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Michael Pachter: Thoughts on Red Steel 2 and Monster Hunter 3

A few weeks back, on March 15, 2010, I wrote a post "Analyzing the Analyst:  Michael Pachter is Wrong".

Last week, I showed Mr. Pachter actually responded to my original post with an email, and I shared his thoughts on the Wii Vitality Sensor.  You can find that post, "Michael Pachter Responds!  Thoughts on the Wii Vitality Sensor".

This week, I'm sharing Mr. Pachter's response, to my second point I thought he was wrong about.
Mr. Pachter originally said, "Nintendo's Wii, will not see any exciting exclusives until at least May...".
I said that I thought he was wrong, and I named both Red Steel 2 and Monster Hunter 3 as just two Wii retail exclusives releasing before May.

Mr. Pachter responded to my second point saying, "I actually meant first party exclusives, but you're right that Red Steel 2 and Monster Hunter are both exciting, and are both exclusives.  Ubisoft recently said that they were going to de-emphasize the hard-core Wii titles, and I don't think Red Steel 2 will be a huge seller (probably on par with the first), but Monster Hunter will probably be huge.  I mis-typed and said 'exclusives', and will live with my error."
Mr. Pachter then ended the paragraph by saying, "It's funny that you blamed it on too much coffee, when in fact, it was attributable to too little coffee."

Do you think Mr. Pachter is correct in thinking Red Steel 2 will be on par with the original Red Steel's sales numbers?  Do you agree with Mr. Pachter and think that Monster Hunter 3 will sell better than Red Steel 2?

As for my thoughts on it, I think Red Steel 2 will sell less than the original, but I do agree and I think Monster Hunter 3 is going to sell well.

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If you're interested in either Red Steel 2 or Monster Hunter 3, you can see the bundles for both games on below:


  1. I think he is right on Red Steel 2. The first one flopped so people may be cautious about it. I think it looks very interesting and may give it a whirl.

    Monster Hunter Tri was a game I had no intention on buying, but recent trailers, co-op online (looking at you CWG) and Ironbeard's awesomeness is making me think otherwise.

    I don't think, however, Tri will sell well in the states, it just isn't our thing. But notice I said the states, not Japan.

    The Pach is now attacking CWG! OH YEAH

  2. monster hunter FLOP

    i was thinkin of buying BEFORE i saw the trailers, but now no go it's a PS2 or PSP port

    red steel already FLOP


  3. The last guy that commented is even more stupid then the guy he replied to... Hes saying dont be a fanboy, while in his post he maked clear that hes the biggest dumbest fanboy....
    Come on if ur a fanboy, at least pick a decent console with current gen graphics and also more then 2 games fot adults...
    If ur talking about this years best shooter go see " brink"

  4. And this is why I have comment moderation

  5. I do not know about Red Steel's previous sales numbers but I feel that Monster Hunter 3 is going to own Red Steel 2 at retail.

    Oh and by the way...

    @keith DO NOT PASS UP Monster Hunter 3.

    I believe that Monster Hunter 3 will be one of the most epic titles for the Wii but I will still be picking up Red Steel 2 also. For all of you who keep saying that the Wii is dying...I disagree. All I have to say about that is Red Steel 2, Monster Hunter 3, The Conduit 2 and The Grinder.

    Oh yeah and High Voltage Software rules!!!

  6. Glad you guys bring up good points like this. After watching podcasts like The Bonus Round, they realy have no idea about a lot of the games coming out, and come off as bad journalist. Wii has some great, unique exclusives that you won't see anywhere else, but hey go ignored by some gamers and media sources. They rather talk about Dante's Inferno, and CoD 800 times and claim there are no good wii games and complain that there no innovation in the industry when its clearly ignored.

    Not to sure about the sales. RS2 will probaly pass 500k, and Monster Hunter Tri is a big ? here in America. It already sold well in Japan though. If they advertise it like the psp ones it should do fine. I couldn't watch tv without seeing mh ad. And Ubi is advertising RS2 way better than they did NMH2 which Im not sure Ubisoft knew they were publishing.

    And another great post from coffeewithgames

  7. I believe people are cautious on Wii titles since there has been so much Shovelware in the past, but as the year rolls on games from Q1 like NMH2, Red Steel 2, Sin & Punishment 2, Monster Hunter 3 to name a few will start selling more rapidly in a huge install base. Conduit showed the world what the Wii was really capable of Tech wise and sense then you have seen an dramatic increase in quality 3rd party games, Silent Hill, Dead Space (even tho it was a rail shooter it's a great game). By the end of this year I predict hardcore 3rd partiy titles will sell the best they ever have on the Wii Platform.

  8. I think the third party boat has sailed.
    Three years of low quality efforts, and the Wii community moved to the HD platforms for their "core" gaming fix. Now that the good games are coming out, there's simply no audience. The audience has moved elsewhere.

  9. And it takes big balls to come on an internet forum with an anonymous username and spout garbage and act like an internet tough guy.

    You're making me happy I don't have comments on my site. lol

  10. Anonymous from April 9, 2010 2:13 AMApril 9, 2010 at 11:02 PM

    MH3 a psp port!? MH3 is better than any 360/ps3 game all the games on them systems look the same and play the same which is GENERIC conduit 2,the grinder will be the best fps games this year full stop there are many more games than just MH3 this year on wii but yeah the guy that said psp port is the funniest guy i have ever come across

  11. Don't know why people are saying MH3 flopped because in Japan, it already sold over 1.2 million copies. Obviously it will not sell nearly as much over here in the US but they've already made their money.

    I agreed about Red Steel 2, it will sell as well as the first but not much better even if the ratings are higher.

  12. @keith:
    The first Red Steel sold more than a million copies, I think. I just don't see Red Steel 2 getting to that number.
    Like yourself, I had no intention on buying it.
    The demo was more fun than I was expecting it to be, and the online aspect is great.

    @Anonymous from April 9, 2010 1:21AM:
    Being that I don't know a lot about the Monster Hunter series, when you say it's a PS2 or PSP port, are you meaning direct port?

    @Anonymous from April 9, 2010 5:42AM:
    I don't know anything about "brink", which system though only has "2 games for* adults"?

    I wish I could simply *edit* the comments if needed!

    I agree, with the advertising campaign for Monster Hunter 3 already being seen during commercial breaks on Oprah, I think that shows Capcom is targeting the larger Wii audience.

    @Anonymous from April 9, 2010 1:13PM:
    It's interesting you mentioned people complain about lack of innovation in the industry, I sat in and listened to a FPS Panel Discussion this past week, and all four guys on it kept saying they try to innovate, but none of them were developing a FPS for the Wii. One of the guys repeatedly said motion controls weren't good enough for accuracy, very interesting "discussion", but I think it showed the industry bias against innovation with motion controls.
    Innovation = Graphics it seemed.

    @Anonymous from April 9, 2010 4:33PM:
    I really do hope the advertising pays off for Monster Hunter 3. On The Conduit, I think what HVS did with the control options was great. I still think it's crazy it took 2.5 years before a FPS game was released on the Wii, with a fully customizable bounding box, and other controls.

    The low quality efforts definitely haven't helped, but Nintendo takes the blame for some of that as well. They "license" the games, and could hold back the license if they didn't want so many low quality games on their system.

    Blogger needs an *edit* comments button!

    @Anonymous from April 9, 2010 2:13AM:
    I deleted and reposted your comment, without the cursing in and name calling in it, because there isn't an edit button!

    @Anonymous from April 9, 2010 11:25 PM:
    I don't think people are saying MH3 will flop overall, just in the States. Capcom's marketing campaign for MH3 in the States, I think shows they are trying to get the game into more hands though.

    Thanks everybody for the comments!


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