Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Wii Nintendo Channel Game Data: Wii Sports crosses 100 Million Hours Played!

Nintendo Channel Data
According to the Nintendo Channel data, Wii Sports has crossed 100,000,000 game play hours!  Again, 100 MILLION GAME PLAY HOURS!  While I'm not positive, I do think this is the first Wii game that has crossed the 100 million hours mark, from the data that is provided on the Nintendo Channel.

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According To The Numbers:
2,758,409 gamers have reported the data on the Nintendo Channel.

Interesting Facts:
There are 168 hours in a week.  To reach 100 million hours by yourself, you would have to play the game for 617,146 weeks(I can only imagine how many cups of coffee I'd drink to during this time!).
There are 8,760 hours in a year(based on 365 days).  To reach 100 million hours by yourself, it would take 11,836 years.
$7.25 is the national minimum wage.  103,680,482 hours multiplied by $7.25 = $751,683,494.50(That would be a lot of taxable income, I hope the government isn't reading this!)
Nearly 15(14.8) Empire State Buildings could be constructed with those hours.

A Thought:
I've been tracking Wii Sports Resort since its release, and I wonder how long it'll take Wii Sports Resort to cross the 100 million hour mark, or even if it will?  How long do you think it'll take Wii Sports Resort to reach 100 million hours reported?  DO you think it'll reach 100 million hours reported?


  1. Well, Wii Sports Resort surely will pass the 100 milion mark, as Wii Sports and SSBB now. Just be optimistic!

  2. Thanks for the comment Link-Lucas-Lucario.
    I really don't know how fast or if WSR will cross 100 million hours reported. Maybe I'll be surprised in another two years to see it do so, or maybe even another year. I'll be watching for it.


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