Thursday, May 12, 2011

WiiWare Wednesday - A Rage of the Gladiator Gargadan Battle

Coffee Beans:
     WiiWare Wednesday?  You read that right!  WiiWare Wednesday is a new feature for CoffeeWithGames, where I will talk about WiiWare games on Wednesdays.  It will not be a weekly feature, but will more than likely be a bi-weekly feature.
     For each WiiWare Wednesday post, I will either do a data story on some WiiWare game, or will do a game-play video of some of the WiiWare games that I own.
     For my first WiiWare Wednesday, I have put together a video of a Rage of the Gladiator battle against the creature Gargadan, from the game's Challenge Mode.  You can watch the video and battle below!

Filtered Thoughts:
     If you are wondering, "What is Gargadan supposed to be?"  The game's description of him(it, or they?!) reads, "Gargadan is a twisted abomination - a cruel experiment gone horribly wrong.  He is a fusion of a lion, dragon, and snake.  The lion head seems to be in charge of the others, directing the creature's actions.  Each head has its own mind though, and sometimes disobeys."
     Mrs. Coffee was watching me fight against Gargadan and she said something along the lines of, "That thing looks disgusting!"  I think that means the developer did a great job with his/its design!
     As I mentioned in the video, I was using my Nyko Wireless Kama Nunchuk and my Nyko Wand+ remote during the battle.  The Wii MotionPlus controls add the up/down swing attacks, as well as keeping the normal left/right swing attacks that can be done high or low.

     If you own Rage of the Gladiator, have you finished the game's Challenge Mode yet?  If you don't own Rage of the Gladiator, have you downloaded the free WiiWare demo for it from the Wii's Shop Channel yet, and if so, what do you think of the demo?

     Rage of the Gladiator can be downloaded from the Wii's Shop Channel for 1,000 Wii Points, which is $10, by using a credit/debit card; or by using a Wii Points Card as linked/pictured below:


  1. Nice shop channel background music there. :)

    I've watched a few of your videos and downloaded the demo, but haven't played it yet. (as a side note, offloading my wiiware demos to a SD seems to be the only way to go so I don't have to make room for my "real" stuff.)

    So far it doesn't seem to be my kind of game, but will give it a fair shake at some point.

    Gargadan reminds me of some people on Mondays..

  2. @Robert:
    "Nice shop channel background music there."
    Glad you noticed! I started working on this at the end of April, recording the match and recording the sounds. Last week I worked on the video, but with finals wasn't able to get it completed for last Wednesday.

    As for the game-play, I haven't really shown off many of the "special" attacks in the game, just because I don't want to spoil them.
    Once you start playing and unlocking the special attacks, it's a lot of fun, and it really is a challenge to learn the patterns.

    "Gargadan reminds me of some people on Mondays.."
    I think its regular coffee was switched for decaf at some point.

    Thanks for checking in!


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