Tuesday, August 31, 2010

How many Wii owners have played Super Metroid? Data report

Quick Brew Info:
Super Metroid, the sequel to Metroid II: Return of Samus, was originally released on the SNES in North America on April 18, 1994.  It was also released in Japan and Europe the same year.

Super Metroid was re-released on the Wii's Virtual Console in North America on August 20, 2007, and is available for download off the Wii's Shop Channel for 800 Wii Points.

The data pictured below was collected about 1,107 days, after Super Metroid was re-released.

Click image to enlarge

Approx. Number of Players Reporting Data:
Super Metroid has 102,756 players reporting play-time data through the Wii's Nintendo Channel.

Sales Info:
Nintendo has made approximately $822,048 from Super Metroid being on the Virtual Console, just in North America.  As the image above shows, Super Metroid was at the #12 spot, on the Virtual Console's "Top 20 - Most Popular" games, when I checked tonight.

Like Metroid, it has been years since I have played Super Metroid.  While the "informational" video for Metroid showed a little action, the "informational" video for Super Metroid on the Nintendo Channel is pretty bare of any action, which doesn't make a lot of sense to me:

Looking at the sales data for Super Metroid and Metroid, on the Virtual Console, makes me wonder how much the games have made world-wide.

Just in North America alone, Nintendo has made about $1,172,273 off of Metroid and Super Metroid on the Virtual Console.  I wonder if the total world-wide Virtual Console sales of the Metroid games were enough to fund the entire development of Metroid: Other M?

I know WesFX, Brad, and The Dread Pirate Guy commented on my "Are Wii Owners Playing the Original Metroid?" post.  Has anybody gone back and played Super Metroid recently, because of Metroid: Other M's release today?

If you are interested in downloading Super Metroid off the Virtual Console, you can use a credit card directly on the Shop Channel, or purchase a Nintendo Wii/DSi Points Card:

Also, credit for the Metroid in the chart goes to GamesWeLike.com, from a Google Images search.


  1. I downloaded both Metroid and Super Metroid and played them a little bit, but overall I have this problem playing SNES games, I have a lot of difficulty with the controller. I think it stems from skipping the 16-but era. I was an avid 8-bit gamer, I moved on in my teens to PC games in the mid-late 90's, then moved to the GC and finally the Wii.

  2. You know, I probably should. I was in deep before the "Wii disaster" from earlier this year.

    But I don't really need much of an excuse to play this title. It's still one of the best titles Nintendo ever created.

  3. Playing Super Metroid now and lovin' it. Using the classic controller the is the way to go. There have always been a few minor control grips but overall its great fun. I also am a fan of the Prime series.

  4. I haven't gone back and played it recently - but I should. I wouldn't buy it on the Wii though - I still have it with my on snes. I still have several of my old consoles like nes, snes, game boy color and N-64 to name a few. I have kids though who enjoy them still, and it keeps them off of my primary consoles some. ;) But it's a great game, I should dust it off and give it a roll. I was considering picking up Other M the other day - Gamestop had a decent deal where anything you traded in toward it was 40% off - not sure if that still holds or if it was pre-order only though.

  5. @delawaregamer:
    I don't know if I want to download Super Metroid at this point, or just wait and see how Nintendo is going to approach the digital downloads on their next console.

    Being that I can't remember sitting and beating either game all the way through, I should probably give both games another go.

    @The Dread Pirate Guy:
    I'm always concerned about my Wii, just waiting on that fateful day...I really hope it doesn't happen though.

    @Brad Jerger:
    Have you finished it yet?

    "I wouldn't buy it on the Wii though - I still have it with my on snes" I have debated every now and then whether or not to try and locate our old systems, don't know if I could though.

    Between our house, and my cousins', there's no telling where they ended up.

    If any of you play and beat Super Metroid soon, leave another comment and let us know what you think of it...I would be interested to hear it.

    Thanks for the comments!

  6. I might have mentioned this here already, but I didn't play Super Metroid until 2008 with it's release on VC.

    It's very flawed, in my opinion. And I think the flaws are big enough to call it borderline awful. I'm sure it was amazing back when, and I myself know how impossible it is to wash away nostalgia, but after playing and loving Metroid Fusion, and Metroid Zero Mission.....I can't come to terms with it's controls, visuals, music, and mechanics.

  7. @WesFX:
    "It's very flawed, in my opinion. And I think the flaws are big enough to call it borderline awful."
    Interesting. It's been 15+ years since I have played it, so I can't say how it has held up or not. I was thinking about downloading it, but I'm trying to not download anymore Virtual Console games, and I need to finish the ones I have already downloaded.

    I wonder if perhaps it was just a bad port of it to the Virtual Console, because some games seem to lack certain features from the originals, perhaps Nintendo messed up when porting it over?(hopeful thinking!)

    Has anybody else played the Virtual Console Super Metroid and also think it has problems?
    Thanks for your feedback and opinion on it!

  8. From talking about it with other people, it seems to be an accurate emulation of the game. I'd fully accept the explanation that I only feel the way I do about it because I never owned an SNES (grew up on Genesis), I played the GBA Metroids before it, and well, I'm playing it in 2008 after hearing so many "still the greatest game of all time" comments.

    It's hard for anything to live up to "best game ever" hype, and it's even harder to go back in a series after it's gameplay was refined in later games.


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