Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Monster Hunter Tri's Gobul: The Bane of My Existence (Data)

Quick Brew Info:
With this week's data, I'm including the first video, of a three part video Gobul hunt.
The hunt shown in the videos took place back on May 28.  The objective for the hunt quest was to slay the Gobul, within a 50 minute time-limit.
As with all the hunts, if we fell unconscious three times(total for all of us), we would fail the quest.
Did we defeat the Gobul?  Or, did the Gobul send us packing?
Video "Part 1 of 3" is included in the "Thoughts" section.

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Approx. Number of Players Reporting Data:
Monster Hunter Tri has 30,294 players reporting play-time data on the Wii's Nintendo Channel this week.

Player Increase Since Last Week:
Monster Hunter 3 has increased by 1,467 more players reporting play-time data, since last week.

"Total" Game-Play Hours Reported/Increased:
Monster Hunter Tri now has 1,919,432 Total Hours reported, an increase of 154,343 hours since last week. Sale Rank & Advertised Price:
Monster Hunter 3's sale rank is #303 and the current selling price is $49.95.

If you missed the post directly beneath this one, it includes all the three videos from the Gobul hunt I participated in back on May 28.  You can get to that post, by clicking HERE.

Here is "Part 1 of 3":

As I asked in the post with the three videos included in it, do you have a favorite monster in Monster Hunter Tri, or any of the Monster Hunter games?
Is there any particular hunt that you think you will remember forever from the game?

I would put the Gobul as one of my favorite monsters to hunt so far, though I have many more to discover/hunt.
The hunt shown in the video will be remembered for a long time.

If you are interested in Monster Hunter Tri, you can see prices for it on below:


  1. Favorite monster probably Rathian. When I first saw it in the game, I just looked in awe, then ran for my life!

    Most memorable hunt was actually a double Barroth online event quest. Ol' Den and I were horribly under equipped, low rank and I was a noob with a hammer. Barroth is the first wall most people hit and we tried the quest about four times.

    On the fifth try we made it down to the last 45 seconds, no potions, no rations, struggling to stay alive, and managed to capture the 2nd one right before time ran out. I'm pretty sure I said some f bombs after that was over.

  2. @The Butcher:
    I remember seeing a Rathian in the demo, and thinking how awesome it was. It was in my first video I made from demo footage I believe, back in March.

  3. :O gonna be fighting the high rank version of this bad boy soon. I'm not looking forward to it. Butcher and I died to high rank Barroth man! Barroth! I was having flashbacks of our Nub days.

  4. @Den:
    I figure as slow as I'm going with the game, I may be finished with all the monsters in it by the time the next Monster Hunter game is released.

    "I was having flashbacks of our Nub days."
    I'm still in those days!

  5. I found the royal ludroth just evil since when i tried to get out of the area to heal it would roll 30 ft and squish me.


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