Saturday, November 20, 2010

Monster Hunter Tri - Hours Erupting Like Volcanic Ash!

Coffee Beans:
     We last looked at Monster Hunter Tri's(MHT) game-play data on October 12, and it was still the Wii's most played game "per person".  I went monster hunting a few times since the last report, and included with this week's data is a video of the first part of a Uragaan monster hunt.

     Since Monster Hunter Tri was released in April, the reported game-play hours have steadily increased, burning up averages and passing games that had been released years before it.
     So, are Wii owners still playing Monster Hunter Tri on a consistent basis, or do the reported game-play hours show the game-play is slowing down?  Let's take a look!

Approx. Number of Players Reporting Data:
     Monster Hunter Tri has 47,806 Wii owners reporting their game-play data now, that's an increase of 4,515 more players reporting play-time data through the Wii's Nintendo Channel, than 5 weeks ago.

Average Hours & Total Game-Play Hours Reported:
     Monster Hunter 3 now has 4,085,117 Total Hours of game-play reported, an increase of 558,705 game-play hours in 5 weeks.
     Monster Hunter Tri's average play-time "Per person" is now 85 Hours 27 Minutes, an increase of 3 Hours 58 Minutes since the last report.
     Monster Hunter Tri's average play session is now lasting just over 3 Hours 34 Minutes.

Sale Ranks & Advertised Prices:
     Monster Hunter Tri's, the software only, sale rank is #1,166, and the current selling price is $38.99.
     Monster Hunter Tri - Classic Controller Pro Bundle's sale rank is #911, and it's currently advertised for $48.99.
(Sales ranks and prices recorded around 1:15PM EST, on November 20, 2010)

Review Score Average:
     Monster Hunter Tri's review score average is still at 85.00%, based on 46 reviews on

     I think it's great seeing Monster Hunter Tri continuing to have strong game-play hours reported.  The average hours "Per person" continue to increase, apparently even as new players are reporting their game-play data.  The increase in the average "Per person" shows Wii owners are still going out on monster hunts, on a consistent basis.
     I'm still slowly but surely enjoying Monster Hunter Tri.  I have said before, that I think the level designs in MHT are extremely well done, and the varied environments help draw you into the game more.  I think a well designed environment/level is the one in the video below.
     A group of us were hunting a Uragaan, and you can tell I was looking around at the level several times, watching what was happening in the environment.  Yes, the level is an exploding volcano!

     A big thanks to Maxi and NinSage from, and also Butcher from, for going on the monster hunts with me.
     *A quick note:  I didn't clearly specify it, but Monster Hunter Tri is still the Wii's most played game, "Per person".

     If you own Monster Hunter Tri, when was the last time you went on a monster hunt?

     I think my last monster hunt was in October, and it was the Uragaan.  Perhaps I'll get some more monster hunting done next week, during my break from school.

If anybody is interested in joining the monster hunts, you can see prices for Monster Hunter Tri on linked below:


  1. You can use a shark as a weapon? That's awesome.

  2. @ Callum Yes Shark Lance is in effect. I usually try to hop on once a week on Sunday and go at it. The higher ranks take a lot of time and effort. Butcher

  3. Yeah I have the sharq Lance too.Trying to decide if I will keep the Sharq Lance or the Royal Ludroth Lance.
    In any case I recently crossed the 700 hour mark. I'm starting to make gunner sets now.I have one made and working on an all purpose set. After that an underwater set and a non elemental set focusing on cluster shots. Don't know what after that.

  4. Oh as far as the question I last hunted a few hours ago.Was going to help out a new hunter out but he didn't show. I had the power out this morning when I woke up so I couldn't play till about Noon PST.I did some Stout horn runs with a friend. Helped a friend with his Double Trouble urgent. Then did some Rage Match event quests.Everything went well except for the Rage match.

  5. I just played last night and took down Gobul in the offline mode so I can start Lv. 4 quests. Although I have played plenty of online mode as well. This game is the best of the year for me hands down. Wish more games had this kind of co-op online play.

  6. Just thought I'd mention this here for Coffee & Maxi. Now that I have figured out vector graphics on my tablet PC, I'm going to make a desktop background of my MH3 character "and friends"... so you two should get me a list of whatever gear/colors you want your people to look like!

    You can just email me your choices ^_^

    I'll be going with my Status Gunner set and white/blue Damascus armor.

  7. @Callum:
    Yea, I don't have the Sharq Lance, and the Lance I'm using in the videos was my first one to purchase...I prefer using a Great Sword though, as I'm not very familiar with the Lance.

    @Brad Jerger (The Butcher):
    So, Sundays are you day of the week for monster hunting? What time do you usually play?

    "In any case I recently crossed the 700 hour mark."
    That's crazy! What is your HR? YOu were talking about the Rage Match event quests, I don't even know what a Rage Match is...I feel like such a noob!

    I still haven't finished the single-player campaign, and I'm still below an HR of 20 online, so I have a ways to go before I see all the monsters. I do enjoy the Gobul, though I really enjoy a most of the monsters that I have hunted so far.

    I'll have to research more armor sets, and I'll let you know. BTW, do you like your tablet PC?

    Thanks everybody for the comments! Has anybody else been monster hunting lately?

  8. @ Coffee I'm HR 170 now. I also finished that cluster shot set today. I upgraded the gun all the way today when I made it today. I may change around some armor to get different skills. I have the load up,Clust S+ All,Attack up small,and Critical Eye +1 now. Load up allows you to have 1 more shot for all your shots and Cluster S+ All adds 1 shot to the 3 levels of Cluster shot.

    Yeah the Rage Match Event quest I think is still up. You are basically in an enclosed area with 2 Tyranasaurs type monsters. Think you have to be HR51 or higher. Very challenging!

    @NinSage I'll PM you on the forum my choices later.

  9. @coffee - I LOOOOVE my tablet. however, I couldn't buy one of the new ones because they all do multi-touch now (useless but "sexy" technology in my opinion) and that is impossible to draw with because the computer will never know if your resting palm is actually the pen or not!

    so, I had to purchase one of the "digitizer" tablets (early 2000s) from a local second-time-around store.

    Let me know when you've picked your gear!

    @Maxi - looking forward to it!

  10. Holy mackerel. 85 hours on average. I'm a tad over that. On my second character!


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