Friday, June 29, 2012

Buy 2 Get 1 Free on Pre-Owned Games & Accessories - This Weekend Only

Coffee Beans
Are you heading out this weekend to do some video game shopping? If so, you might want to know Game Stop just announced they are bringing back, "Our most popular promotion..." for the weekend only, and only at only, apparently not the stores, is running a "Buy 2 Get 1 Free" sale on their used/pre-owned video games as well as accessories. *UPDATE: Apparently GameStop stores are also offering the "Buy 2 Get 1 FREE" sale! I believe most Game Stop store locations close early on Sundays, around 6:00PM, so you might want to call before you head out if you wait until late this afternoon/evening.

The sale is running today, Friday June 29, through Sunday July 1. You can see all selection of games currently available, here: Buy 2 Get 1 Free on Pre-Owned Games and Accessories at Expires 7/1


  1. Hmm, just spent over $1k on one of the cars, not sure about this sale... {{going to look anyway}}

  2. Car repairs...Murphy's best friend. It seems Murphy loves cars. Over $1k though, while I haven't spent that much in a few years, I did get an entire new brake line system/brakes just over a year ago...and then Mrs. Coffee's brakes went out on her old car last year on her way home one day.

    "{{going to look anyway}}"
    Just trying to save you some $$$$$$, you get them at used prices, and the B2G1 offer?! You should ask the repair shop, "How about you do it for half the labor, and I'll buy you some games?" It's a win-win!

    Hope everything works out well with the car issue!

  3. BTW, what it's mean on their site when it says 'game only'? It just comes with the disc and no box or instructions/materials?

  4. Probably, and in something like a Netflix mailer of some sort. Saves them a few pennies on shipping with each one.

  5. That could be. Also thought it might be a non-bundle like for Excitebots without the wheel.

    ..and yes I have all the games I'm slightly interested in on a spreadsheet and have been calculating the dollar/percentage savings for each combination. As suspected the trend is to not buy New SMB Wii since it's price is so high and blows out your savings.

  6. I saw that also in my search, about the accessories not coming with it. When you order the rest of the Wii library, and it shows up next week, let me know if they come with the instruction manual and case.

    As for NSMBW, that game should be a Nintendo Selects title...soon. Then again, if the NSMBWU isn't going to have online, they might as well keep it at $50, since there doesn't appear to be many changes!

  7. best buy is doing the same thing, except newer games at best buy are usually cheaper then gamestop.

  8. I hadn't looked at BB, thanks for the info. Though for the games I'm looking at BB isn't cheaper. In some cases, like Pilotwings, they're nearly double the price.

  9. Yea, when I posted this up on Friday, Best Buy had not announced their sale this week yet. Thanks for the update!


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