Tuesday, April 5, 2011

GoldenEye 007 - New List Price and Sale!

Coffee Beans:
     GoldenEye 007 was released on November 2, 2010 as an exclusive for the Nintendo Wii.  The game released with two versions: a standard software only version with a MSRP of $49.99, and a Golden Classic Controller Pro bundle with a MSRP of $69.99.  Well, it appears one online retailer has jumped the gun, and already lowered GoldenEye 007's "List Price" for the software version only.

     While browsing Amazon.com, I noticed they had(still have) the standard GoldenEye 007 software version on sale for $29.99!  I thought that was an incredible price, and then I noticed the "List Price:" that Amazon.com shows for the game.  Amazon.com now has "List Price: 39.99", instead of the original $49.99.  You can see it in the picture below:
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Filtered Thoughts:
     I think it's very interesting seeing Amazon.com being the first retailer to lower GoldenEye 007's "List Price" down to $39.99.  It's only been 5 months since GoldenEye 007 was released, and I wonder if this is Amazon.com just making a price drop move first on GoldenEye 007, or if they are following instructions from Activision.  I think it's interesting that Call of Duty: Black Ops on the Wii still has its original "List Price" of $49.99.
     Anyway, if you haven't seen any footage of GoldenEye 007's online multi-player, below is a video of a Team Conflict match on GoldenEye 007's Memorial map:

     Dustin, from MyLittleGamer.Blogspot.com, was on my team in the video above, and his name was Elephantman.
     If you already own GoldenEye 007 and play it online any, feel free to add my friend code to your list.  My friend code is: 2043-7355-3797.

     Does GoldenEye 007's new list price of $39.99 make you more likely to buy it if you haven't purchased it? Or, did you already click "Add to Cart" and get the game for $29.99?

If you're interested in GoldenEye 007, you can see both bundles on Amazon.com linked below:


  1. As you tell from my other comment I'm certainly interested. I've been watching GE for awhile now and it seems to be hovering around the $43 mark. I wouldn't be surprised if many people feel it's worth $40 so $29 certainly seems like a steal.

    I've been debating on GE, The Conduit 2 and Portal 2 lately even if it does go against any resolutions. I have a feeling that I'll be ordering GE tomorrow just for the price. (wont get to play it for another two weeks)

    No april fools this time.... :)

  2. I have to keep my video game purchases VERY strategic because of financial constraints, but this makes me at least consider taking the leap so I can enjoy some Bond with the likes of Coffee and MLG's Dustin...

    I suppose we'll see what the ol' pocketbook is looking like, and compare that to April's big game launches.

    If I do decide to pick it up, I'll be sure to add you, and get down to running and gunning!


  3. Robert, jump on it. The single player is actually a sleeper hit in my opinion. I was very impressed by it.
    I was also all over multiplayer for a bit. Some people say its lacking, but I don't play many online shooters, so I found it quite serviceable. I'm just not really a big shooter fan, which is another testament to the game's quality, because I usually pass on these types of games.

  4. This definitely piqued my interest. I've eyed this time and again, but with the backlog of games I'm sitting on, I haven't bought it yet. Then again, I may wait for the inevitable trickle-down effect this has on the used game prices. This will undoubtedly drop the Gamestop prices a bit further as well in a month, which might be right around when I'd have time to play it.

  5. you had to tell people my game name didn't you? lol j/k.. i'm actually allot better now lol.
    took me a bit to realize i needed to stop running out in the open so much!

    nick, you need to pick it up.. i'd love to play against or with you in some online matches.. same to everyone else.. the more, the better!

    just so you guys know.. i picked this game up for $30 at blockbuster when i got it. they had two other copies.. so you guys might be able to find it at your local BB for that price. the only problem sometimes when buying from there is the condition.. i had to get mine resurfaced. only a buck, but still. if you can afford amazon etc.. go for that. new is always better if you ask me.

    hope to see all of you online!

  6. @Chuckpebble, thanks for the info, it sounds like a great game. I jumped on it earlier this morning and decided to wait for Portal/Conduit until later this year.

    I haven't really been playing FPS's in awhile so it should be interesting to see how this turns out. (and also interesting to contrast the wii controls vs kb/mouse)

    I make some progress on HL2 every now and then, but I have nowhere near the time I used to sink into CounterStrike 'back in the day'.

  7. @Robert
    i used to play TFC nonstop. nothing was better to me than keyboard/mouse controls until i played a FPS with a wiimote/nunchuk.. took me a little while to get used to the fact that center screen isn't always your target zone, but setting the deadzone really small helped with that.

  8. Oh, how could I forget TFC? If we weren't in CS it was TFC for many hours past midnight most nights.

    That's interesting about the mote/chuck combo, I'll have to check out the deazone settings soon.


  9. @Robert:
    I own Portal, as part of The Orange Box, but I bought The Orange Box only for Half-Life 2, so I only played Portal for about 10 minutes...and never tried it again.

    Conduit 2 has me on the middle of the fence, because of what happened with the first game's online, and the number of delays this game has seen. I really do hope HVS delivers a high quality FPS though, as the Wii's release schedule is looking pretty barren right now.

    "I have to keep my video game purchases VERY strategic because of financial constraints..."
    Ah, if Murphy(what can go wrong will go wrong) didn't live in our house, the financial situation wouldn't be so bad...but every time it's looking up, Murphy throws a party it seems and destroys stuff!

    Being that I was such a HUGE fan of the original, I wasn't sure what to really expect from this one...but compared to the actual GoldenEye movie, I think it does a good job with updating the storyline.
    I played the online last week with Dustin, of My Little Gamer, and still had fun with it. I even attempted just a regular Conflict match, and had a blast in it...all the matches were extremely close, and just fun.

    "Then again, I may wait for the inevitable trickle-down effect this has on the used game prices."
    Yea, the seeming route now is $39.99 for a while, then $29.99 for a while longer, usually at least 6 months...then the eventual $19.99.

    @My Little Gamer:
    Haha! I almost didn't mention your name, but I figured they would know my name from the list...and maybe wondered what your name was.
    You were doing fine in the matches, especially considering the guys we were playing were double and triple your online rank.

    "I haven't really been playing FPS's in awhile so it should be interesting to see how this turns out. (and also interesting to contrast the wii controls vs kb/mouse)"

    You'll definitely want to adjust the controls before playing the game very much, because for some reason, the default setting is very finicky, not sure why they picked it.

    @My Little Gamer and Robert:
    Is TFC Team Fortress?

    Thanks for all the comments and feedback on the post...sorry for taking longer than usual to respond! April is going to be crazy school schedule and family schedule wise!
    If you're wondering, I spent Thursday evening, part of Friday evening, and part of Saturday evening piecing together my Greg Hastings Paintball 2 video, I'll be working on it again later tonight...so HOPEFULLY this next week will have more regular posting.

    Oh, and I do have an interview inbound for later this week...so that'll be something fresh.

  10. @Coffee I know time is tight, but I would highly recommend completing Portal. I honestly never paid it any attention when it came out in 2007, but picked it up this past May in the free MacOS release and thoroughly enjoyed it. (16 hours logged, which was ~6 to complete and ~10 for achievements. Although it can be completed in 2-4.)

    With that said, it does have a slow tutorial-style beginning that doesn't really get rolling until chamber 10. I imagine P2 will have more content based on the expansion of the storyline and several new mechanics that can be used.

    Conduit: I'm a bit gunshy on that as well considering what happened with the first. Based some of the videos I'm hopeful this will provide the Wii with a quality shooter. Sadly I have to agree about the Wii's lineup...

    Hey, I'm happy if classic Hudson titles keep rolling on VC. (super bonk added to my mental list)

    TFC: That's right, but I think they added the C for classic when TF2 came out.

    Looking forward to the videos this week.

  11. Finally got home and fired it up.


    Added yours Coffee.

    Think I will hit some single player for a bit to get familiar with things. :D

  12. @My Little Gamer: How small did you set the deadzone? The controls still feel really wonky so it's going to take some time to find the right fit.

    I kept it on the default 'experienced 1' [after some experimentation], but then customized some of it to cut the zone down to about 40x25, adjusted the turning speed and disabled movement with the mote. (forcing movement with the nunchuck stick)

    I'm trying to tone down the sensitivity, but then turning around seems really slow. Kind of a double-edged sword at this point. :)

    At times it feels like a Jon Boat rocking in the middle of the ocean.

  13. Wow, $23.99 now... Trying to see if I can get some friends into it at this price.

    Suppose I've gotten more than $6 worth of entertainment out of it so far though. :)

  14. @Robert:
    Yea, I saw that...though the $23.99 doesn't have "Free" shipping unless the order is over $25, OR if you're an Amazon.com PRIME member.

    Either way, it would have saved a few bucks probably...

    BTW, did my deadzone settings help you any?

  15. @coffee
    I forgot about the shipping, now I feel better. :D

    Yes I think the deadzone adjustments helped along with more single player practice. Thanks for the tips.

    I also tried it at 10x10, but that may have been too small and required the screen to turn too much. (movement seemed very delayed) Still got torn up when a level 33 got in with us newbs online.


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