Sunday, November 28, 2010

Nicodemus_at_Nite and Coffee by Mail, Again!

Coffee Beans:
     It all started back in June, when my first package of coffee arrived.  One of the regular readers here at CoffeewithGames, Nicodemus_at_Nite, had mailed me a container of Trader Joe's Organic French Roast Dark Roast coffee.
     The first coffee package was followed by another Trader Joe's coffee container, that he mailed me in August.  The second coffee container was Trader Joe's Organic Fair Trade Five Country Espresso blend.
     Well, just this month on November 15, when I checked our mail there was a package that contained....

     Trader Joe's Organic Fair Trade Cafe Pajaro!  I have been enjoying the blend very much, and like the other Trader Joe's coffees that Nicodemus_at_Nite mailed me, Cafe Pajaro's is also a whole bean coffee:
Shiny coffee beans!
     A portion of the Cafe Pajaro description says, "The beans used for our Cafe Pajaro have been roasted in small batches to bring out the natural aromatic oils.  This ultra dark roast coffee has a full silky body that is complimented by a medium acidity and dark chocolaty sweet overtones."
     I would say the description "ultra dark roast" applies well to this blend, and I find this coffee blend to be a great balance overall.
     Nicodemus_at_Nite is still writing on his blog,   From talking with him last night through GMail, he is currently having a lot of fun playing through Donkey Kong Country Returns.
     A big thanks, AGAIN, to Nicodemus_at_Nite for sending me the Trader Joe's Cafe Pajaro coffee blend. It wasn't expected, but it is being enjoyed as the others were!


  1. And at around 2pm this afternoon, I finally completed DKCR. I didn't get the 8 orbs you needs to unlock the secret Golden Temple.

  2. Well, do you think you'll have enough time to find all eight orbs before you return it? Or, do you not really care about finding them?


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