Sunday, May 30, 2010

Are You Still Hunting Monsters? Monster Hunter 3 Data

Monster Hunter 3 Play-Time Data, Sales Ranks, and Review Score Average
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Approx. Number of Players Reporting Data:
Monster Hunter 3 has 14,958 players reporting their play-time data.

Player Increase Over Last Week:
Monster Hunter 3 had an increase of 4,954 more players reporting their play-time data, since the data shown 2-weeks ago.

"Total" Game-Play Hours Reported/Increased:
Monster Hunter 3 has 533,055 Total Hours reported, an increase of 284,474 hours over the last 2-week period. Sale Ranks & Advertised Prices:
Monster Hunter 3's, the game only, sale rank is #108 and the current selling price is $46.99.
Monster Hunter 3 w/ Classic Controller Pro's sale rank is #3,547 and the current advertised selling price is $84.98.

The Monster Hunter 3 w/ Classic Controller Pro bundle has been sold-out, each day that I have checked since May 2. Review Score Averages:
Monster Hunter 3's review score average is now 85.98%, based on 41 reviews.

Monster Hunter 3 has gained twelve reviews for its average since 2 weeks ago, raising its average from 85.07%.

As I stated above, the Monster Hunter 3 CCP bundle has been sold-out on each day I have checked, since May 2.  I do not think will be getting anymore bundles with the Classic Controller Pro.

In the last month since Monster Hunter 3 released, I have had the opportunity to play with several readers from the blog; Butcher, DEN, and Seph are the main ones.

Here's a video introducing my Monster Hunter 3 character, and showing some arm wrestling matches in the game:

As I mentioned in the video, both DEN and Butcher run the gaming blog,  They interviewed Shawn Baxter (A.K.A. Snow) from, and Shawn talked about the things that went into bringing Monster Hunter 3 to North America, and even a few tips for hunting online.  
One thing Shawn mentioned in the podcast, that I thought was crazy, is how many Hunter Ranks there are in Monster Hunter 3.
I am currently Hunter Rank 9.  I think I could play this game for the next year, at my current pace, and never reach the highest Hunter Rank in the game.
You can take a listen to their Podcast: Episode 16 to hear more from the interview with Shawn and about Monster Hunter 3.

Are you still playing Monster Hunter 3?  If so, leave your online name/code in the comments, and hopefully we can play some together this next week!
What HR have you reached in the game and what is the highest level monster you have defeated?

The highest level monster that I have defeated is the Barroth with DEN and Butcher.  I attempted a Gobul hunt three times yesterday and was destroyed by it all three times!
If reader CrashMan/Seph is reading this, I apologize for that Gobul hunt!

If you have not purchased Monster Hunter 3 yet, you can see new and used prices for the game on below!  Join the hunts!


  1. Hey. I'm still very much consumed by this game. I've just started the online portion, so I'm only HR5, and I only have one little quest left for the 1 star level. I imagine once I do that I'll get my first online urgent quest.

    The reason I'm so low in online is because I'm almost done the offline portion. I've beaten Lagiacrus (the cover boy) and Gigginox (shudder).

    I've also beaten Gobul once, and I don't ever intend to face him again. Hate that guy.

    I'll be online more from now on.

    Krystle QK76QC

  2. Yeah, I'm waiting to complete the offline portion before I venture online -- don't want to be the dead weight of the team.

    Either way, this game is awesome and extremely addictive.

  3. I'm HR3 online. Code is HO424334170. See you online! Great blog!

  4. Stop for a few days to play Galaxy 2. Started back this weekend. Current level 37 on 4 star missions. I have 6 sets of armor and 4 Long Swords.

  5. HR 20, it doesn't look like I'll be done playing MH anytime soon.

    Hope everyone enjoyed the WBMT episode. See you online soon Coffee.

  6. got it went mainly straight online im Rank14 and very pround i shall continue hunting until i meet the requirments for that special server for Rank31 and above wow thats when u become 1 of the Elite Hunters cant wait

  7. As always, just e-mail me, Mr. Scott. I also Facebook friend requested you, too. You probably didn't know who I was.

    Name: SPhillip
    ID: XKUW66

  8. My character Den is HR 19... But I started all over again with a new character HER name is Feo, same ID, so I'll see you online Coffee, I'm HR11 with her lol, so It'll definitely be a while before I reach that highest rank too :P.

  9. Anonymous has a long code... ?
    I recommend mixing in online and offline, I wish I had done that now. I'm at 5 star offline and I have to dilly dally in the 1 star quests.

    I've added all of you to a short list of people that I'll search for from now on.

  10. I don't have internet so I will not be online anytime soon but I am still working my way through the offline content. I have been playing for approx. ten hours (don't have much time to play) and have been taking it slow to make the offline experience last. But I am still playing and enjoying the heck out of it too!

  11. @prizerebeling:
    I'm like you, in that I have really enjoyed the single-player campaign from what I have played of it.

    If you added a name/code and I didn't have it already, I wrote them down and will check each night that I get on.

    Here's hoping for some more hunting together!

  12. Ugh, I messed up, that was my "online support code." I'll have to come back here with the proper code later. Currently HR 9.


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