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Nintendo Wii FPS Games Data: The Conduit and Call of Duty Modern Warfare Reflex

2009 Nintendo Wii FPS Games
The Conduit and Call of Duty Modern Warfare Reflex
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Number of Players Reporting Data:
The Conduit has 59,698 players reporting their play-time data.
Call of Duty Modern Warfare Reflex has 42,678 players reporting their play-time data on the Nintendo Channel.

Player Increase Over Last Week:
The Conduit had 743 more players reporting their data this week.
Call of Duty Modern Warfare Reflex had 1,860 more players reporting their play-time data this week, over last week.

"Total" Game-Play Hours Reported/Increased:
The Conduit has 1,320,260 Total Hours reported, an increase of 16,949 hours from last week.
Call of Duty Modern Warfare Reflex has 1,582,946 Total Hours reported, an increase of 110,151 hours. Sale Rank & Advertised Price:
The Conduit's sale rank is #936 and its current selling price $13.95.
Call of Duty Modern Warfare Reflex's sale rank is #271 and its current selling price is $43.77. Review Score Averages:
The Conduit's review score average is 72.23%, based on 64 reviews.
Call of Duty Modern Warfare Reflex's review score average is 78.76%, based on 33 reviews.

On Wednesday of this week, Sega and High-Voltage Software announced that The Conduit will be getting a sequel this year, The Conduit 2.
The Conduit 2 is currently scheduled for a "Fall 2010" release.
I wonder if the announcement will affect The Conduit's play-time data, with people trading the game off, now that the sequel has been announced.

The Conduit 2 is scheduled for release in the fall, I would also assume that Wii owners will be getting the next game in the Call of Duty series.
1) Do you think it's a bad idea to release The Conduit 2 in the fall, close to the release of the next Call of Duty game?
2) If you haven't played The Conduit are you interested in playing the single-player campaign, before the sequel is released later this year?
3) Perhaps you've already played The Conduit, do you plan on picking up the sequel this year, or will you wait for the next Call of Duty Wii game?

If you're interested in either game, here are some new/used prices:

If you're interested in more information on The Conduit 2, here's a link where you can read more and see three images from the game:


  1. Are they releasing MW2 on Wii in the fall, or is it just another COD sequel in general?

  2. @ Anonymous
    2010 is a Treyarch COD year, don't forget Activision wants annual COD sequels so last year was the Infinity Ward year, this year will be Treyarch and the year after who the hell knows after the public divorce of IW and Activision.

    So it is Treyarch this time, so a game for all three consoles ala World at War. Rumours are this is a Korean War, Vietnam War or possibly a Cold War game spanning 20 or so years, but definately not WWII.

    I had The Conduit pre-ordered. It was good, the single-player was real good, smooth tough as hell in parts but the multi-player was not. As of now, I anticipate getting COD this year, I think the single player will be different but on par with C2, but I am banking that between experience and the Activision servers the multiplayer will be a heck of a lot better. I don't think the timing is necessarily bad if they space it out a little bit. They want it to be fresh and around for Holiday sales, but don't want to get within 3 weeks of COD IMO.

    Given that HVS has Tounament of Legends H1 '10, Conduit 2 H2 '10 and The Grinder on multiplatforms for '10-11 all with multiplayer, they might find it beneficial to invest in their own servers for online play instead of the crappy nintendo server. If so, they could make significant improvments to The Conduit's online play.

    Also, if HVS is listening, at least design The Conduit with DLC in mind. Then at least if there is a huge online design flaw you might have a shot at fixing it.

  3. Hold on...What Call of Duty is it?
    I thought Call of Duty 7 Black Ops was for PS3/360 Only? Are they telling us its for Wii too because I sure hope so.If its not Black Ops than Hopefully its MW2. Either Way I plan to Buy both Conduit 2 and what ever Call of Duty game coming out for Wii. I just dont think i'll get them both at the same time. Maybe one in fall and the other in Christmas.

  4. @Anonymous from April 2, 2010 5:49AM:
    They haven't announced anything as for a COD on the Wii this fall. I think last year they didn't even announce anything at E3, for the Wii, but I think that was because Treyarch was porting the original MW.

    I also had The Conduit pre-ordered and picked it up day one. It's my fourth or fifth most played Wii game. I ended up trading it off though, due to its online being so buggy and lack of people playing...spawn bug was the main reason though.

    @Anonymous from April 2, 2010 5:29PM:
    They haven't officially announced any COD, for any system yet. At least, I don't think they have.
    Do you own The Conduit now and COD:MWR?
    If so, which one do you play more?

    Thanks to you all for the comments!


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