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Monster Hunter Tri - Hours Played

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The last time we looked at the play-time data for Monster Hunter Tri was on September 20.  It was on September 20, that Monster Hunter Tri's reported play-time data passed Super Smash Bros. Brawl's in the average hours played, "Per person", category.  When it passed Super Smash Bros. Brawl's "per person" average, Monster Hunter Tri became the Wii's most played game, per person, at that time.

Since the last report, Capcom announced that the Monster Hunter Tri with Classic Controller Pro bundle is being produced again, and now you can purchase it for under $50, on Amazon.com.  If you have been wanting the Classic Controller Pro and Monster Hunter Tri, now is a good time to get them both.

Also, Monster Hunter Tri, the game only, has seen a price drop since the last report; and now has a MSRP/List Price of just $39.99.

So, is Monster Hunter Tri still the "most played" Wii game, per person?  Let's take a look at how much Wii owners have been monster hunting in the last 3 weeks...

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Approx. Number of Players Reporting Data
Monster Hunter 3 has 43,291 players reporting their game-play data through the Wii's Nintendo Channel, that's an increase of 2,279 more players reporting data than were 3 weeks ago.

Total Hours & Average Hours Per Person Reported
Monster Hunter Tri now has 3,526,412 Total Hours reported for its game-play, an increase of 301,140 game-play hours in the last 3 weeks. Monster Hunter 3's average play-time, of 81 Hours 29 Minutes per person, increased by 2 Hours 51 Minutes. The average Monster Hunter 3 play session is lasting just over 3 Hours 37 Minutes, a slight decrease by about 2 minutes since the last report.

Sales Ranks & Advertised Prices
Monster Hunter Tri's, the software only, Amazon.com sale rank is #706, and the current selling price is $39.99. Monster Hunter Tri - Classic Controller Pro Bundle's Amazon.com sale rank is #758, and the current sale price is $47.91.

Caffeinated Thoughts
If you're wondering, Monster Hunter Tri is still the most played Wii game, per person.  Monster Hunter Tri's average play-time per person is currently 2 Hours 59 Minutes more than Super Smash Bros. Brawl's.

My average play-time is still below the reported average, but I did have an opportunity this past Saturday night to do some monster hunting, with a few fellow monster hunters!  

I hunted with three other monster hunters, Apoc, Maxi, and Seph.  Maxi and Seph run their own gaming site, NinTemple.com, and both are avid monster hunters.  We hunted several monsters, and here is a video from one of our monster hunts:

Ahhh, the Gobul, not really the bane of my existence anymore!  When we started out on our monster hunts, I went and quickly brewed me a cup of Dunkin' Donuts Original Blend, and it seemed to have helped me; as you may have noticed(or not), I didn't get incapacitated!

Anyway, a big thanks to Apoc, Maxi, and Seph, for helping me hunt some monsters and get leveled up this past Saturday night!

Side thought: I'm glad to see Capcom continuing to support the game, even bringing back the Classic Controller Pro bundle before the holidays.  Considering how quickly the first CCP bundle sold out, I'm surprised they waited this long to re-introduce it.

I still have a long way to go, as the basic monsters I have hunted are the Barroth, Gobul, Great Baggi, Great Jaggi, and Rathian.  Lagiacrus can also be added to the list, as of this last Saturday night.

If you have been playing Monster Hunter Tri for a while now, have you hunted and beaten every monster in the game?

If you want to join in the monster hunting, you can see Monster Hunter Tri's sales prices on Amazon.com, linked below:


  1. Great post, Coffee.

    The NinTemple shout-outs were an unexpected and pleasant surprise! (though ... I guess all surprises are, by definition, unexpected)

    I happen to be one of those people whose MH3 play time is over 500 hours. And I would recommend hunting with Coffee to anyone. He's a smart hunter with excellent co-op sensibilities.

    Can't wait for future hunts (and vids!)

    ~NinSage ("Seph")

  2. Great hunts Coffee.

    It was very enjoyable hunting with you.

    As far as time played I am one of those players who was hunted for 500 hours.I think I am HR128 now.This is my first Monster Hunter game and it is very fun.

    Coffee let me know when you can play again.


  3. @coffee - You should have IM me on Saturday! Still playing, although not as much.

    @NinSage and Maxi - Look me and my friend up for some hunts online Butcher (44) and Feo (46).
    We have a Deviljho that needs to be captured. We use skype or Ichat as well.

  4. Brad - Absolutely! Love to help!

    (deleted previous comment due to typo ^_^ )

  5. When do you usually play Brad?
    I get on 8pm PST on weekdays.

    Earlier if I am farming for materials.

  6. I usually play on Sundays and if I get on weekdays its usually around 8PM PST. The weekdays just depend on what I have going on and if my girlfriend is watching Glee or not.

  7. Woo! Finally checkin' out some Dunkin' Donuts coffee! Good stuff. That's what I'm drinkin' right now :P.

    We need to do some more huntin' Coffee! Have you fought a Barrioth yet? I think he's my favorite monster to fight because he's so damn fast!

    And as to your question--I've not killed 2 of all the Monsters in the game. Deviljho, and that other one... Apnoth or something?

    And I'm totally down for some Monster Hunting with Maxi and NinSage! It'll be nice to have reliable people to play with besides Butcher! We always end up Duoing everything lol.

  8. Yeah if you can get on around 8pm PST I am usually on.Just search for Maxi.I think I'm the only Maxi on Tri.

    I didn't answer your question before Coffee but I have beaten all the monsters.My last Monster I beat was Deviljho.Also was my last Rank 6 quest I did to finish up all Online quests.

  9. @NinSage:
    Thanks for the hunting! My gaming schedule might be changing soon, so perhaps more monster hunting will be in my future...

    500 hours...you and NinSage are crazy...in a good way! The last game that I was "addicted" to, was Call of Duty: World at War in 2009. I have been better since that game, and have played games SLOWLY, but surely.

    @Brad J.:
    I looked for you when we started hunting, but you weren't on...nobody was on surprisingly that night!

    Glad you enjoyed, or are still enjoying, the Dunkin' Donuts coffee. As for more monster hunting, we definitely need to. The last 2-weeks have been super busy, with a lot of family visits. The rest of the month should be calming down.

    As for Barrioth, I have not hunted one yet. One day...perhaps in 2010 though!

    Awesomeness on defeating all the monsters! Do you remember about how many hours you had played Monster Hunter Tri when you accomplished that feat?

    Thank you all very much for the comments and thoughts! Here's hoping we can monster hunt together again soon!


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