Friday, April 23, 2010

Rage of the Gladiator: Horlan the Crusher

The Video Brew:
The video above shows a fight in Rage of the Gladiator, against Horlan the Crusher.
(He looks hungry!)
In the match, I used two special attacks:
1)  The "Aerial Assault", which the game describes as, "An insane combo that unleashes your rage by doing a series of jumping attacks."
2)  The "Eclipse", which the game describes as, "A devastating combo that darkens the skies with a total solar eclipse.  The sun's corona creates a focused beam of light that fries your opponent to a crisp."
Both the "Aerial Assault" and the "Eclipse" special attacks, fall in the middle column, of the "Offense" branch on the Skill Tree.
(Skill Tree in Rage of the Gladiator)

I fought in this match using the NES-style controls in the game, and completed the match with a "Rank: S".

If you have downloaded Rage of the Gladiator and played it, have you completed the "Challenge Mode" in the game?

If you are interested in downloading Rage of the Gladiator, you can buy a Nintendo Wii Points card from below, or from your local game stores.


  1. Great video man! Makes me want to play it now.

  2. @Nicodemus at Nite:
    It's a great game, and the special attacks in it are just great fun.


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