Thursday, May 26, 2011

Meet Mr. Rathalos and Ms. Rathian - Monsters Hunted

Mr. Rathalos
Coffee Beans:
     I have been playing Monster Hunter Tri more regularly since April(this year).  It is one of the games on my backlogged list, and I am almost finished with the game's single-player campaign now.
     While I have been slowly monster hunting my way through the single-player campaign, I recently hopped online a few nights and did some monster hunting with fellow monster hunters.
     Below are two monster hunt videos from Monster Hunter Tri.  One video is of a Rathalos hunt, and one is a video of a Rathian hunt.

Meet Mr. Rathalos:

A few spots you may not known, or noticed, what was happening in the Rathalos hunt video above:
     1)  Around the 2:00 mark Mr. Rathalos apparently attempted to dry me off, after my running around in the water...with FIRE!
     2)  At about 2:55 into the video, Mr. Rathalos loses his tail
     3)  Around the 4:00 mark, Mr. Rathalos gets taken out of the air with a flash bomb
     4)  About 6:00 into the video Mr. Rathalos swoops out of the air and pins fellow monster hunter Maxi to the ground, apparently wanting to devour him slowly instead of with one, I quickly switched to a dung bomb(yes, a dung bomb) and hit Mr. Rathalos with it, allowing Maxi to escape
     5)  Around the 7:35 mark, our hunt with Mr. Rathalos comes to a shocking end, when he is ensnared in a shock trap and quickly hit with tranquilizers putting him to sleep.

Meet Ms. Rathian:
Ms. Rathian

A few spots you may not have known, or noticed, what was happening in the Rathian hunt video above:
     1)  Around the 3:00 mark, Ms. Rathian loses her tail
     2)  Around the 4:30 mark, I get a warm welcome from Ms. Rathian
     3)  Around the 11:20 mark, you can see a replay with slow motion of the warm welcome I received from Ms. Rathian.

Filtered Thoughts:
     I still remember seeing a Rathian for the first time in the Monster Hunter 3 demo, and thinking "There's no way I will beat that thing!"  Instead of thinking that about the Rathian now, I think that about other monsters in the game when I'm hunting them by myself sometimes; Rathalos being one of those now.
     In the Rathalos video above, I was playing with other monster hunters from and  In the Rathian video, I was playing with one of the guys from
     While these two videos above were of me hunting a male and female from one monster species in the game, I have been hunting a pretty wide variety of monsters, both online and in the single-player campaign.
     If any of you have any questions about anything that was happening in the videos above, feel free to leave it in the comments section below.
     Also, feel free to add my Monster Hunter Tri friend code to your list, if you are still playing the game online any.  My MHT friend code is:  KKJ9F2, and my in-game name you can look up is Coffee.

     Have any of you been playing Monster Hunter Tri lately?  If so, is there one particular monster you have been hunting more of recently, than others?

If any of you are interested in Monster Hunter Tri, you can see prices for it on linked below:


  1. I actually played some tonight Coffee. Wednesdays and Sundays we chat over at and we play games sometimes.Spur of the moment things. I guess if I was to say a monster that I have been hunting more recently it would be Rathlos. Hammering him is pretty fun. I was helping someone get up to HR50 so he could do his urgent. We did all of the armor and weapon prep and now we are just leveling him up to 50. I have you added I guess I don't see you when I hop on to play.

  2. Got it - but haven't played it recently. Keeps sliding down my backlog. As always though, nice-looking video of the action. :)

  3. What's the online community for this game like? Is it dying off now?

  4. Its still pretty active GamesAndBiz. Most people would be willing to help out someone just starting off.

  5. Thanks Maxi. I should probably get back into it.

    Also, unrelated to the topic at hand, but how do you capture your videos, Coffee?

  6. @Maxi:
    "I have you added I guess I don't see you when I hop on to play."

    Well, I have been concentrating more on the single-player campaign recently, and have finally accessed the "final" hunt...just waiting until I have a good solid 2-3 hours to attempt it, because I'm guessing I will fail miserably at first, though perhaps not.

    I tried to add some notes for the videos, that way people that haven't played MHT(or, not much) may see things they had never noticed before about hunts, and things they can do in the game.

    The online community seems pretty good still, not super packed, but I've never had an issue hoping online and NOT finding people playing if I wanted to do so. As Maxi also said, there are people that are willing to help others starting out, and getting leveled up...which is always nice.

    As for my video capturing, I use a Dazzle device, which you can see at:

    I got mine from a Best Buy store. While it's worked great for me, and I have no complaints at all, I know some people prefer some of the "HD" capture devices that cost about $200...

    Thank you all for the comments/feedback!

  7. @Coffee For that last hunt for offline you want to have a Thunder or Dragon weapon since it is weakest to it. Lagi or Rathlos armor are good for that quest.

  8. @Maxi:
    I have upgraded my weapon offline, but haven't used it online yet. My armor could(and should) be upgraded though, so perhaps I'll concentrate on that first.

    Thanks for the feedback on it! Perhaps it will make the last quest a little smoother sailing(or swimming!).

  9. Nice hunting with you tonight Coffee.Glad I could help with the armor. Hope you can get past that final quest.

  10. @Maxi:
    I'll probably provide an update of some sort if/when I finish the quest.

    Thanks for all the hunting help last night!


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