Thursday, April 15, 2010

Monster Hunter 3 Sale Ranks

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More Bean Counting?
This past Monday, I posted up a chart showing Red Steel 2's sale ranks, from March 9 through April 11.
Well, I was also tracking Monster Hunter 3, capturing the sale ranks for both Monster Hunter 3(game only) and the Monster Hunter 3 Classic Controller Pro bundle.
Like Red Steel 2's chart, I made sure to note the date/time the rank was captured for Monster Hunter 3.

(Have you had your cup(s) for the day?)

The Chart Data:
The data in the chart was captured from March 9, 2010, through April 11, 2010.  The only day that no data was captured was on Monday, March 15.
The times reflected in the chart were randomly selected for each day, so the data is more of a random sampling of the sale ranks.
The lower the line is on the chart, the higher the sales ranks were for Monster Hunter 3.

The star symbol on the chart shows the first day I recorded the Monster Hunter 3 Classic Controller Pro bundle enter's "Top 100".
The time in this chart isn't the exact time, again because of the random sampling.

The lightning bolt symbol on the chart shows the first day, that I know of, a commercial was seen on television advertising Monster Hunter 3.
The first day for a television commercial was April 7, 2010. 
If anybody reading this, saw the commercial earlier than that day, let me know and I'll update the chart accordingly!

The Sale Ranks:
It's not on the chart, but the first record of the Monster Hunter 3 CCP bundle entering's "Top 100" was on April 6, around 3:00PM.  It was ranked #95 at that time.
      The lowest sale rank on the chart for Monster Hunter 3(game only) was rank #1239 on March 20, 2010 around 2:40PM.  The lowest for the Monster Hunter 3 CCP bundle was rank #322 on March 14, around 10:45PM.

     The highest sale rank on the chart for Monster Hunter 3(game only) was #333 on April 9, around 11:20AM.  The highest for the Monster Hunter 3 CCP bundle was #44, on April 10, around 12:30PM.

Monster Hunter 3 is continuing to do well on
Both versions of Monster Hunter 3 have crossed into's "Top 100" in video games.
Once the game releases, I'm planning on doing another chart.  I think based just off this chart though, Monster Hunter 3 will perform better than Red Steel 2, if is a good reflection of retail sales.
Red Steel 2, both versions of it, broke into's "Top 100" on the day the game released.
Monster Hunter 3, the Classic Controller Pro bundle, broke into's "Top 100" 14 days before its release(which is still to come!).

Have you already reserved Monster Hunter 3?  If so, which version of the game are you getting, the regular or the CCP bundle?  If you haven't pre-ordered Monster Hunter 3, do you plan on purchasing it?

If you're interested in either Monster Hunter 3 version, you can see if has them available below:


  1. I pre-ordered my CCPro bundle a while ago from GameStop. Nice charts. I also agree in that I think this game will out-perform RS2.

  2. I don't do pre-orders, some of the bonuses were enticing though.

    @gojiguy, I'm interested to know more about the CCPro. I have a Classic Controller myself, but I actually intend to use the Wiimote and nunchuck after playing the demo.

    I know about the relocated thumb sticks and the position of the triggers. My question is, do the ZR and ZL work as two discreet buttons or are they basically two buttons that do the same thing.

    I don't know if you know the answer or if you can drop some science on that thing once you get it. Thanks in advance if you can report back with anything.

  3. While I was looking forward to Red Steel 2, the lack of real 1:1 sword fighting like in WSR put me off a bit and I'll wait for a price drop before picking it up. Knowing I'll have to go through stupid tutorials doesn't help.

    On the other hand, Monster Hunter 3 has been growing on me. I've been thinking a lot about it and I'll be picking it up with the CCPro bundle. The only thing that scares me is how long you have to play the game to make one single hunt, though I should have plenty of time once the semester ends.


  4. @gojiguy:
    I think the advertising of MH3 the other night on South Part has caused a problem for the game, looks like the CCP bundle is hard to find now on certain sites.

    It's interesting. I've heard a lot that MH3 should be played with the Classic Controller(Pro), but like you, I played the demo with the Wii Remote and Nunchuck and adapated to it pretty quickly.

    I can see MH3 being a game that catches on, because the hunts are "timed" from what I understand. So, I'm hoping it will be like a FPS with online sort of, where I can hop into the game, go do a hunter or two, and sign off within about an hour.

    Thank you all very much for the comments!


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