 55 with a rocket launcher I think)

  10. "(some guy Ryan 008 and Ryan 001 were 50 and 55 with a rocket launcher I think)"

    The fact they made it to level 50-55 is crazy, I seriously don't know how many HUNDREDS, if not thousands, of hours that took them...

  11. I'm enjoying the Goldeneye posts, Coffee, keep it up. I lurk here a little, but I've been playing Team Conflict more and would like to find more regular teammates. The CWG crew seems cool.
    Tim and Robert, I'll add you by Friday night. Coffee, I'm already linked with you.
    Handle and FC:
    ChristmasCra (lvl 26)

    Tim, I'm sure I've seen you on before, although not recently.

    Try picking up dropped weapons from other players. It took me way too long to figure out it is worth the risk.
    The big boosts in XP often come from reaching specific weapon kill counts. Go into your Weapon Proficiencies and you'll see what weapons you need to use to gain bonuses.

    Happy Hunting,

  12. @JMZ:
    I second that, the GE posts have been cool.

    I added you this afternoon and I'll look for you next time.

    Also thanks for the tips on weapons, I had no idea some of the XP goals were weapon-specific. I'm not very familiar with all the weapons so I usually just try to keep what I have unless it's obvious that the other one is better. With me getting up to level 6 and a new weapon it's certainly been helping.


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