Thursday, April 15, 2010

Monster Hunter 3's Ironbeard McCullough

Monster Hunter 3's Ironbeard McCullough shares his experience making the first commercial for Monster Hunter 3.

Monster Hunter 3 is releasing on the Nintendo Wii this coming Tuesday, April 20!
Capcom has already started advertising the game, with a commercial starring Ironbeard McCullough.  
I have read the commercial was spotted during a commercial break for the Oprah program, so I think Capcom is attempting to advertise this game to a wider Wii audience.
If you haven't seen the Monster Hunter 3 television commercial, I'm including it here:

After I watched the Monster Hunter 3 commercial, I sent a message over to Capcom and just let them know I thought the commercial was good, and I also shared a commercial idea I had for the game, not even knowing if I was sending the message to the right place.
Well, I checked my inbox the next day and I had received a reply, again from Ironbeard McCullough.

This was Ironbeard's reply:

"Ahoy Scott,

Thankee kindly fer yer comments.  And I like yer idea, though I'm not sure I can handle another commercial fer a wee bit(fer that spot, they gave me this "blush" t' bring out me "cheek bones".  Itches like a kelbi fur hat!).  So they'll have t' stick with me and the Lagi right now.

But who knows what the future'll hold?!  I guess we'll see!

And hunt.

Always hunt!  Ahahaha!

Take care, and be sure t' say ahoy from time t' time.

Yer mate,
Ironbeard McCullough"

My Thoughts:
I think it is great that Capcom is already advertising Monster Hunter 3, and I think it is very smart to advertise the game on programs like Oprah.  I'm not sure how long Capcom plans on advertising the game, and I really hope they do another commercial perhaps after the game is released, announcing the "opening" of hunting season within the game.
Ironbeard himself wasn't sure about another commercial, but if he is in another one, perhaps they can let him do it without the blush!

Have you seen the Monster Hunter 3 commercial on television?  If so, what station/program was it advertised during?
If you didn't know anything about Monster Hunter 3, and you saw the commercial, would it pique your interest in the game?

My wife and I don't have cable tv(or even an antenna hooked up), so I first saw the commercial on YouTube.
I think the commercial may have piqued my interest, because of the use of the crab fishing at the beginning.  I enjoyed the television show, Deadliest Catch, when we had cable, so the commercial would have probably captured my attention with that footage.
I wonder what Oprah viewers think of the commercial if they have no idea what the game is about?

Thanks again to Ironbeard McCullough for his response!
If you missed my first few articles/interviews with Ironbeard McCullough, I'm including the links below:

If you're interested in purchasing Monster Hunter 3, has release day delivery for the game, so you can get it next Tuesday without going to a store:


  1. I got my money set aside. Now I'm just patiently waiting for the 20th. Who's comin' with me?

    Hey CWG, how long have you been without TV proper?
    I never watch anymore and the stuff I do watch is on the networks, so I could just rock an antenna, all of my HD sets have tuners. The only thing I think I'd miss is Disney Channel and Nick Jr. for the little one. Of course, there's always PBS. Ho boy, wonder if I could do that?

  2. "I hope I get T' be included in T' rumored Marvel vs. Capcom 3. Then I get T' show my huntin' skills on those good fer nuttin' wannabes. There's only one McCullough! I wouldn't even need a super combo, one quick slash and T' game is done."

  3. @Chuckpebble:
    My wife and I haven't had cable proper in almost two years!
    Just the internet. We had antenna set up, until they switched it over to the digital signal, and we haven't purchased a digital converter box for the antenna. We use Hulu for the only show we watch.

    Hmmm, "Marvel vs. Capcom vs. Monster Hunters!".

    Thank you both for the comments! I hope to see you both in the huntin' grounds, sooner rather than later!

  4. "Have you seen the Monster Hunter 3 commercial on television? If so, what station/program was it advertised during?"

    Funny you should ask: Tonight's entire episode of South Park just now was brought to viewers by Tri. *Tons* of commercials for it.

  5. CoffeewithChess(or Games!)April 15, 2010 at 2:39 PM

    So, Capcom sponsored the entire South Park show, and played nothing but Monster Hunter 3 commercials during the episode tonight!?

    Were there any other commercials, or just Monster Hunter 3?

    (These comments were on another site that posted it up, but I thought Mahr's comments were really interesting regarding the commercial and where he saw it being advertised)

  6. Oh, there were commercials for other products, but Tri definitely had the highest volume. Now that I think about it, commercials for the episode itself (it was the 200th one) also said 'Episode sponsored by Monter Hunter Tri' or something.

  7. Ha, awesome! I haven't watched South Park in ages. Its funny, just last night I was trying to imagine the Wii speak usage. I imagined talking all in character like Cartman from the Make Love Not Warcraft episode. Classic that one.

  8. @ Chuckpebble

    Sorry I won't be coming with you...I am ordering my copy of Monster Hunter 3 through PrizeRebel but I have my points at the ready to order on the 20th!

  9. @Chuckpebble:
    Interesting you mentioned the Wii Speak usage, as I've sent a question over to Capcom about it.
    Not sure if I'll get a response though.

    At least you're getting the game, as long as it's a legit source, and not stealing/pirating, I'm all for getting games.

    Thank you both for the comments!


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