Friday, May 13, 2011

FPS Friday Interview - Part II Q&A with Greg Hastings

Coffee Beans:
     You can read Part I of the interview I posted last week with Greg Hastings HERE.

     *Editor's note:  The very first question below was in regards to Greg Hastings Paintball 2's release date on the PS3, I have contacted Greg and Super X Studios on the issue of the release date, since the PSN crash has caused its release to be delayed.

Interview Questions & Answers with Greg Hastings - Part II
*CoffeeWithGames:  The PS3 version of the game saw some delays, but is expected to be releasing on the PS3 through the PlayStation Network.  Does the PS3 version have a solid release date, or release week window; and what price will PS3 owners be looking at to purchase the game?

*Greg Hastings:  May 10th is the date that I'm told!  Sony makes ya jump through hoops, but in the end it assures quality, which I appreciate.  I'm not sure on the price, but this version has some extras that are not found in the 360 or Wii versions.

CWG:  Have you been to all of the fields that are in Greg Hastings Paintball 2?

GH:  Of course, who do you think took all the pics to make the maps?  I've played them all too, so I think we nailed them pretty well.  Not only did I want to look correct, but I wanted the game play to match that particular field.  Realism baby!

CWG:  Currently, what is your favorite paintball gun, and is it in the game?  If not, what paintball gun in the game is your favorite?

GH:  My favorite is the Auto Cocker, which is in the game.  It has the absolute best range and accuracy than any other gun in the world.  On real fields, I only fear pump guns and Auto Cockers.  I pay no attention to those with the fancy expensive machine guns.  You can find my exact set up in the game.  2002 Cocker with Stiffi MF barrel, Crossfire Air tank.

CWG:  Before heading out onto a paintball field or to a big paintball event, do you ever drink coffee to help wake you up?  If you drink coffee, do you have a favorite blend; if not, do you have a favorite beverage?

GH:  I only drink coffee that I can chew.  When in the Navy at sea, everything on the sub could break and we'd stay at sea, but if that coffee machine went down, that was more devastating than a reactor scram!  That's where I developed the taste for strong, dark, cups of coffee.  Yes, I get a few cups goin in the morning before I play.  I may yak it up an hour later, but taste just as good goin out as it did goin down.

Filtered Thoughts:
     I think it is awesome that Greg has been to all the paintball locations in the game, as they are located all around the world, and I think it shows that he takes the sport seriously enough to travel far and wide to play it.  Greg's answer to my coffee question made me LOL, and he seems to be along my line of thinking with coffee; perhaps no specific brand, just strong and dark.
     While the PS3 release date did not happen, I should be doing another post if/when I get an update on it.

     A big thanks again to Super X Studios and to Greg Hastings for taking time to answer the questions I submitted, and I hope you all found the interviews enjoyable.

     The Wii and Xbox 360 games are linked on below, as well as PlayStation Network card, for those of you that may be interested in Greg Hastings Paintball 2.

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