Thursday, January 6, 2011

James Bond's GoldenEye 007 Black Box Mode - Offense

They're not really black!
Real world black box photo found on ScrapeTV.comHERE!
Coffee Beans:
     You may remember my post back on December 4, titled, "GoldenEye 007's Black Box Online Multi-Player Glitch?".  I showed, and talked about, what I think is a glitch that can be exploited in GoldenEye 007's Black Box online multi-player mode, causing the black box to be destroyed faster than it should be.
     I hopped on GoldenEye's online the other night, and played a few more rounds of the Black Box mode, and the matches played out like they were supposed to.  The video I recorded that showed the Black Box "glitch" happening was the only time I have had it happen.
     Again, if you missed my Black Box glitch video post, you can read/see it HERE!
     How is Black Box mode supposed to work without a glitch?
     Well the description from the game says, "MI6 must locate and destroy the black box.  The enemy must pick it up and download data from it.  The winning team is whoever completes their objective first."
     Offense - If you're on the MI6 team, as the description says, you must destroy the black box.  I say you're on the "offense", because you're having to attack something repeatedly.
     The way you destroy the black box is by repeatedly shooting it with your guns, and throwing your grenades and/or mines at it.
     As simple at that may sound, the problem is the enemy team is trying to defend the black box and carry it away, and attempting to kill you as you're attempting to destroy it/them.

     If that read like a foreign language and you didn't understand it, here is a video showing a Black Box match, while I was on the MI6 team.  Again, my team's objective in the match shown was to destroy the black box.  Here's the video:

Filtered Thoughts:
     I haven't played all of the modes in GoldenEye 007's online multi-player yet, but I really, really, enjoy Black Box.
     I think what I enjoy most about the Black Box matches I have been in is the intensity of the matches.  Most of the matches have resulted with both teams running and gunning almost the entire match, and the mode can deliver a great sense of desperation, depending on how the match is going for your team.

     I had written in my last post about GoldenEye 007's Black Box mode, " team is designated to destroy the "black box", that is actually orange(don't ask me why)...", and Brad Jerger (The Butcher), of, left a comment that reminded me why it is orange, not black.
     He said, "Black boxes were originally black in airplanes back in the day until they realized, 'Hey wouldn't it be easier to find them if they were painted a really bright color?'"

     I think it's interesting that the black boxes in airplanes started off black, but changed colors to make them easier to find...kind of like many people's coffee starts off as black, but once they add all the sugar and cream, the color has changed and it's easier for them to drink!

     If you have GoldenEye 007, what is your favorite multi-player mode?  If you are playing the Black Box mode on a regular basis, have you experienced the glitch I showed/talked about in December?

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  1. I like that mode too. I've only played one round of it though, where you have to hold onto it. I kept getting sniped trying to grab it. My whole team had the same issue. Grab case, walk two steps, dead. I dedicated myself to whacking the snipers. So much fun.
    I actually spent most of my time with the golden gun mode. So good! XD

  2. @Chuckpebble:
    I tried the Golden Gun mode, after reading your comments...never even got to fire ONE bullet with the gun! LOL...I think I need to play the mode more, and learn where it initially spawns, because I had no idea in the matches I played.

    The matches were a lot of fun though.

    @Brad Jerger (The Butcher):
    Glad you liked the analogy! This kind of made me wonder what the percentage of black versus cream/sugar coffee drinkers is.

    Thanks for the comments and feedback!


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