Saturday, December 4, 2010

GoldenEye 007's Black Box Online Multi-Player Mode Glitch?

Coffee Beans:
     I have been playing more GoldenEye 007 online multi-player in the last 2 days, trying to get some gaming in before school starts back and finals.
     Before yesterday and today, I had basically been playing the Team Conflict multi-player mode, in GoldenEye 007's online.  Well, last night I tried the Heroes mode, and tonight I tried Black Box mode.  They are both very interesting additions to the typical Team Conflict mode, and I'll be providing more coverage of both in a future post.
     This post though, is about the Black Box mode, and if there is a glitch in it.  Basically the idea of Black Box mode, is one team is designated to destroy the "black box", that is actually orange(don't ask me why); while the other team's objective is to download intelligence from the "black box", by having a person on the team carry/hold it.
     Now, I was able to get a good idea for how long it takes to download the intel, and win the match; if that's your objective.  The issue I have, is shown in the following video:

     What's the issue?  Well, the slowest time shown in the video to destroy the black box, 34 seconds; it takes more than DOUBLE that time, to download the data from the "black box".

     So, is GoldenEye 007's Black Box mode not balanced properly?  Was the player, Kplmondo, just really well equiped at level 33, and I have to get there first to destroy it that fast(again, a balance issue)?  Or, is this a glitch that he knows and is somehow exploiting, that perhaps Eurocom can fix?  If you have experienced this, leave a comment and let me know what you think the issue may be.  If you have played Black Box and never seen this, leave a comment letting us know also.

If anybody is interested in GoldenEye 007 for the Wii, you can see prices for both versions on linked below:


  1. Black boxes were originally black in Airplanes back in the day until they realized, hey wouldn't it be easier ti find them if they were painted a really bright color? So name stayed the color changed.

  2. @Brad Jerger(The Butcher):
    Kind of funny when you said, "Black boxes were originally black in Airplanes...", I remembered how they weren't black anymore either.

    Have you played the Black Box mode yet?

    Thanks for informative post!

  3. @ Coffee, I've have played one round, but mostly have been stickin' to Team Conflict and Heroes mode. For the most part the online runs pretty well at a steady 30FPS but one in awhile I've been hitting some slowdown in frame-rate. I had the region mode turned off so maybe too many people from around the world were slowin' me down!

  4. That level 33 is a hacker. The Masterton M-557 is an automatic shotgun supposed to be unlocked at level 52. Plus, since the Masterton is so powerful and overpowered, it takes mere seconds for the black box to be destroyed.

    Goldeneye Tag: ><
    FC: 1973-5827-6180
    Level: 47

  5. Also, the Masterton only has 12 rounds per drum (15 with Hi-Cap) and he fired way more than that without reloading. Definitely a hacker.

  6. @Brad:
    A year's reply later...
    I really wonder about the PS3/360 version of this game. The engine seemed solid on the Wii, and with some slight improvements I could see it being a great game on those consoles, but it was released in a flood of FPS/big games this year.

    Thanks for the feedback, sorry for just seeing these! If you're reading this, did you ever reach the highest level online, and if many hours did that take you?

    Like I mentioned to Brad, one slight improvement for the PS3/360 version would be patching. The Wii version I don't believe had any patching capabilities, which was really unfortunate.

    Thanks for the comments/feedback, sorry to Brad and Anonymous for the really late replies!


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