Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Monster Hunter Tri's Great Baggi: Frozen in Time (Data)

Quick Brew Info:
With this week's data, I am including a video of a Great Baggi hunt, that I went on with a blog reader many of you have probably seen comment on stories here on the site.
The reader in the video is Chuckpebble, and his hunter's name is Krystle.  We have only hunted one night together in Monster Hunter 3, but I was able to capture a few of the hunts from that night.
The hunt shows us trying to capture a Great Baggi.
Did we capture the Great Baggi, or was its harsh freezing home in the Tundra; too much for us to bare?

(click image to enlarge)

Approx. Number of Players Reporting Data & Increased:
Monster Hunter Tri now has 31,941 players reporting their play-time data on the Nintendo Channel, and has increased by 1,647 more players reporting data since the report last week.

"Total" Game-Play Hours Reported/Increased:
Monster Hunter 3 has 2,113,104 Total Hours reported, an increase of 193,672 hours since last week's data. Sale Rank & Advertised Price:
Monster Hunter Tri/3's sale rank is #268 and the current selling price is $39.99.

Review Score Average:
Monster Hunter Tri's review score average has not changed since I reported the data on June 22.
The game still has a review score average of 85.00%, based on 46 reviews.

I have been slacking in my monster hunting these past 2-weeks, but I think the data shows that the other monster hunters have been picking up my slack.
Monster Hunter Tri increased by almost 3 whole hours averaged, "Per person", in game-play from last week to this week.
Last week it was at 63 Hrs 23 Min., and this week it has an average of 66 Hrs 9 Min.

Here is the video of the Great Baggi hunt with Chuckpebble, aka Krystle, as well as another monster hunter named Carlos:

If Chuckpebble is reading this, thanks for the fun hunts that night.  Hopefully we can hunt some more soon!

If you are playing Monster Hunter Tri still, what is your Hunter Rank now?
Sadly :(, my HR is only 15.  Hopefully that will change in the coming days!

If you are interested in Monster Hunter Tri, currently has the game on sale for $39.99 new.  You can also see used prices on below as well!


  1. Hey, how have you been. This was a while ago. I just ran into Carlos again over the weekend.

    This was a fun night. The very end of this match had me rolling with laughter because the little Baggis put me to sleep right next to their leader. So glad you recorded this.

    I'm HR33 but I have no problems doing low rank stuff. I have plenty of armor sets that I want to complete.

  2. @Chuckpebble,
    Den, Coffee and I should meet up for a hunt. Krystle is your hunter name, right?

    @Coffee Yup still playing. About to break the 200 hour mark soon. I hope the Wii shoots blue lasers out of the front when I do it. I have my Shark Lance and I'm ready to ram everyone over with it.

  3. @Butcher - Yup, Krystle or Joe. I started a new character to see if I could get by without doing any offline farming. So far, money is very tight.
    I hit about 230 hrs. No blue lasers. However, we'll see what happens when you max out your HR. ;-)

  4. @Chuckbepple, no laser show! I feel totally ripped off... unless there is only a 3% chance that the game will cause the Wii to do a light show. I wouldn't put it past the MH devs. They like to torture their players.

  5. @Chuckpebble:
    I have been doing well, just really busy! Thanks for asking though!

    As for no blue lasers...I agree, I wonder what happens when you max out your HR? Do the servers crash from the sheer awesomeness of it happening?

    @The Butcher:
    We definitely need to meet up one night and hunt! Perhaps in the next 2-weeks we can find a night.

    I haven't crossing 200 Hours in Monster Hunter, but I have in a few other Wii games blue lasers on anything yet.

    Do either of you have any nights that work best for you during the week to go on hunts?


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