Sunday, August 29, 2010

One Year Ago Today...

     It was August 29, 2009, when I posted my first blog article.  The article was titled, "Analyzing the Wii Manufacturing Costs in 2009".  I really had no idea if I would keep posting on my blog when I started, or if I would move onto something else quickly and act like my blog never existed.

     First, I just want to thank everybody that has read and/or subscribed to my site in the last year.  I really enjoy the feedback and comments we have on the different stories, and if any of you ever have any questions for me, or perhaps suggestions for the site, you can email me directly at

     In the last year, I have posted 252 posts, not including this one, with the majority of those being play-time data posts.  I started doing other data stories in April of this year, when I started tracking the sale ranks of games on, to see how they performed over a certain period of time.
     I posted my first "official" review for the site in May, though reviews have not been a steady feature.

     I am working on implementing different ideas on the site, like the "CoffeewithGames Monthly Reader Points", which I'm trying to work on; but hopefully it will encourage more activity and game-play as a community when I'm finished with it.

     If you haven't noticed, I am slow when implementing new ideas/features on the site.  So, if you suggest something and I don't use it right away; I probably am just trying to think of a good way to use it.

     I really do appreciate all the reader participation on the site, and I would appreciate any feedback you all have.  Is there anything you would like to see more of on the site in the future?


  1. Congrats - you've got one of the most original and fascinating blogs I've found.

    Here's to the next year!

  2. Congratulations on reaching the one year mark. Your analysis is some of the most unique I have seen. I hope you can keep up the great work.

  3. Congrats Scott! Here's hoping to some flame articles appearing from time to time...

    "Jaffe Hates CWG, Likes Hot Tea Instead-OH, and Thinks Data STINKS!"

    1500 Degrees on N4G

  4. Very cool - 1 year mark with your frequent posting? That's good to see. I admit, I don't dig real deep into the stat ones you run, unless I happen to have the game. Wish I had a bunch of ideas for you, but it's late and my brain's been in neutral since about... what day is it? :) Anyway - seriously, congrats and keep it up - I know I plan to keep stopping by. :)

  5. I'm just glad that you've actually kept on posting. Most of my blog list has mysteriously disappeared and never returned to their blogs. I think you and I (and another friend's site I know) are the only ones still posting on the blogroll.

    I would like to hear more about games you're looking forward to, or things you find interesting about the gaming hobby in general. Even more retro games that you had finally discovered after never playing before.

  6. @GamesAndBiz:
    Thanks for the comment! Hopefully the next year will produce more content, and original ideas!

    I'm hoping to incorporate my analysis with other features on my site eventually, such as reviews and previews; but it won't work with all games right away, so I have some ideas for other data stories/analysis moving forward.

    Flame articles are the bread and butter of a lot of sites these days...hopefully any "flame" articles I produce are backed by facts, and not just my de-caffeinated opinions.

    Thanks for the feedback. I know the data stories aren't for everybody, and I have been trying to cover different games, depending what is going on in the gaming world(like the Metroid games this week with Metroid: Other M's release).

    I'm hoping to start doing more previews/reviews of games, but I always put a lot of time into the previews/reviews...more than I probably should, but hopefully that will improve.

    @The Dread Pirate Guy:
    I think it was back in May, I posted a "Quick Brewed Thoughts" article, but didn't really keep those going forward.

    Perhaps I can start doing some more articles/opinion pieces on what I find interesting. I enjoy the conversations that take place, and I guess opinion pieces/articles may increase that; depending on the subject.

    Thank you all for the comments and feedback!


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