Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Coffee with Games - Site Notes & Feedback

Coffee Beans:
     Site notes!  I don't do these often, but here's a few quick notes of things on the site that maybe have changed, or been added, and perhaps you didn't notice!

     If any of you are ever out and about, perhaps at a coffee shop drinking coffee, and you think "Hmmm, I wonder what new posts are on Coffee with Games?"(I'm sure this happens every day...right?!) and you decide to pop over to Coffee with Games and see what's happening; if you're using a mobile device such as an iPod Touch or iPhone, you may notice the site now loads a "mobile" version automatically.
     The mobile version has faster load times for mobile devices, but also gives you the option to view the regular web version of Coffee with Games by scrolling down and clicking "View web version".  I think it's a pretty cool feature, and it didn't require anything other than clicking a button to make sure it was activated!  If you have been using the "mobile" version, I'd love to hear what you think about it!

     Also, I have updated the top "Tabs" bar, and you can visit each tab by clicking them below:
  • Contact Me - the tab where my email address, and video game system codes and friend codes are listed.  If you play online, this is where to find what Wii games I have that I can play online, and my friend code for each game.
  • Home - Click this tab if you get lost in the darkness of the data posts, and it will redirect you to the home page for Coffee with Games.
  • Reader Points - The reader points is where I show how active users are, and convert your activity into "Reader Points".  I am working on a rewards system of sorts, and hopefully that will be finished in the next 3 weeks.
  • Game-Play Videos - If you aren't subscribed to my YouTube Channel, this is the tab where you can see some of my game-play videos
  • Reviews and More - A tab that contains links to my only two reviews, as well as my interviews and previews
  • Featured On - This tab shows other sites that have mentioned or posted some of my stories.  If you see my stories on other sites, let me know and I'll update this tab!
  • Game Deals! - This tab is where I have a handful of game deals listed and linked...it may be going the way of the dodo bird, and I may resort to just posting them as I once was.
     Also, I don't know if I have mentioned it before, but I started writing on another video game site last year, Nintendo-Okie.com.  I have helped by posting random Nintendo news on the site, since I don't really do any reposted news pieces on Coffee with Games, unless it's mentioned in a data story of some sort.  I posted up the new Conduit 2 "Weapons Trailer" over there earlier today.
     Just today, I had a column posted on EpicBattleAxe.com, and if everything works out, I should be doing a bi-weekly column over there.  The column is titled "Gaming By The Numbers" and if you're familiar with my data stories here, you should find yourself right at home reading them there.
     I have both EpicBattleAxe.com and Nintendo-Okie.com, with several other fine sites, in my "Coffee's Connections" box in the right side-bar towards the bottom if you ever want to see what they're posting.

     I want to hear from you.  I do a lot of data stories, and they keep me pretty busy with editing pictures for the top banners now, and just recording the footage of the data in general.
     I haven't done but two full "reviews" on the site, but I did many more "previews" of games in the last few months...which I kind of used as a way of taking the place of reviews.
     I have a few opinion pieces in the works, and a few video projects as well, but I want to know what you would like to see more of on the site.  Reviews?  Previews?  Interviews?  Game-play videos?  I have a poll that you can vote on here, and if you don't see your option, leave a comment letting me know.
     If there is one thing that was added on a regular basis, what would you like to see more often?

     Thanks for your time, and I look forward to the feedback!  We'll take a look at the poll results in about a week!

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