Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Tony Hawk: RIDE's sales comparison for the Xbox 360, PS3, and Wii

Tony Hawk: RIDE was released yesterday on Sony's PS3, Microsoft's Xbox 360, and Nintendo's Wii.  While the Tony Hawk series had released on consoles in the past, this is the first time the Tony Hawk series uses a new skateboard peripheral, that must be used to play the game.
From initial previews of the game, it seems that all three versions of Tony Hawk: RIDE are very similar in game-play, just the graphics being "better" for the PS3/360 version compared to the Wii version of the game. is the only place I know to track a game's sales rank, so which version it doing the best?

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Numbers: allows us to see how Tony Hawk: RIDE is selling within each consoles own video games listing, as well as compared directly to the sales rank of other consoles.  As the photo shows, the data was captured off around 5:30p.m. on November 18, 2009(today!). 
Tony Hawk: RIDE on the Xbox 360 had a sales rank of 159th overall in the video game category.
Tony Hawk: RIDE on the PS3 had a sales rank of 296th overall in the video game category.
Tony Hawk: RIDE on the Wii had a sales rank of 28th overall in the video game category!

I was really surprised to see the Wii version ranked higher than the PS3 and the Xbox 360 version.  I found it interesting the PS3 version of Tony Hawk: RIDE is performing extremely poor in's sales rank compared to the Xbox 360 version, considering both are basically identical, graphics and all.
I'm not sure if perhaps the Wii's "casual" audience is showing through more on, and perhaps the "core" gamers that own 360s/PS3s are busy playing Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, or perhaps PS3/360 owners prefer to lounge(be lazy) while playing their games and not "move" a lot like some Wii games have required, is showing in the sales numbers.
Or, maybe the PS3/360 owners bought Tony Hawk: RIDE in stores, and that will be reflected more in the NPD numbers for November.  I think it'll be interesting to see the NPD numbers and see if Tony Hawk: RIDE debuts in the Top 10 for any console, and if those numbers will reflect what's sales numbers are showing.

Did you, or are you going to purchase Tony Hawk: RIDE?  From what you've played or seen of the game what are you impressions of it?


  1. Answering my own question, I haven't and don't plan on buying TH:R. I've seen videos of it, and though the board does look like it's good at what it does, the game itself seems like it's way too difficult and involving.

  2. so the wii version can pay for the 360/ps3 sequel which is wrong the wii should have got stronger development i mean more money on production ect the wii needs bigger investment for games the 360/ps3 will have amazing graphics and basically be a £30 miilion game the wii version will be a £8 million if that and the wii version is ranked 29th compared to 159th and 296th activision better give the wii devs more resources this time if this was the other way round they would say the wii doesnt sell 3rd party games ect and they would throw double the money at sequel why doesnt the wii get this treatment its ranked 29th very good in my opinion start making the sequel on the wii and port it to 360 ect

  3. @Anonymous: I think it's going to be interesting to see how TH:R debuts(if it debuts) in the November NPD numbers when the numbers are released in December.

  4. Where can you access present NPD numbers?

  5. @Anonymous:
    The NPD releases their numbers usually between the 14th to 17th of each month. Usually on a Wednesday.

    The direct link to their site is,


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