Sunday, May 1, 2011

Red Steel Giveaway Winner Announcement!

     The time has come!  On April 12 I published, "5 Years Ago, This Day...and GIVEAWAY!", which was a post talking about how Ubisoft had confirmed in 2006 that Red Steel was being developed for the "Revolution", but the post also contained details for readers to enter a Red Steel giveaway.
     The deadline to enter the Red Steel giveaway was this past Tuesday night, April 26.  
     How did I go about drawing the winner, and WHO won the Red Steel giveaway?  The images below show it all:

     Congratulations to Tim on winning the Red Steel giveaway!
     While he comments on the blog as "Tim", his follower name is "Schottgunn".  His comment on the giveaway post was, "Hey Coffee!  I want Red Steel, but more than my morning cup of coffee?  I think that is on the border of blasphemy. :)"
     Thanks to everybody that entered, I appreciate the time and comments everybody left on the post, and the one thereafter about checking the email!  If you didn't win this time(or even if you did, Tim), make sure to keep your caffeinated eyes peeled for more contests/giveaways in the future!


Keep the comments clean. Rated "E" for Everyone. :)


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