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Monster Hunter 3's Play-Time Data

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     It has been 3 weeks since we last looked at Monster Hunter Tri's play-time data.  Are the monster hunts still going strong, or does it appear to be the "off season" for North American Monster Hunter 3 Wii owners?

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Approx. Number of Players Reporting Data & Increased:
     Monster Hunter 3 now has 35,849 players reporting play-time data, an increase of 3,908 players reporting data since 3-weeks ago.

Average & "Total" Game-Play Hours Reported/Increased:
     Monster Hunter Tri's average hours reported per person are 71 Hours 28 Minutes, over 19.37 sessions.  This means, the current average Monster Hunter 3 game-play session, per Wii owner reporting data, is about 3 Hours 41 Minutes long!
     Monster Hunter 3's average hours, "per person", has increased by 5 Hours 19 Minutes, since the data reported 3 weeks ago.
     Monster Hunter Tri has 2,562,150 Total Hours reported for game-play, an increase of 449,046 game-play hours since the July 26 Nintendo Channel data.

Sale Rank & Advertised Price:
     Monster Hunter 3's sale rank is #390, and the current selling price is $47.91.

Review Score Average:
     According to, Monster Hunter Tri's review score average is still 85.00%, based on 46 reviews.

     It has been several weeks since I have played Monster Hunter 3, though I think I am going to attempt to finish the single-play in the next month.
     I think the average play-time session of nearly 3 Hours 41 Minutes is absolutely crazy.  IF Monster Hunter Tri continues increasing its average play-time hours per person, it may end up passing Super Smash Bros. Brawl's average hours per person in September.

     Even though it's been several weeks since I have played Monter Hunter 3, here's a video from one of the monster hunts I recorded with The Butcher and Den, from  We take on a Gobul, but was the outcome be better than the first Gobul monster hunt I recorded?

     How many of you have finished Monster Hunter Tri's single-player story mode?  If you have finished it, about how many hours did it take you(if you remember)?  If you haven't finished it, do you plan on trying to finish it; or, do you plan on just sticking with the online multi-player?

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  1. the single player took me around 80 hours to clear, im not up to over 200 in total. i took my time with it as to not rush through and fully enjoy it. i am not hr43 and working my way towards the 50, hopefully i'll get there before the 31st as to swap discs with OtherM.

    Name: Ferko
    ID: V3DDLN

  2. 3 hours and 45 minutes makes sense. Its summer, kids are out of school. 1 quest can take up to 50 minutes, and a quest is like a good potato chip, you can never have just one.

    As far as single player goes, I technically beat it, but without spoiling anything, I'll just say I haven't finished it. The hours, that's hard to tell, after reaching 5 star offline, I got addicted to online, but I guess it was about 100 hours for the single player. I think using only bowguns padded that out because you need a lot of money to use them.

    @Cheshire Yeah, I don't know what I'm going to do when Other M arrives. I'll be a week into a new semester and leaving for a late summer vacation then. Seems I'll be playing less monster hunter. I'm guessing that sweet pool of 500 or so hunters on the recruiting server at 5am ever morning is probably going to dry up too. Look for me if you like, I'm HR47 and I'll be hunting a ton of high rank Rathalos for plates.
    Look for me if you're interested. My hunter name is Krystle. I don't have my ID handy, but my name is unique, believe me.

  3. @Coffee, Did you miss me! Been on Vaca. the last week.

    I've gone through the ending credits on single player, but with Monster Hunter there always seems to be something extra you can do to keep on grinding up those hours. No idea how many hrs total thanks to online being my main focus nowadays.

  4. As far as the single player mode goes, I've spent 155 hours on it. However, I've only gotten up to completing the Ceadeus quest and have not done any of the double team boss battle quests.

    After completing Mario Galaxy 2 and Sin & Punishment 2, I just recently got back to playing Monster Hunter Tri to focus only on the online multiplayer. Currently, I'm at rank 25, having played 8 hour sessions for the past 3 days. Total gameplay time is 206 hours and 46 minutes. MH Tri is my most played Wii title.

    With the upcoming release of Metroid: Other M, I plan on putting MH Tri aside. Then I'll get back into MH Tri until NBA Jam is released in October.

    My MH Tri player ID name is Hiltz.

  5. @cheshireferko:
    80 hours for the single-player campaign is the most I have heard, but I just started it back a few days ago and I am still enjoying it.

    I have your name and ID code, and I'll look for you the next time I get online!

    "...and a quest is like a good potato chip, you can never have just one."
    You and cheshireferko have said the highest number of hours for the single-player campaign that I have read! I guess I'll find out sooner or later.

    "I think using only bowguns padded that out because you need a lot of money to use them."
    I can only imagine how difficult some monsters are by yourself using the bowgun.

    @The Butcher:
    Vacation...must be nice! Was it to Moga Village by any chance?

    155 hours and it just keeps increasing!
    So to hear somebody say they played it for about 12 hours and they "think they almost finished it", means the person either cheated, or was a professional at the game? Or, full of garbage...which is what I would go with.

    I have your name down also, and I'll look for you the next time I'm on.

    Thank you all for the comments! Sorry it took me so long to respond!


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