Saturday, November 20, 2010

Call of Duty: Black Ops - Headshots Don't Matter?

Coffee Beans:
     Call of Duty: Black Ops arrived at my house last Tuesday, and since then I have been able to play some online multi-player matches and Zombie mode.
     This past Sunday night, I was playing online with some friends, and we were talking about the different issues popping up in Black Ops' multi-player and the different glitches being reported online.  I was talking about the bullet lag issue with one friend, and in talking about the issue, we somehow decided to see how many shots it takes to kill an opponent in online multi-player.
     We tried out different weapons on each other, and we would be basically standing point-blank when firing at each other.

     The video below is a brief example that point-blank headshots in Call of Duty: Black Ops may not have the results you would expect(certainly not the results we expected):

Quick Thoughts:
     I would think from the examples shown in the video above, my player should have been dead.  I can understand perhaps surviving a single gunshot to the head, but considering how close I was being shot, I don't think there is really an excuse.
     If headshots work well on zombies, I think they should work the same in multi-player.  Perhaps Treyarch could add a perk such as, "Hammer Head", that would be like wearing a helmet to actually give reasons for surviving headshots(maybe this perk exists, but I haven't seen it)?

     Do you think Treyarch should work on fixing the hit detection in Black Ops, so the closer you are to a person, the more damage you will do if you shoot them?  
     Also, do you think headshots should be instant death in multi-player, no matter what weapon you are using?

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  1. It like old school FPS. Wooot! Yeah they should probably fix that. I'll bust out my MW2 disc and see it works that same.

  2. Instant death to the head no matter what weapon. IT will make people rethink about run n' gun and knifing peeps.

  3. I don't think distance should matter, except for shotguns where there's a spray of bullets.

  4. Call of Duty games have been ilke this since.. well as long as i can remember. Headhoots do 1.4 times the amount of damage, not one hit kills. The multiplayer doesn't try to be realistic because it's not like is supposed to be realistic (see RC cars with C4 strapped to them).

  5. In real life bullets do not do more damage the closer they are, they a little bit less at a distance. Call of duty has always gone with a simple bullet dmg to hit area ratio. I believe head shots are worth about 140% of normal bullet dmg (dependent on gun and distance). I have always liked having head shots be one shot kills but there are times I've been hit by some random spray across the map only to catch a lucky (or unlucky) head shot. I feel Treyarch is only continuing call of duty's argument that it has bad hit registration lag and that throwing in 1 shot kill head shots might make the game even more hectic and less playable. I'm trying to explain both sides here, personally i would like 1 shot head shots but in the case of call of duty i don't mind as much seeing as it doesn't take much to drop someone anyway, and with the constant call of duty lag theres no way i would even bother going for a head shot as it would likely not count/register in time or some other BS. Fix the rest of the messed up dmg scheme before worrying about head shots i say.

  6. It has always been that way. Explains it in hard numbers. It also lists those stats for previous games, including the original, so that you can see the history of it.

    If you want 1-shot kill headshots, use a sniper rifle.

  7. But, to answer your question. No and No.
    1) There are currently higher priorities for the devs than hit detection. Namely the crappy spawns. Once that's done, they need to get the rest of the connection/lag issues hammered out, and THEN look at hit detection imo.

    2) I LIKE that the game doesn't 1-shit kill. Headshots still increase the speed of your killing, but not so much that they're the only option for most weapons. Unlike most games like, say, Counterstrike, aiming for the center of mass is your best bet. So, while the mechanic itself may seem unrealistic to you, the actual effect is much more realistic.

    An alternative solution might have been more detailed hit location, wherein only headshots within the "deadly T" are 1 hit kills.

  8. @Brad Jerger (The Butcher):
    I have seen some other people say it's been like this since MW, which is really interesting.
    Being that Infinity Ward did MW, and it was so popular, perhaps Treyarch thought, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it.", and just left it the same.

    @Anonymous from November 20, 2010 @ 2:56PM:
    Yea, I think the knifing is pretty ridiculous in the game...I shouldn't be able to shoot you three times, ANYWHERE, and you survive and one hit kill with a knife.

    It is interesting, and shotguns do less damage from further away(I think), so perhaps they can apply the same physics for the other weapons.

    @Anonymous from November 20, 2010 @ 5:03PM:
    I know the multi-player isn't 100% realistic, but one hit knife kills, versus two bullets in the face, I think it pretty ridiculous.
    I've never really been a fan of melee attacks in FPS games.

    @Anonymous from November 20, 2010 @ 5:07PM:
    Yea, I think Treyarch is concentrating on fixing the current issues with the multi-player, perhaps they can add another mode for more realistic bullet damage in the future...though I'm not holding my breath on it.

    Yea, the sniper rifle and shotgun(close range) both are 1-shot kills. We just thought it was really hilarious and crazy that it wasn't killing us.

    I wouldn't mind headshots not being one shot kills, if knifing somebody didn't result in instant death, but the "deadly T" idea would make it more difficult, though I think they need to work on the hits/damage aspect in general.

    Thank you all for the comments and feedback on this! Hopefully the next video will show better shots, and details on damage.

  9. I just saw this post, but given the popularity of the game, I'm not surprised at the comments so far. I've been playing pretty heavily since its release on Tuesday, and played MW2 like crazy too - I've always felt like headshots should be 1 hit kill, though proximity the only weapon I'd argue for more damage is the shotgun due to its firing pattern and range limitations.

    And yeah, I have to say that knifing can be pretty ridiculous and something I take full advantage of. :P

    As for what they need to fix - connectivity. It was so bad on saturday that I finally just gave up and started playing halo on my 360 - and that worked fine. About an hour and a half later, I tried the online again and continually dropped or glitched all match long, and finally started the single player storyline mode for black ops and gave up on the online over the weekend.

  10. @Chalgyr:
    I think most of us playing Black Ops are probably guilty of knifing...though I really wasn't using it for the first few days I played, because I just wasn't thinking about it.

    I agree about the connectivity, it can be aggravating waiting to get into a match, and then less than a minute later, or 5 minutes later, the host leaves. Last night the connection speed was pretty terrible in Team Deathmatch, so we switched over to Zombie Mode...which is the main reason I purchased the game really.

    Thanks for the feedback, and if you see me online, feel free to try and join my sessions if you like Zombie Mode.

  11. One shot to the foot killed you with sniper rifle.Three shots in the toe with m14 was = to 3 shots to face.Just Sayin

    Bring back butting with your gun for melee and get the knife crap out of fps.No one melee move should kill you in a FPS

  12. @Hoj Mocha:
    I'm about to start editing the second video some more, but yea, knife kills need to be changed.

  13. I'm yelling at my game more and more hitting shots from head to toe and guys turn around and blast me down with a short burst.. what's the best gun level 32? Or is this a gliche or Lag. It's not my aim.

  14. @Anonymous from November 27, 2010:
    I'm not sure what the best gun is, as I haven't reached level 32 yet. I have been using the Scorpion in almost all of my matches once I unlocked it.

    I also have read the game was having(maybe is having) bullet lag, where it's taking a few seconds for shots to actually register...I don't know if that's still an issue though.

    Thanks for the comment!


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