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Super Mario Galaxy Play-Time Data/Thoughts

Super Mario Galaxy was released on Monday, November 12, 2007.
Tomorrow(5-23-10), Super Mario Galaxy 2 will be released.

About 2 weeks ago, I put Super Mario Galaxy back in our Wii, after a very long absence from playing it.
My wife started her own campaign, and I played using the second Wii Remote.  We've only played that one day, so far.
Here's a picture of our total play-time with Super Mario Galaxy:
(Our Super Mario Galaxy play-time)

I received the original Super Mario Galaxy as a Christmas gift, in 2007.
I collected enough stars for the final boss battle, and once I finished the final boss battle in Super Mario Galaxy, I never went back to find any other stars; or even attempt another play-through of the game.
For some reason, I didn't enjoy Super Mario Galaxy, like I enjoyed Super Mario 64 and Super Mario Sunshine.  I don't really know why this was.
I thought perhaps it was my attitude when playing the game, so instead of trading it off; I kept it thinking I would play through the game again one day, from beginning to end.

After looking at our data(shown above), I thought, "I wonder how it compares to the 'average' data reported on the Nintendo Channel?"

Here is Super Mario Galaxy's play-time data, review score average, and current sale rank.
(click image to enlarge)

Approx. Number of Players Reporting Data:
Super Mario Galaxy has approximately 1,340,453 players reporting play-time data in North America.

Total Game-Play Hours/Sessions Reported:
Super Mario Galaxy has 40,364,580 Total Hours reported played, with 30 Hours 7 Minutes being the average play-time per person reporting data.  Our average play-time is only 22 hours 53 Minutes.  My initial completion of the game had a play-time of just over 20 hours.
The total reported number of play sessions is 21,219,371, with an average of 15.83 sessions per person reporting data.  As the first picture showed, we've only contributed 8 play sessions to the total number reported.  One of those play sessions was from my wife starting her own game, so that means I finished the game in seven play sessions.

If you played the original Super Mario Galaxy, how did you like it compared to other Mario games you may have played?  How is your play-time data hours compared to the average per person?
Were you a completionist, and go back to collect all the stars in the game; or were you like me and collected just enough stars for the final boss battle?

Last, but not least, do you plan on purchasing Super Mario Galaxy 2?
Right now, I'm holding off on purchasing it, but do plan on attempting to play it one day.

If you are interested in Super Mario Galaxy, or Super Mario Galaxy 2, you can see prices on below:


  1. I pre-ordered my copy last night.

    There are some a lot of things I didn't enjoy bout the first SMG, but it looks like a lot of that has been changed in SMG2 so I'm hoping for the best.

    Don't get me wrong, I think SMG is a great game, but every galaxy being planetoids got to me.
    That's why the Honeyhive "galaxies" were my favorite.

  2. My brother and I are at 70 hours total or so on our Nintendo Channel.

    One of my favorite games of all time, so the sequel is a definite buy.

  3. 96 hours and counting. 6 playthroughs. Loved everything about it and will absolutely get the sequel.

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  5. Super Mario Galaxy is in my top 3 games so far this console generation. I recently went back and completed the game 100% (35+hrs), since I put it away when the last 2-3 stars were repelling my ambition to obtain them. For me I just fell in love with the level design and soundtrack. Loved Mario 64, but something about Sunshine just didn't click and its my least favorite Mario Game. I dont know if it was the setting or the addition of the Fludd mechanic.

    I was originally wasn't to interested in Galaxy 2, but after reading that Nintendo spent the last 2.5 years just on level design for the game made me think that there is going to be some really good things going on in this one. Get it at Amazon and get a $20 gift card.

  6. @ArakniD:
    I need to go and play SMG again, and try to collect all the stars in the game.

    Did you and your brother collect all the stars?

    You definitely got your money's worth out of the game! Did you get SMG2 today?

    @The Butcher:
    "...but something about Sunshine just didn't click and its my least favorite Mario Game."
    This is how I feel about SMG. I don't know what it was, it just didn't "click". I've got it though, and plan on playing through it again...from the beginning.
    Did you already order your copy of SMG2?

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  8. Galaxy 2 in on its way, now what to spend the $20 dollar gift card on?

  9. @The Butcher:
    A 2000 Nintendo Wii Points Card?!
    You could get two(maybe 3) good WiiWare games.

  10. Personally I loved Super Mario Galaxy and likely spent an extremely long time playing the game looking for glitches and trying to beat various coin records. To me, it was definitely one of the best games on the Wii, although I did have probably about half my childhood defined by Super Mario 64 to the point I played that game for probably about three years. And then played the DS version for another few years straight.

    That alone practically guarantees the game Mario Galaxy 2's purchase for me, if anyone hadn't figured that out by my updating about the game every few hours before actually playing it.

    But I'd say the original was a great game. Indeed, it was actually the original reason I bought a Wii console.

    Oh, and to answer the questions in the entry, I am definitely a completionist. I like spending hours on Mario Kart time trials, finding bugs and tricks, making AR/Gameshark codes, playing game mods, etc. So I played the original Super Mario Galaxy all the way to 242 stars collected and beyond.


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