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November & December Brewed! Coffees Consumed, Games Played...

Coffee Beans
So, I performed another vanishing act, like a great magician, during the months of November and December (and much of January!) on the site. While I wasn't posting, I was keeping busy in the video game world and drinking lots of coffee though!

What coffees did I consume and games have I been playing? Brew yourself some coffee, and let's take a look!

Coffees Consumed
The quick list: Beaumont Coffee Classic Roast, Community Coffee Medium Roast, Café Du Monde, Beaumont Coffee Gingerbread, Beaumont Coffee Salted Caramel, Beaumont Coffee Pumpkin Spice, and Beaumont Coffee Toasted Coconut.

If you're wondering what's up with all the different Beaumont Coffee roasts and flavors, it is Mrs. Coffee's fault! I personally don't like flavored coffees (on a rare occasion maybe, like spotting a Sasquatch!), but Mrs. Coffee does. So, when the holiday flavors hit the store shelves, she decided to try some out, as you can tell from the list!

I don't mind the Beaumont Coffee Salted Caramel that much, and I'm not remember bad thoughts about the Toasted Coconut, but the Pumpkin Spice and Gingerbread just aren't for me. Will I still drink them? Yes. But, I would never buy them for myself. The flavors in them are a bit too artificial for me, and seem to cover up any actual coffee flavor.

Still, I don't mind trying new flavors out, and was even glad to see Mrs. Coffee bring in some new coffee flavors during the holidays.

Games Played
The quick list breakdown by system:
Wii U - Call of Duty: Black Ops II, Tekken Tag Tournament 2, Wii Sports Club, Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate, LEGO City Undercover, Toki Tori 2+, F-Zero, Mega Man X, Super Mario Bros. 2, Donkey Kong, Wii Fit U, Nintendo Land, Kung Fu Rabbit, and Super Mario 3D World.

PC - Full Bore.

2DS - Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon and Mario & Luigi Dream Team.

Super Mario 3D World has been absolutely awesome to play through with Mrs. Coffee. While we started playing it in December, we have played it A LOT more this month. If you have ever enjoyed any Mario platforming games in the past, I highly recommend you giving Super Mario 3D World a try. We haven't finished everything in it just yet, but we are making excellent progress on our Mushroom Kingdom adventure. We have finished up the "main" portion of the game (saw the credits roll), and are working on finding and unlocking everything now.

This is actually an image of Mrs. Coffee (Princess) and me (Mario) completing a level,
and saving/posting it to Miiverse. Notice the time in the top right corner? Ignore the timer at your own risk!

Bean 1 received a Nintendo 2DS for Christmas, and he received both Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon and Mario & Luigi Dream Team for it. I have helped him play both games, but Mario & Luigi Dream Team has gotten more play-time so far. And, I really like the game! While I have only played a Final Fantasy game for maybe 20 minutes, I have watched Mrs. Coffee play some in the past. The way the battles are in Mario & Luigi Dream Team reminded me of the battle system in some of the Final Fantasy games I have seen (probably a lot more simple though?).

Caffeinated Thoughts
While I have been absent from posting, like I mentioned above, I have been busy working on a side project that has turned out to be a bit more time consuming than I ever imagined it would have been, when I first started it. Hopefully once I get the next step of my side project done, I will resume normal posting (whatever that is around here!).

Since this is the first post-Christmas post, there were gaming and coffee related items on Christmas morning other than Bean 1's 2DS and games. Super Mario 3D World was the "family gift" for Christmas, and we actually went the digital route with it and downloaded it. I also received some coffee blends for Christmas, which I have been enjoying and they should be getting listed in the January Brewed post next month. Another Wii U title I grabbed during the holidays that was opened on Christmas morning was Scribblenauts Unlimited, but it wasn't played until after the first of the year.

Being that this is the first post since Christmas, did any of you get a new system or new games for Christmas that you have been enjoying? Or, perhaps you got something coffee related and have been enjoying coffee more?

As always, if you have any questions about the games I played or the coffees I consumed that I posted about above, feel free to leave a question below or by contacting me directly!



  1. With all that Beaumont coffee I was going to ask if you made a trip to the west.. Melitta as usual switching between the Classic and Euro blends. (usually whichever is cheaper on amazon S&S) Lady grey tea thrown in as well at home and work lately.

    Nice list of gaming there. Am definitely still interested in Dark Moon; just not sure where it's going to hit on my list. Not sure about dream team, though there might be a demo which I'll look for soon. Still debating on Bravely Default so one RPG is enough for another 15 years... :)

    Mario 3D World is definitely on my list based on the fun I had with 3D Land.

    Was mostly 3DS for gaming in Nov/Dec with a number of purchases and even some Wii U game purchases like I've mentioned in other threads.

    - deBlob 2

    - Zelda: OOT
    - Cave Story
    - Nightsky
    - ATV Wild Ride 3D
    - Ikachan

    Wii U: (holiday sale purchases only - no system yet #IamaBrokenRecord)
    - ZombiU
    - Call of Duty: Black Ops II
    - Scribblenauts Unlimited
    - Batman: Arkham City Armored Edition
    - Assassins Creed III

  2. Longtime lurker of your blog. I am glad to see you posting again, great read as always. I hope you and your family had a great holiday season.

  3. Nope, no traveling once we got back from our big trip at the beginning of November. The Beaumont is a store-brand coffee from a grocery store. I think I might be getting another case of the plague, so I have been debating on drinking some tea, but so far have stuck with coffee.

    On deBlob 2, did you play/beat the first one, or just start with 2? I remember hearing good things about both, but apparently the first one lacked save points which could be a real pain in some levels for some people.

    Even though Bean 1 got the 2DS and I linked my NNID to it, I haven't downloaded him any eShop titles yet. It's kind of funny, he has barely been playing the games, and has instead been using the microphone/recording software on it to record random stuff. A LOT OF RANDOM STUFF.

    And, that awesome broken record that you keep playing, is leading by example. Five brand new games, for a system you don't even own. Keeping yourself incomplete for a good while (BTW, could you hurry it up, I need some Black Ops II peeps!)!

    Thanks for the comment and feedback!

  4. Thanks for stopping by and commenting! I hope you and your family had a great holiday season too!

  5. Guess some things are better left as a surprise, though my impression was that it was a good thing to conserve ammo. Perhaps you're saying there's a balance to be had somewhere between run-and-gun and being too conservative.

  6. Been fighting off the black death from taking hold for two months now while everyone else has been sick. (some more than once) Maybe the tea has helped..

    I did not play deBlob 1. I heard 2 had various improvements and whatnot so I went ahead with it. It still feels like a very basic game that I'm not getting into much.

    That is funny about bean and the non-gaming stuff. Has he seen the AR cards? Oh wait, nevermind, those are 3D...

    LOL on black ops, but I am setting a pretty stellar record. Believe me, I'd like to hurry it up as well. :)

  7. If you survive the arena there's plenty of handgun ammo to be had at the end, and automatic weapon ammo. So I use whatever I have to go to get to Arena, then there's enough to finish. Also, if at some point there is handgun ammo on market street to scavenge repeat going there several times and build up a reasonable supply. Plus you can pick up a reasonable amount of shotgun ammo in the final stages, all of which will be enough to get you through the 2-3 final stages. But yeah, there's a balance. That's where the crossbow comes in so handy. Once you have at least eight arrows, you could literally go hours with the thing. Just take the arrows out of the zombies after you shoot them in the head.

  8. I've never completed the survivor mode but once completed single player with one life. Never again though. Always lose at St. George's church during the pain in the ass stage with that king of the zombies stage. Kind of hate that one. Love the part before where you are in the catacombs, though. It gets pretty easy once you figure it out but visually it's cool. You can drop down into the water for a real challenge also.


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