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GoldenEye 007's Multi-player Black Box Mode - Defense

     The description for GoldenEye 007's Black Box multi-player mode reads, "MI6 must locate and destroy the black box.  The enemy must pick it up and download data from it.  The winning team is whoever completes their objective first."
     Earlier this month I wrote about GoldenEye 007's Black Box mode and I specifically talked about playing on the MI6 team, with the objective to destroy the black box.  You can read the post "James Bond's GoldenEye 007 Black Box Mode - Offense" HERE, and a video is included in the post showing me playing on the "Offense" team.

     Defense - If you're the "enemy" team, as the description reads, your objective is to download the data from it.  You "download data" from the black box by carrying it around for a certain period of time.  I label this team as the "defensive" team, because you're trying to protect the black box from the other team.
     The black box is picked up when any of the players on the enemy team runs into/over it.  You don't have to press any button to grab it, just simply run into/over the black box, and your player will pick it up.
     The players on the other team, MI6, can't pick the black box up, so you don't have to worry with them running off with it.
     When you pick up the black box, you need to be aware of two things:
     1)  You sprinting ability is basically useless, BECAUSE if/when you try to sprint, you drop the black box
     2)  You're switched to a pistol for your main weapon, and you can't switch to your other weapons unless you drop the black box

     If what you just read isn't clear, hopefully the following video will show you how GoldenEye 007's Black Box mode is supposed to play out, when you're on the "enemy" team and have to "download the data" from the box.

Filtered Thoughts:
     I really think the enemy "defensive" team is at a disadvantage compared to the MI6 "offensive" team, in GoldenEye 007's Black Box mode.
     The reason I think the enemy team is at a disadvantage is because the carrier of the black box is basically penalized with slower movement and by having their regular weapon choice, switched to a pistol.
     Also, if the black box can be destroyed in under a minute, legitimately; then that gives the "offensive" team another advantage, because as the video shows it takes about 1 Minute 30 Seconds of holding the black box to download all the data from it.

     So, when playing the Black Box mode and you're on the enemy team, I would highly suggest finding a corner that has limited entrance for the enemies, as I did in the video.  The "offensive" team was only able to come at me from my front and right sides, so I didn't have to worry with my back or left sides.
     Teamwork is probably the biggest factor of surviving though, and if it weren't for my teammates providing excellent defense for me, there's no way we would have won that match.

     If anybody is playing GoldenEye 007 on a regular basis online, feel free to add my friend code - 2043-7355-3797, and leave your friend code in the comments, or email it to me.

     Have any of you been playing GoldenEye 007's multi-player lately on the Wii?  If so, are you finding yourself playing any particular multi-player mode more regularly than the others?  My most played mode would be Team Conflict.
     Also, if you play the Black Box mode a lot, do you have any tips for winning when playing as the "offensive" or "defensive" teams?

If anybody is interested in GoldenEye 007 for the Wii, you can see prices for the game on linked below:


  1. Golden Gun. Love that mode so much. Next is heroes. I've actually been MI6 a few times in Black Box and really hated how easy it was.

  2. @Chuckpebble:
    I really like the idea behind Black Box, but it needs a little work.

    Heroes is a lot of fun as well, and I've only played about two matches of Golden Gun, but enjoyed them.

    Thanks for the comments/feedback!

  3. What is your email??

    Here is my code 2091 4192 4455, love play against you! ;)

    My twitter is Scrubelicious

  4. @Anonymous from February 5, 2011:
    My email is Scott(@) the () from around the @ symbol), it's on my "Contact Me" page as well.

    I'll add your friend code here in a little while, and hopefully see you online in the coming week!

    Thanks for taking the time to leave it!

  5. I love goldeneye as i am always at the top: i dont understand why ppl ignore the consoles and just kill people though, instead of hacking consoles and receiving waaay more points. Some tips for goldeneye include: set off a smoke grenade before attempting to hack a console, crouch down before hacking, try to hack in the most well-protected position in range of the console, and remember that you can look around while hacking: if you see somebody, sometimes you can stop hacking once you have neutralized the console but before tqking control of it, and shoot them before comtinuing. However, u do forfeit some points, but i think that is better than being dead!

    I also quite enjoy heroes mode, but i do have one qualm: because the selection process is optional (you have to press a button to become your team's hero), i often play with teams that never have a hero. Because the score limit is so high (due to hero eliminations giving your team sigmificant points) and there not being any heroes to kill, the mode heroes can turn into a full-lemgth mode of team coflict. Unfortunately, i enjoy finding and eliminating heroes, not regular players, because it is rather satisfying once you kill a hero. So i do wish there was some way to force teams to have a hero: maybe once everybody on the team has passed on becoming a hero, the first person automatically becomes a hero? Just a suggestion, Nintendo! Oh and Another plus of heroes: being the hero gives you proximity mine - i am not At a high enough level to use them otherwise so this is a big plus for me :D

    I also Enjoy the mode black box: that is what brought me to this site. Personally, i prefer being on the non-M16 team (Russians, Janus, Zukovsky, ect) because the thrill of protecting the blacl box is really fun. You can be put on a good team, and in a settig such as Docks you and your team can block off a wholearea and win the game almost perfectly, this has happened to me before, and if you hold the black box you will get almost 30 objectove points, if not more, and it is extremely fun to be in 1st place on the winning team. Just saying.

    Golden gun and conflict i do not play very much because i am not very good at them (haha, no wonder i dont enjoy them As much). I defintely prefer the team modes. However, on occasion, i have played golden gun, and it is pretty exciting to win a game and have your name at the end saying "*username* is an unstoppable thunderball". How cool is that? I know. I'm a loser. But seriously, thats awesome.

    I havent played liscense to kill or classic conflict yet (because i haet unlocked them yet ;P) , but i dont imagine i will enjoy them nearly as much, especially because there is frieny fire on: im sure some of my teammates would love to kill me sometimes, when i do stupid things that gives the other team lots of points (ie in heros when i give certain players 5-elimination streAks :$ )

    Favourite locations: outpost (who doesnt like it), jungle because it is open and light out, but there are lots of passageways too, and docks (once again, who doesnt like it? It has lots of individual rooms, places fpr snipers and for people to pick off the snipers, lots of ladders and perfect blacl box safe places).

    Least favourite map: sewer. Cant stand it, maybe its because my very first game was played there where i lost miserably? I still dont know my way around! Oh, i also dislike industrial because it is confusing and i do not know my way around.

    Overall, though, goldeneye wii is a pretty epic & awesome game! I al ways play it when my cousins come over: split screen multiplayer is sooo fun! Only it is kinda disappointing cause a lot of the passages and extra places from onlinr are deleted, but thats okay!

    By: my goldeneye name is Falc0n . :)

  6. ^ i agree. team modes are definitely the best. and i am a pretty high level too... what is the highest level you can get? the hihghest i have seen is 56...can it go higher?

  7. my friend code is 4218 4633 2197 love to play woth you i play Goldeneye every afternoon :D


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