Monday, October 4, 2010

September Finished, October Beginning

     September has already come and gone!  September involved lots of school, playing some games, drinking lots of coffee, and getting sick(booo...not fun)!  I also received my first "preview/review" copy of a game in September, that being Greg Hastings Paintball 2.
     In September, I consumed a good bit of coffee, and played more games than I thought I would.  Let's take a look...

Coffees Consumed in September:
     While I didn't consume as many coffee blends in September, as previous months, I consumed about the same amount of coffee.  When we had our company visit back in August, I thought it was interesting that my friend was able to identify the Starbucks Italian Roast, without knowing that's what I had brewed.  He drinks a lot of Starbucks coffee, and seemed to know what it was from the first sip.

Games Played In September:
     My favorite coffee blend in September was definitely the Trader Joe's Organic Fair Trade Five Country Espresso Blend (Dark Roast).  It has a nice bold flavor, and one friend noticed it immediately(even with cream/sugar added), and said, "This has a nice strong flavor."
     I picked up The Conduit again, from the website, where I had points sitting around for a few months not doing anything.  I plan on doing some comparison articles/videos for when Conduit 2 is released.  I hopped into an online match, and actually did pretty well considering I had not played since last September/October.
     Groovin' Blocks is still fun, and one Sunday afternoon Mrs. CwG and I played multi-player in it, and she was destroying me at it.  When I asked her what she thought of it, she said something like, "I like this better than Tetris, because I don't have to turn the blocks."
     Keith, from and, and I played some Call of Duty: World at War Zombie Mode on the PS3 in early September.
     Greg Hastings Paintball 2 for the Wii arrived last Thursday in the mail, but I didn't check the mail until 11:00PM that night, but I was able to put it in and play through the tutorial, and then a few matches.  You can watch my first "Quick Brew Preview" for Greg Hastings Paintball 2 here, but I should be getting another preview up this week sometime.

     In September, I had just three different coffee blends, but I played nine different video games.

     What games did y'all play in September?  Did y'all have a drink of choice(coffee, or not) during September while gaming?


  1. Halo Reach Around
    Metal Gear Solid Peacewalker
    Patapon 2
    Monster Hunter Tri (Gobul!)
    Enslaved Demo
    Scott Pilgrim Vs Da World
    Wii Fit Plus
    Super Metroid
    Metroid Fusion

    @Coffee... Did u end up liking Dementium 2?

  2. Let's see, what did I get around to....

    Working my way slowly through Red Steel 2.
    Wii Sports Resort.
    The original Wii Sports a bit for comparative sake.
    Lot's of Monsteca Corral.
    I believe I finally got around to getting all the shards in Kirby 64.
    Some Pokemon Rumble with my brother.
    Lot's of Marble Saga: Kororinpa after I discovered that hard mode was 100 new levels.
    I went back in the WiiWare vault and grabbed Maboshi's Arcade and Flowerworks this month; Maboshi is good stuff, still trying to figure out if I "get" Flowerworks.
    I attempted to get in some online Excitebike World Rally (it's been up in the top 20 recently, so I assume people are buying it).
    Popped in for a few minutes with Bit.Trip RUNNER, Cubello, Gradius ReBirth, WarioWare D.I.Y. Showcase, Let's CATCH, Chronos Twins DX, Grill-off with Ultra-Hand, and Muscle March, each.
    Gave the My Life as a Dark Lord demo another chance, and what do you know, I kinda liked it this time.

    And some DS stuff....StarFox Command, Flower Sun & Rain, and Guitar Hero DS: Decades. A shoulder button on my DS is broken so I'm unable to play quite a few DS games and I've just avoided buying anything for it since, really. 3DS with it's backwards compatibility can't come soon enough.

  3. Oh, and I guess my September drink of choice would have to be Smirnoff. No, I'm not an alcoholic, I don't even like the taste of most of it really, it's just that my 21st b-day happened during the month and Smirnoff is the only thing I've tried that I can really stand.

  4. @Brad Jerger:
    I haven't finished Dementium 2 yet, but I am enjoying it. I think the game's atmosphere is done really well.

    Are you playing the Metroid games to catch up so you can play Metroid: Other M next?

    I don't own Wii Sports Resort, and strangely, our Wii Sports disc is missing...the only video game that I can't seem to find or have any idea where it went...anywho, if I had Wii Sports Resort and Wii Sports, I would want to try bowling out, to really see if WM+ makes a difference.

    I remember trying WSR over the holidays, and trying bowling doing what I normally do in Wii Sports, and I didn't really notice a difference...which I thought was odd.

    What do you think of Monsteca Corral? It looks like an interesting game from what I have seen of it.

    I'm not keen on alcoholic beverages for a number of reasons, but coffee is my "alcohol".

    Thank you for the comments...anybody else?

  5. Yeah, Monsteca Corral is like an Elebits or Katamari. On face value, it's fair to call all of them repetitive, but they still remain fun for a long period of time for whatever reason.

    You get lots of levels for 500 points, and the variety in landscape and building and enemy placement means each level is a unique challenge when you're going for the Achievements. For nearly all levels the achievements are;
    - waking up all the Stompies (orange fellows that do your bidding) and completing the level by the time limit (there is an achievement for beating the level in the time-limit, regardless of the number of Stompies you end up with).
    - destroying all the buildings (no time-limit)
    - completing the level with all Stompies and no injuries (no time-limit)
    - completing the level with out letting the enemies spot you 4 or more times (no time-limit)

    The achievements end up being really challenging and fun on a level by level basis because of the layouts.

    I tried to get RMC to check it out by gifting it to him, but he said he wouldn't feel right about taking my money. But, well.......listening to the podcast he was actually sent lots of games that he was expected to play and talk about so I suspect this was the real reason.

  6. @Coffee, yes I am playing the Metroids in preparation for Other M. Whenever that day comes.


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