Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Max and the Magic Marker Interview & Speedrun Video

Yesterday, I posted my first review and it was for Max & the Magic Marker.  You can read the review HERE(

I was researching for my review, making sure I was using proper game terms and getting background information, so I visited the game's site and went to the FAQ area for the game.
In the FAQ area, they have a section titled, "Who created Max & the Magic Marker?"
The section gives a little information about Press Play and where they are located.
It was the last line of the section that caught my eye though, as it reads, "If you come by Copenhagen please come by for a cup of coffee."(emphasis added!)

Well, I contacted Press Play and asked them a few questions.
One thing I wondered about, was how many of the guys that worked on Max and the Magic Marker were coffee drinkers.

I asked, "Would you know if all the guys that worked on Max & the Magic Marker are coffee drinkers?  If so, do they have a favorite coffee drink?  Or, do they drink their coffee black, or with cream/sugar?"

Rune Dittmer, one of the founders of Press Play, said, "Everyone working on Max was coffee drinkers except Kasper Skovgaard - who is quite a tea aficionado.  In the offices during the development we enjoyed our coffee from a huge French press.  I think all here takes it with a little milk but no sugar!"

While the following video is regular game-play; to accomplish all the speedruns in the game, you may need a few pots of coffee to help keep yourself going!

I still need to complete two levels with speedruns in the game, then I think I will be at 100%.

Do you like your coffee black, like myself; or, do you prefer some sort of cream and/or sugar in it, like the developers?  Or, perhaps you are mainly a tea drinker like Kasper Skovgaard from Press Play?

If you have played Max & the Magic Marker, have you completed the game with 100% of the items/speedruns?


  1. I like my coffee still on the shelf at the grocery store. I'm actually becoming a fan of the Caramel Iced Frappe at McDonalds. Other than that I want a big ole' glass of sweet iced tea.

    As for Max. I have, actually completed it 100%. I'm so proud. [=^)

  2. I take my coffee black, that way I get to taste the actual coffee flavors. Dunkin Donuts Hazelnut or Dunkin' Donuts Turbo here!

    I doubt I'll get the game as there's quite a few PC games I'm currently interested in. L4D2, Starcraft 2 and Diablo 3.

  3. @ Nico- L4D2 is fun, BUT, if you haven't dipped your assault rifle into the series yet, I would def recommend the first game a lot more, as it is a bit more simplistic, over the top fun, and just a big cliche on the classic horror movie genre.

    L4D2 seems to try and cram a lot more stuff into the game, probably because sequel means to cram cram cram! (looking at you Iron Man 2 film o.O) Also, I think it tries to take itself a bit too seriously. Don't get me wrong, I don't mean too seriously, but for me the first game was a bit more loose and funny.

    Overall, L4D1 FTW!

  4. @TonyMiller:
    "I like my coffee still on the shelf at the grocery store."

    "As for Max. I have, actually completed it 100%. I'm so proud."
    Man, I've got two speed runs to complete. I was actually attempting one this morning. It's tough!

    @Nicodemus at Nite:
    "I take my coffee black, that way I get to taste the actual coffee flavors."

    "...probably because sequel means to cram cram cram!"
    I find that many cram, but a lot of times it's with things that aren't even necessary. Sometimes, I wish they would spend time on extra levels, instead of extra modes.


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